This week has been full of adventures to some of my favorite places in the area (and some new ones that I discovered) so I thought I should blog about that! 

I have been religiously watching soccer games in the world cup since it started. I kid you not last weekend I watched six games in two days. It's a problem. I'm working on it. But I have been looking forward to the world cup since the last one ended back in 2010. There have been some great games. Anyway last Monday Croatia played Mexico in a great game. My parents are both from Mexico so I was definitely rooting for them although it was hard since Mexico's team has not been very good in the past. This was the last game of the group stage and Mexico needed to win to advance. In the end they beat Croatia 3-1!!! It was quite exciting so the interns and I decided to go out and celebrate

First, George (one of the admissions interns) and I decided to go out for a smoothie in the town of Amherst. On our way to town we passed by a trolley.


We asked how much it was and it turns out it was free so we decided to ride the trolley around Amherst/UMass. We were the only ones on the trolley since it was a slow Monday evening. The trolley driver was a great guy named Rich.

He was very talkative and told us about some of his favorite places to visit in the area. Rich has lived in Amherst almost his entire life and loves the area. When I asked him what his favorite place to eat was he said Mission Cantina, which is the restaurant i was planning on taking the interns to try. He also suggested we try smoothies at Bart's, the ice cream place in town. The next day Nicole, Sophie, and I went to Mission cantina to celebrat Mexico's win. I ordered three steak tacos. If you visit Amherst I would definitely visit Mission Cantina. It's about a seven minute drive from campus. If the 45-minute wait for a table isn't enough to prove the quality of their food, i'm not sure what is.