Anabel Nevarez '13

Anabel Nevarez '13

Hey Amherst prospectives!

My name is Anabel and I am in the class of 2013.  I was born and raised south of Los Angeles during my younger years, lived in Riverside during my teen years, and finally moved to Chicago and lived there my last couple years of high school.  Amherst College had been the college I most wanted to attend, and has definitely given me many new, comforting, and/or gratifying experiences, some of which I hope to share here. 

A little about me as an Amherst student: I am a Neuroscience and Spanish double major and am involved in sports like Women's Rugby team and intermural soccer, and am in groups like La Causa and Quest Scholars.  This year, I live in Casa, the Latin American culture house, and in my free time I like to attend other organizations' events, go out to town to dine with my friends, walk/jog through the trails, have good discussions with friends, play pool, play midnight soccer, catch up on news, and work on my creative "semester" projects.

If you have any questions, you are always welcome to send me an email at

- Anabel

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Anabel's Blog Entries

First Entry - Halloween, Day of the Dead, and Etch-a-Sketchs

Welcome to my blog!  This is my first entry, and it just so happened to fall after halloween, and Family Weekend.  I'm from California, so my parents usually don't come, but I still get to enjoy meeting the relatives of friends.  I started my Friday evening by going out Hampshire Mall on the free (for 5-College students) bus system to relax with friends.  We went to watch the Social Network, after hearing from so many friends about how entertaining it was.  And it was, because I rarely go to the movies outside of the weekend showings at Keefe (Campus Center).  The night wasn't too filled with events, except Hampshire Halloween (this great Halloween event at Hampshire College... next year.. next year..), so some friends and I spent the night figuring out what costume to wear Saturday, Etch-a-Sketching (finally, the last great sketch made was erased), and talking.  We ended up hanging out in the hall outside my room, where people constantly joined us, either leaving or returning from Hampshire Halloween, stayed a while, and left.  The next day, some friends and I went to support the Men's Rugby team, who won against WPI.  The day was spent doing some work, relaxing, and getting ready for the night.  My friends and I went out to Marsh (the Arts House) and to some Halloween parties, and the night was spent well and dancing.  Since then, some of the other cool things that have happened this past week were voting (I sent in my ballot to California a week earlier), build altars with La Causa for Day of the Dead.  We made one for the victims of past natural disasters, and for those who have died trying to immigrate to the US, both Mexican and Central American victims. There's really no segue from that to what I'm doing tonight, but some friends went into town to buy birthday cake from Black Sheep (uber delicious baked goods.. mmmm) to celebrate my friend Jess's birthday tonight!  She's an English major, and helped me out figure out the spelling of "segue", which I always forget.  I'll keep you posted on the rest of my week or anything interesting I come across, so I can write on each separately, instead of trying to squish everything together.

(neither were made by me.. unfortunately..)

Old Etch-a-Sketch
New Etch-a-Sketch

Homecoming Weekend

Yeah! Homecoming was awesome.  Some of the Seniors I said goodbye to last year came back, and I got to meet a lot of alumni.  AND the whole school just felt so cheerful and school-spirited.  I guess the keyword is "weekend", because it is not just about the game.  Well, I started my weekend playing some rugby! On Friday night, before the big bonfire, I went to the turf by Pratt Field and some of our current players played against the old ruggers.  The alumni team lacked a team mate, and we had two extra, so I was made an honorary alum.  It was pretty fun getting to tackle again, and getting to score. :)  Well, after we played, we all walked over to the fire and sat nearby.  They had music playing, and were giving away shirts for the football game.  I've always wanted to get more shirts, but I haven't been as proactive about it, so I don't have as many as other friends.  But free Amherst shirts are always the best.  Well, after hanging out there for a while, we headed back to Casa and hung out.  It was great, because our floor always has great hustle and bustle.  I got to see alumni that I wouldn't have seen otherwise, because they came to visit someone else on my floor.  Everyone's doors were open and everyone was room-dropping.  And my friend also had a visitor from Wellesley College.  It's pretty common to have friends' friends visit from other colleges for a weekend.

Saturday started great.  I went to get cider and donuts at the Freshman Quad early in the morning, and everyone was dressed in school colors.  I got back to my room, and prepared for the football game and then walked it over to Pratt Field.  We got there and there were so many booths and so many people!  I even got to talk to President Marx during half time!  Along with having some great burgers.  The football game had it's great moments, but ultimately we lost this season's game against Williams.  However, something like that wasn't going to put a damper on the campus.  After the game I walked around the field, and then headed over to the gym for some snacks and events.  I had some friends that were going to speak at Voices of the Gay Amherst Class, which is series of vignettes based on the lived experience of LGBTQIA students and recent alumni at Amherst. I headed back to my dorm with alumni, joked around, and then took a well-needed nap to prepare for the night.  That night I went to the party on my floor for alumni that lived in Casa, and then went to meet more alumni ruggers on both the women and men's teams.  Later, a bunch of us headed over to the Triangle (Seelye, Hitchcock, and Mayo-Smith) where Homecoming TAP was happening at Hitchcock and a live band was playing at Seelye.

Sunday, well.. Sunday began great and lazy, but ended as usual.  But after spending my day outside and saying bye to my friends, I went back to my room and began doing homework and studying with some friends.  It still ended great though.

Pre-Pre-Homecoming, because we've been waiting a whole week in advance


Hey everyone!! My computer got busted last week, but alas!  It is fixed and I can finally post the blog I had mean to post last week:

So, it is Homecoming week here at Amherst! This weekend is the big football game, and I get to see all of the alumns that I missed so dearly!  I've been to Val, and I've looked at the little table tents on my table.  I'm doing the 7 days of kindness that is promoted by the group for Random Acts of Kindness.  There's high fives, hugs, and compliments involved.  But the weekend before Homecoming was more than the "weekend before Homecoming."  I have friends in DASAC (Dance and Step at Amherst College), so I was excited and waiting for when their performance was gonna be postered.  Anyways, the DASAC performance is pretty hot here at Amherst.  They had their show is free and it's on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and everyone knows that Sunday is their best show.  So yeah, the weekend before Homecoming was the DASAC performance.  On the weekend was filled with the La Causa party, a Rugby Formal, and culminated on Sunday with a tasty dinner ordered out from Panda East with my floormates and then the DASAC performance.  Yet another thing I've been to was a lecture on Monday.  A few speakers came and discussed economic and social struggles occurring in the low-middle class in Mexico.  I thought it was particularly interesting because the speaker talked about social movements in Mexico and I'm currently taking a class called Popular Revolution in Modern Mexico with Professor López (an awesome professor who just came out with a great book Crafting Mexico).  Why I was even more interested was because this year, 2010, happens to be the bicentennial of Mexico's independence and the centennial of the Mexican Revolution, so there have major expenditures to celebrate Independence Day and to put on events throughout the year for the Centennial and Bicentennial, while Mexican citizens are in conflict with the celebrations and their own economic situation.  But yeah, so far it has been a great start to Pre-Pre-Homecoming.

Click HERE or HERE to see some of DASAC, yo!!
(my friend Esther, is up and center of Stepping Out. The birthday girl and choreographer of her own piece! :D )