Jenna's First Blog Entry

Alright, time for the first blog of the semester. Even though we've been in class for over a month, I thought I'd give you a peek into the first few weeks of school. Luckily for all of you I had a practice blog entry that I wrote up about three weeks ago. That mean that today you'll get this blog post and I'll post another one later this week. I like to think of it as season premier week on all the major channels when you get double episode of everything!

In order to get you all in the right frame of mind, this was written Monday, September 12th around 9pm, I'm sitting on the futon in our common room. Now that we've set the stage, let's begin.

We’ve been in classes for a week and I’ve finalized my schedule for the semester. The first week and a half of class is designated as the add/drop period. This means that we get to go to a bunch of different classes (this is known as “shopping”) in order to find those which we think will be the most interesting. This along with the open curriculum, in my opinion, makes it so that the other students in your classes are all really engaged and excited to be there. I’m taking a seminar in German on fairy tales, History of Israel, Shakespeare, and Biology of Catastrophe: Cancer and AIDS. Needless to say, I’m really looking forward to the semester even if the reading is already starting to pile up.

Outside of class, I’ve been in the midst of decorating the suite that I’m living in with some of my friends in Coolidge. We seem to have a penchant for James Bond, Disney princesses, brie and crackers (delicious!). In an attempt to get back in shape (and ward off the aforementioned brie) we’ve been doing “Ab Ripper X” and attempting to do pull-ups on from the bar hanging from Dylan’s door. I have yet to accomplish a real one, but I promise to keep you updated. We’ve also been watching more than our fair share of the US Open, but after today’s final we’re switching over to football mode.

Another great way for the less active among us to stay in touch with the sporting world is through the free PE classes offered by the athletic department. Right now, I’m signed up for Mat Pilates and Beginning Golf. Talk about some new experiences!

Well it’s almost 10 o’clock, which means it is time to head to Keefe Campus Center to see Mr. Gad’s House of Improv.

Until Next Time,


Jenna T. ‘13

p.s. I think this is hilarious, maybe at least one of you will too!