Soooo, not to be super cheesy guys, but I’m learning really cool stuff about Amherst all the time.  I love hanging out at and in Amherst during the year because there’s always so much going on, either on our campus, on one of the Five College campuses, or in town. 

School year Amherst and Summer Amherst are totally different places though, which is actually really fun since I can now experience both.  This is my first time spending a summer in Amherst and to be completely honest, I was kind of expecting it to be a ghost town without all of the college students around, considering we make up a good amount of the population with there being around 30,000 of us and all.  But I’m glad to report that so far, my theory is definitely being proved wrong.

Taste of Amherst!!

Like this past weekend there was an event called Taste of Amherst, which is basically a large food festival on the Amherst Commons featuring all of the places I gushed over in my blog last week.  As you can probably tell, I’m a little obsessed with the food in Amherst and at Taste of Amherst, the restaurants bring out some of their most popular dishes and sell them for only $2-4!  This is basically a broke college student’s dream: a break from the cafeteria without it breaking the bank.  I mean, what more could I ask for?  Here’s a little glimpse of what the weekend had in store:

Whereas the town is buzzing during the school year, it’s really laid back and chill over the summer, which is definitely a nice change.  It’s a completely different energy and a new set of people, well I guess not new since they live here, but you get what I mean.  I feel like the truest view of the actual town of Amherst is visible during the summer because during the year, the students really give the place a different feel.  Also, I really have the chance to explore what’s in the area more over the summer because there is no homework to attend to. 

Like today, after finally unpacking my room (it’s pretty sad that I just finished because I’ve already been here for two weeks), I just decided to go out and walk around town.  They had really great live music at Taste of Amherst, which I bopped around town to.  I had absolutely no idea where I was going, I just brought a book and my bag and let my feet take me where they would.  I ended up stopping by Amherst Cinema to see what is playing at the moment (Amherst Cinema is our independent theatre in town).  I then went to Jones Public Library, but unfortunately it was closed today.  I needed to grab a few things from CVS so I made a pit stop there next.  On my way back to Hitchcock (my dorm for the summer), I ran into a friend I haven’t seen gotten to see in years just walking around town, which was awesome! 

It was so beautiful out today so I just kept walking around looking for a good place to settle into with my book and eventually found this place in Amherst Coffee, one of our coffee shops in town (I’m currently sitting in another one writing this post right now!).  For some reason I was really craving a bowl of cereal despite it being 3 o’clock in the afternoon, so I ordered a bowl of Shirl’s granola and sat down to read for a bit.  Amherst has a kind of hippie, organic vibe to it, which I actually really like.  I’m currently reading Paper Towns by John Green.  If the words “Vlogbrothers” and “Nerdfighter” don’t ring any bells, you should definitely check out John’s youtube channel that he does with his brother Hank.  I’m a total Shakespeare nerd, so I loved this video when I saw it, not to mention it’s the video on my birthday :)   


Don’t think that the coffee shop was my last adventure of the day!  After getting back to the dorm, I headed out with a few friends to Flayvor’s, which is a wonderful, wonderful place.  It is a dairy farm that produces and sells its own products, the mostly popular of course being their extensive selection of fresh ice cream. YUMMM.

And to make it even better, you can eat your ice cream and pet the cows at the same time!  Check ‘em out:

So peeps, as you can see, Amherst is not a totally snooze after all the students leave.  I love having the chance to actually see what’s around, especially since the weather is fantastic right now.  I’ve got another 11 weeks of Summer Amherst, so I’m no where near finished exploring the Pioneer Valley’s hidden gems, I’m just taking my sweet time getting around! 

Feel free to ask me anything, Summer Amherst-related or not!

TTYL :) lol, remember that from 6th grade?! But really guys, I’m headin’ out.  Later!