Everyone thinks that the town of Amherst is extremely small. It is small to a certain extent, but there are so many hidden gems out there that students, staff and faculty have yet to discover in Amherst and the surrounding area; especially, all of the amazing hidden places to eat. This week one of my fellow interns, Nicole, took me and the rest of the summer interns to this amazing ice cream place called Flayvors; it’s just about a 7 minute drive from campus and boy is it worth that 7 minute drive. When you first get there you see this very cute wood like structure with a picture of a huge scoop of ice cream and a big cow! 10417557_734806616566041_5217628878999409087_n.jpg

Flayvors was such a good way to cool down from a hard and hot days work at the admissions office. The ice cream was amazing; Flayvors really takes pride in the fact that their ice cream is all natural and the milk used to make the ice cream was gifted from their very own cows. What makes this place even more special is that just behind the ice cream shop there is a giant beautiful field filled with cows running around; and just to the right of the ice cream shop there are these adorable calf’s in these cute little pens. They look at you and are practically saying “pet me please!!!!”  10345832_734836539896382_7311585010152048872_n.jpg We even ran into one of the deans, Kia! The interns and I had an amazing time. Flayvors is just one of the amazing hidden gems out there that students just don’t know about. If any prospective or admitted students ever get the chance to go adventure around the town of Amherst or the surrounding area please do it! Everything is beautiful from the big giant houses to the luscious green forest areas. It truly is a wonderful sight to behold.

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These pictures are of Leslie, another intern (kinda suprised with the photo), and a wonderful girl who goes to UMASS! She gave me extra Resee's :)! WOOT!