Homecoming 2010


Readers, you picked a good time to read my blog. Because things are getting very exciting at Amherst right now—it’s Homecoming! Woooooooo!

Homecoming is always such an exciting time of year. Campus is just buzzing right now with activity, everyone is pumped up for an awesome weekend, and I even saw the Lord Jeff mascot in Keefe Campus Center earlier today jumping around, giving hugs, and high five-ing alumni. There are some big events coming up, as everything truly gets started tonight with the Homecoming bonfire (brought to you by Social Council—“we’re everywhere you want to be”), a tradition that we’ve had for several years now. I’m lucky enough to be one of the emcees for the event, which I’m really excited to be doing. We’ll have a few a capella groups performing some songs, a skit or two, various team captains giving speeches to pump up the crowd, and some musical interludes from “DJ Rumble.”

I don’t want to jinx anything but it seems like the weather is going to be absolutely beautiful this weekend—60 and sunny! Not bad for mid-November, eh? I’m planning on taking full advantage of the sun (while it lasts), including playing a round of campus-golf later with one of my friends who graduated last year. The convenient thing about campus golf is that you need no real golf skills to play, since it’s just a pitching-wedge-and-tennis-ball activity. And let me tell you, whereas I probably couldn’t break 130 in a round of real golf, I can hang with the best of them when it comes to campus golf.

Tomorrow, of course, is the Homecoming Football game against Williams, a chance for everyone to renew our friendly-yet-intense rivalry with the ephs. Unfortunately, we lost last weekend (for the first time this season), but we can still win the NESCAC with a victory against Williams…I’m just going to say it now, I guarantee a win tomorrow. Now, to be fair, I won’t be playing football, or tackling anyone, so I really have no business making such guarantees—but I will be cheering quite aggressively. It’s going to be an awesome time.

I’ve been pretty busy lately preparing for something new we’re trying this year: a pre-game pep-rally on the Freshman Quad for the football game. Along with the AAS, a few of us got a little “spirit committee” together a week ago, and thought of this idea. Basically, the plan is to get fans together in one place so that everyone can head to the game as a big group. Everything gets started at 10:45. We’re having pizza, donuts, cider and coffee, some games and activities, and, most importantly—a live performance from Thug Wilderness, a band with a few alums and a few current students. 

As you can tell, there’s a lot going on at Amherst this weekend. I can’t wait for everything to get started. I’ll give you guys a full update early next week!

Goooo Amherst

Halloween Weekend: the first ever David Zheutlin blog post

Heyyyyyyy there, Internet. 

So this is my first blog post ever, pretty exciting. After spending the last 8 hours figuring out how to access this website, I’m ready to go.

I assume I should do a few quick introductory things so that all you readers can get a good sense of who I am, how much I love Amherst, and what I like to do here.  So, I’m a senior history major who heartily enjoys the open curriculum as well as the occasional history class. I am from Boca Raton, Florida (insert joke about 90 year olds here), I have lived in Pond Dormitory for the past 2 years, and the things I do at Amherst include: I’m the “athletics officer” in Social Council, head of the Fun Police, captain of the club volleyball team, professional campus golfer, intramural basketballer, campus outreach coordinator for the Random Acts of Kindness club, infrequent contributer to campus publications, and local slipper enthusiast. I absolutely love Amherst and am pretty scared that this is my final year here, but I’m making the most of my time, staying busy and having tons of fun doing so.

Ok let’s jump into the blogging here.

This past weekend is always one of my favorites—Halloweekend! This year Halloween happened to fall on a Sunday night, but that didn’t stop we Amherstians from having four nights of fun to celebrate Hallow’s Eve. In my mind, the highlight of the weekend was Hampshire Halloween, which is this big party at Hampshire, featuring a variety of tent-parties with different DJs and bands that played all night (until 1am, at which point we headed over to the famous Midnight Breakfast for some delicious eggs, sausages, bagels and juice). In addition to being one of the most fun nights of the year, Hamp Halloween is one of those moments that cause me to appreciate the 5-college consortium that we are so lucky to have here in the Pioneer Valley. A bunch of my friends and I went together on the PVTA bus to Hampshire, but we ended up meeting lots of students from the other colleges, and had a fantastic night to kick off the Halloween weekend.

Two of my friends (English majors, which will come into play in a second) were especially excited to get out for the weekend after finishing their English “comps” (Comprehensive Examinations for Senior Majors) on Thursday night after three days of writing essays. Every department handles comps differently, and English majors were required to read several books, a poetry anthology, and watch a movie (History majors like myself, by comparison, read one book and write an eight-page paper followed by a discussion. Take that, English Dept.); then, they were given two different writing assignments. For the longer one, both wrote on David Foster Wallace’s Considering the Lobster, which I’ve heard I must read one of these days. Maybe that’ll be my winter break activity…

Halloween also coincided with Family Weekend and some pretty cold autumn weather, which my mom was especially excited about—“Oh I just can’t WAIT to get out of this Florida heat, you have no idea how warm it’s been,” she had been telling me for weeks leading up to the weekend. Luckily for her, it was a fairly frigid weekend following an uncharacteristically warm October week. Helloooo winter! In spite of my poor decision to wear shorts on the windiest Saturday of all time, we had a great day, getting some lunch at Mango Mango (a delicious lunch place; check out their menu: http://web.me.com/mangomango/Mango_Mango/Grilled_Sandwiches.html) in town before stopping by a talk about Steve Jobs (very interesting), watching some of my roommate’s rugby match against WPI (scrum-tastic), cheering at the football game vs. Tufts (70-49 win for Amherst in what had to have been the highest scoring NESCAC football game in a long time), and enoying the a capella show in Johnson Chapel (well sung if I do say so myself).

Anyway, I think that’s all I have for now—this should be an exciting week coming up though, as everyone is getting pumped up for Homecoming, election results, the start of the NBA season, and the onset of winter. But now it’s time for me to start on a paper for my Africa Before the European Conquest class. I’ll see you guys back at the blog soon.