It’s been quite a while since I posted but I promise that I’ll make it up to you guys but posting A TON of posts this week (by a ton, I just mean maximum three… my life isn’t interesting enough to warrant more than three posts per week -_- ) But I am digressing. 

My fourth post shall be named “Amherst the Beautiful” – in case you don’t get the reference, it’s a play on the song title “America the Beautiful”.                                (let the song play in the background as you read the post)

 Why so patriotic you ask? Last week was the 4th of July. Not only was this past Independence Day the first July 4th I spent on the mainland, but it was also the first I spent away from my family. I am definitely missing my parents and sister right now (Mom, I know you read my blog so I hope you know that even though I don’t call you every day, I still miss you a bunch!). But I know that being at Amherst College was the right decision for me.

In any case, while I thought that my four-day weekend was going to be filled with boredom and monotony, I was bombarded with events and fairs to attend, friends to visit, and sites to explore.

 First of all, on the actual Independence Day, the town of Amherst held a county fair at UMass. This fair was no ordinary fair I’ve ever been too; there were food vendors (including Hawaiian Shave Ice!!!),

hot air balloon rides,  whoa!!

sack racing,

sack racing

 game booths, hay stacks, a community band, and to top it off, a 30 MINUTE LONG FIREWORKS DISPLAY. I have never felt so patriotic in my life!



So that’s all I have to say for now; 


To end with something, here's a song that I feel its representative of my life

(I’m trying to not write long posts so that I have more material to do more short, frequent posts).  But anyways, please stay tuned for more and more adventures. 

we are cool


As usual, if you have any questions about Amherst or just want to tell me how awesome I am, please email me about I’m always happy to receive emails from students wanting to hear more about my time here at Amherst.


Until next time,

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