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(I’m back for round 2; here is a link to my previous blog for the Admission Office)

My name is Jonathan Yau but most people call me Jonny. I am a junior (!) here at Amherst originally from tropical Honolulu, Hawaii. I’m double majoring in Psychology & Environmental Studies—alas, I have decided on my majors!—but I have taken classes in 15 different departments already because of the flexibility of the open curriculum.

Outside of academics, I am a tour guide and office assistant for the Admission Office. I am a Resident Counselor (RC) for South Hall, a first-year dorm. I am on the Executive Board for the Campus Activities Board that plans school-sponsored events. I am a coxswain for the crew team and I have been involved in orchestra as a clarinetist. I am also the marketing coordinator for the TEDxAmherst College event.

Whenever I have free time, I love watching TV shows like Community, Modern Family, Game of Thrones (I could go on and on with the amount of TV I watch, but for the sake of not boring you, I will stop it at that). In addition, I love being outdoors; i.e. sitting on a lawn chair in the quad on a warm, sunny day.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy my blog! As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

 Happy Readings!

Coming Home - 2014 Edition

This past weekend was Homecoming! It’s always such a celebratory time. However, as someone on the Campus Activities Board (CAB), it generally means a busy weekend as well. Because Homecoming is such a big event at Amherst, CAB puts on a lot of events surrounding that weekend.

On Friday night, there is a huge bonfire event with multiple student group performances hyping up the crowd. This year, we gave our black Amherst long-sleeves, which really got everyone excited for the game and the tailgate!


Here is a picture of the bonfire courtesy of my friend Aleks! Isn’t it amazing?


Saturday’s football game was a little different this year. Usually, the game starts in the afternoon and ends around 4pm. Because we wanted to show off our newly-built stadium lights, the game ended up being a night game that started at 4pm. For CAB, we have our own tailgate and tent where we grill and have free beads and sunglasses to give away. This year, we still grilled but because of the declining temperature in the evening, it was so cold that our grill did not get as hot as we would have liked!

The game itself was great! Every homecoming, we alternate between playing Williams and Wesleyan. We played our nemesis, Williams, and WON!!!!! Because of our win, we held an undefeated streak (8-0) and thus, were named NESCAC Champions!

  football field

 Apart from all the activities and festivities, my favorite part of homecoming was seeing all the alumni come back and my newly graduated friends. An alum from my high school and Amherst actually invited me to dinner at the Lord Jeff on Friday night before the game. Not only was the great AMAZING, catching up with him was such an eye-opening experience too. I love talking to alums because they always are so kind and gracious because of the fond memories they have of the place. At the game, I also ran into multiple ’14 grads that I had missed. They are working in the real world now and hearing their stories after graduating always makes me scared for the future. But I think as long as I try hard in school, with their guidance, I will be ok!

At Amherst, we have such a strong alumni network. As I’ve said before, they’re so generous with their time and energy. A huge portion of the endowment and financial aid has been through their support. We’ve so fortunate at Amherst to be surrounded by people who still care about the school even if they’ve left more than 30 years ago!

Even though, the weekend was fun. I should probably get back to doing work….I haven’t done much and I should start writing my anthropology paper and studying for my economics quiz….

I’ll talk to you guys later! As always, if you have any questions, don’t be afraid to email me at

Getting in the Festive Mood, Halloween Style!

As I am writing this, it is Sunday, November 2nd , two days after Halloween! I hope everyone had an eventful Halloweekend. I know I sure did. After hours of countless work and exams (namely Economics), I was sure excited and ready to have some fun!

On actual Halloween day, the first-year RCs planned a trick-or-treating event where all of the RCs would be in our rooms for a certain period while all of the first-years ran around the quad and knocked on ours doors. Thanks ResLife for supplying of the candy (ALL 215 pieces of Reeses, twix, jolly ranchers, everything imaginable!). It was very cute and I loved seeing the different costumes. The most spot-on costumes I saw was of my resident, William, who dressed up as a Mormon missionary, and his friend who dressed up as Mulan….unfortunately I forgot to get a picture of them! :( 

  roomies 4 lyf

 However, here’s a picture of me and my first-year roommate, Juan Gabriel, on Halloween night #roomies4lyf. I was a lifeguard…how original right? Give me a break. I only had 20 minutes to think of a costume. Obviously his costume is better than mine!


     Keeping the Halloween tradition alive, Saturday was also a popular day to dress up as well. I am part of the Powerhouse Committee, a group recently created to set-up and run our newly recently event space on campus.




                Here’s an awesome picture of the space! powerhouse

Anyways, so for November 1st, the committee organized a big event in celebration of that weekend! The event went really well. I was so exhausted after the event but it was worth it!

Here’s a picture of the committee. Can you guess what our theme is?

cowboys & cowgirls  Anyways, this is all I have for now. Please email me about anything! I’m serious. I love getting emails and will respond to them as promptly as I can!


Talk to you guys later, 



Today is October 19, 2014 and I’m about 7 weeks into my junior year. Fall is upon us here at Amherst and it's so apparent! The leaves change colors so rapidly that one day I’ll be sitting out on the quad and realize that everything went from a luscious green to a magnificent array of red, yellow, and orange. 


Here is a picture of what I’m talking about. It’s crazy pretty. Fall foliage is something New England has to offer that nowhere else can compare too. #realtalk

Anyways, this past week, we just came off of October Break, which was just a nice four-day weekend/breather for me to catch up on my work and SLEEP. I usually visit my friends in Boston or New York during the breaks but this time, I decided to stay here as traveling makes me so tired…

Over break, we also had our FIRST regatta in Worcester. It was fun but we had to wake up at 4:30am on a Saturday to make it to the race on time….after we came back at 3pm, I basically slept for 4 hours after that. 


This is me and my fellow coxswain, Sarah! She hates this picture, but I’ma post it here anyways. 

Aside from that, I got a lot of readings/papers/studying done. However, there is still SOOOO much more to do after the break. As a study break, my friends Marissa, Eugene, and I decided to take a walk on the bike path and head over to the flower fields that our farm has. Eugene brought his camera and we sorta had a mini photo shoot which too off my modeling career (I’m kidding…) 

my modeling career So this is what’s been happening to me. It’s basically been a cycle of homework, sleep, eat, homework, sleep. If you have any questions or know about anything Amherst related, please feel free to email me at

Au revoir,