Name: Andrew Edelman

Age: 18

Ht: 5'8"

Weight: It's rude to ask                                               

Sports: Ultimate and intramural soccer

Possible Major: probably economics but I really don't know

Favorite food: Dumplings..... and mac and cheese.

Favorite color: Formerly green.  Now it's purple.



Andrew's Blog Entries

Last Blog of the First Semester!

This weekend was one of the coolest experiences I’ve had at Amherst.  I attended a discussion with three professors, one of whom is my economics professor, who talked about hunger and how to solve the problems of malnutrition and starvation.  It was a very interesting talk because the three professors who were speaking were an anthropologist, a historian, and an economist.  They had very different ideas about how to solve the issues because they each saw the problem from a different lens.  Anyways, I won’t go in depth, but the talk was great.  Afterwards, I got the chance to talk to my professor, with a few of my friends, about the talk and other things such as gun control and drug legalization.  That conversation may have been even more interesting because everyone had different personal experiences which led to different opinions and helped show how diverse the Amherst community is intellectually.

But the best part of the whole night was after that conversation when all of us, went to Keefe Campus Center and played ping pong against our professor!  It would be cool to say it was a good match, but he demolished all of us.  He is an economist so clearly he took a less risky and aggressive approach, which proved to be the end of us.  his defense was impenetrable, and only one of us came close to him.  While there, we went to get something to drinks from the cafe there, and I introduced him to Powerade, which he had never had before.  So, to recap, I played listened to my professor talk, talked to him myself, played him in ping pong, and got him to drink his first Powerade.  I don’t think any other undergraduate student, especially a freshman, can do that anywhere else.

 So this is the last week of school which means lots of studying, papers, and exams.  Everyone has retreated into their rooms or the library so that they can get that last bit of cramming in. It’s been awesome to be able to write down and share my first experiences in college, and I look forward to writing next semester.  I’m also now a tour guide, so I look forward to seeing some of you next semester when you come visit!


Until then,




This week was a sort of transition week back from Thanksgiving break.  Instead of going home, I met my family in Colorado to visit some of my cousins.  It was very relaxing, and it was nice to have a break from school.  But when I got back, I went right back into the normal swing of things.  Seeing as this is the final three weeks of the semester, everyone is really starting to study hard for the finals.  I’m in the common room right now where one person is studying Chinese, one is studying Healing Literature, another is studying Chinese, one is reading for fun, and the last person is studying Spanish.  This all brings me to a main point of this blog: study places.

Everyone has to study here, but people have really different study habits.  I like to sit at my desk, some people like to study in the common room with other people, and others like to study in the darkest, deepest recesses of Frost Library where no one would ever find them. However, people do tend to find their niche really quickly.

The second important topic of this blog is late-night eating.  It may not seem like an important issue, but the majority of money is spent on late-night expenses.  Whether it's wings, pizza, chinese, ramen, mac and cheese, cereal, yogurt, granola bars, or any of the many other options, common rooms generally smell like food, which makes everyone want to order food.  Amherst has a good amount of places to order from and also within walking distance.  So while you may think that Amherst is far away from civilization, there are plenty of places to get your late night food fix.

Well, I guess this is about the end of my blog for this week.  So I think it’s time for another contest to see if I can get any satisfactory emails to post on my blog.  This week’s question is when is the proper time to eat seaweed? Is it too salty for breakfast? Is it too snack-y for lunch? Is it too seaweed-y for dinner? The debate may rage on, but I want to hear your answers.  Email me at




P.S.- Kanye got snubbed by the Grammy’s.  My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was fantastic.

We Ball Outrageous

Lots of questions run through the minds of Amherst college students as they walk across the quad.  Why do we exist? How does the world work?  How did the structure of a Stalinist economy lend itself to the evacuation of industry from the western front with Germany in WWII to the east?  But the main question that ran through our minds this weekend was why are we so ridiculously good at sports? I mean, here we are, this small, liberal arts school in western Massachusetts, and we are absolutely destroying competition.

 Undefeated football season ending with a huge win over Williams"the only thing we're good at is calculating library fines" College,

Women's soccer team manhandling Mersicordia "misery and discord-ia" University in the second round of the NCAA tournament, or

Men's Soccer demolishing Eastern Connecticut State University (there's no video. probably because it's not safe for our eyes to witness the complete dominance we had).

These all just go to show that we are amazing and invincible. Just like this guy

Anyway, this is the last week before Thanksgiving, and even though I love it here, I'm definitely ready to go home and see my family.   That also means that you have tons of time TO EMAIL ME AT AEDELMAN15@AMHERST.EDU.  You know you want to.

Right now it's time to get some work done.  Or watch youtube.  Or get on Facebook.  I need help.

Later PJ's,


Frisbee Frisbee Frisbee Frisbee Frisbee

So you'd think that playing in the snow would be fun, right? Well it is..... for exactly 10 minutes and 31 seconds.  That's scientifically proven, and that's exactly the length of time I could feel my face while playing ultimate at Yale this weekend.  When we started to play it was just cold and cloudy, but at halftime against Yale, (We were winning 8 to 1.  Amherst > Yale.) it began to precipitate in a wintry manner.  A pleasant combination of sleet, rain, and snow began to fall, and everyone was actually looking forward to diving in the snow.  It was pretty cool because it led to some intense play and a lot of big plays.  But then it started to snow hard.  When I say hard, I mean snow is white and the disc is white, and there is no hope of differentiating between the two. 
It was like this

plus this.                                                
The tournament eventually got cancelled, and we began to drive home..... little did we freshmen know of the trouble that awaited us.  
Yale is about an hour and a half drive from Amherst.  Not only did this drive take us 4 hours due to blizzard conditions, but the defroster was broken in our car so we had to roll down the windows to equalize the temperature.  So here we are driving home from yale in a blizzard with the windows down, and normally this would be the worst situation possible, right?
Wrong.  Despite suffering in the cold, I actually had fun commiserating with my fellow frisbee teammates.  We decided it would be a great idea to stop and warm ourselves with burgers from Burger King.  And it was a fantastic idea.  We chilled (HAHA get it?) in the car and ate and sang songs- and it was awesome.  We got back to Amherst, dropped everyone off at their dorms, and ran inside.  If there is one thing that I've learned from this experience, it's that taking a really hot shower and putting on pajama pants and a long sleeve shirt after being in the snow is the greatest feeling ever.
All in all it was pretty baller and leads to a few final conclusions.
1. Amherst is better than Yale at pretty much everything.
2. It snows up here, and that's pretty cool.
3. I'm gonna go ahead and call that 90 mile drive a road trip.  So now I've had a baller road trip in my first semester of college.  
That's all for now, pj's.

Soccer and Movies and Food and Writing and Polysyndeton!



First things first. The rain was falling.  The lights were on.  Balldemort came to ball. (Balldemort being my intramural soccer team)  The game began with a solid offensive effort from Balldemort.  We put the pressure on, and they could not stop us.  They could only hope to contain us.  However, they contained us, and the game was even at 0-0.  The game remained scoreless deep into the second half, but with just 45 seconds remaining, Balldemort put a power shot into the corner of the net, and we won the game.  It was pretty epic. Like this. ( )

 Intramural Soccer Leaderboard

Balldemort- winning

everyone else- it doesn’t matter. Balldemort is winning.

Speaking of balling hard- Disney movie music.  I was just minding my own business on the third floor of Charles Pratt in the common room.  I only knew one person there, and we were “studying” for a Spanish quiz when one of the other people started playing “I Can Go the Distance” which is a song from the movie Hercules.  If you haven’t seen it, it’s a bona fide classic, but I won’t give away the ending. (Spoiler alert: It’s a disney movie so good beats evil, and the guy gets the girl.)  Anyways, what happened next was a 30 minute Disney movie/song debate with hits such as “I Just Can’t Wait to be King” from The Lion King, “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” from Mulan, and “Under the Sea” from The Little Mermaid at the center of the argument.  The debate ended when we realized it was almost 12 and we had work to do, but needless to say, the debate rages on. (SEE THE P.S.!) 

On a different note, I wanted to talk about the writing center.  It’s basically great writers helping with anything ranging from basic papers to senior theses.  So say for instance someone is sitting in the library and encounters writing block.  This happens multiple times, and the student just cannot figure out where to start.  He thinks and thinks, and the only thing that comes to mind is “I wonder what’s for dinner at Val tonight,” or, “I wonder what’s for lunch at Val today,” or, “It’s too late to go to Val. I wonder how many people would chip in if I bought pizza.”  All VALid thoughts (see what I did there?), but none is helping with the paper.  That’s when the student decides to go online and take 30 seconds to make an appointment at the writing center website.  He goes into the writing center and has an hour long one-on-one session with a great writer and gets advice on how to get and develop an idea into an essay. He leaves feeling confident, and   

instead of this,                                                       



he's thinking this-



But seriously.  Whose turn is it to pay for the wings?


Yours hungrily,


P.S.- Email me with your favorite Disney movie/song and why at  Winners will be posted on next week's blog. 

A is for Oranges? (answer below)

Seeing as this is the first blog of the year, I need to set some ground rules.  First of all, since we are starting a year-long (maybe more if it goes well) relationship, I would like to think of you all as PJ’s.  That’s not just because it’s late and i’m tired.  No it is because you are all pre-jeffs (isn’t it so much more sophisticated and intelligent than pre-frosh???).  Second, I live in North Hall whose residents have been known to be called northerners.  This is a common misconception.  After great deliberation, we have decided upon northegians.  That will henceforth be the preferred term.   

Anyways, now that all that is out of the way, WELCOME TO MY BLOG!  I think I’ll start with a rundown of the past three weeks. I arrived during what was hyped up to be a hurricane but ended up just being a nice mist with a breeze.  The whole move-in process was easier than expected, and my parents soon left me alone in my dorm.  The first piece of advice I have to offer is that, during move-in day, help other people move in.  Not only is this just a nice thing to do, but it is also the best way to make a good first impression on the people you will be living with for the next year.  (I quickly became an expert refrigerator mover).  

After everyone moved in orientation week began, and I quickly learned the main reason people attend Amherst: to watch the orientation skits.  These turn normal talks about health and wellness into comic relief.  The SHE’s (Student Health Educators) had skits all about, well, yeah, student health.  But the skits didn’t end there.  Each dorm has RC’s (resident counselors) who are there to help with any needs and to talk to you if you have any problems.  Also they’re just all around funny people- .  Yes, the RC’s had an entire show about life on campus and so forth and so on and it was a grand time.

My second piece of advice is to go on a CEOT trip!  CEOT stands for Community Engagement Orientation Trip, and it is truly an amazing experience.  Working together with the Amherst College CCE, Center for Community Engagement, I got to meet members of my class and of the community who I otherwise would have little or no chance of meeting.  We visited a CSA, Community Supported Agriculture, farm where they grow organic food and played games with local kids.  We also helped out at the Amherst Survival Center, where they support impoverished and homeless Amherst citizens.  And, yes, the TL’s, trip leaders (I know. They like acronyms up here. Who knew?) also performed skits.  

When we got back from our trip, classes were about to start, and I spent lots of time with my new northegian friends.  If there’s anything I’ve been pleasantly surprised by here it’s that I’ve gotten such a close group of friends so quickly.  So close in fact that, at this very moment, I’m sitting in a room with six of them playing FIFA and talking at 1:30 in the morning.  They are the main reason why I haven’t felt homesick yet.  Friends are constantly surrounding me and every one of them has a different aspect about them that makes them not just culturally and ethnically diverse, but intellectually unique.  

Well that’s about it!  I should definitely be asleep because I have ultimate frisbee practice tomorrow.  Oh and classes too.  


Peace out PJ’s,


P.S.- I can't just give you the answer.  That wouldn't be a good learning experience.  E-mail me at, and the correct answer will be posted on my next blog.