Ok, so as I look back at my last two blog posts, I haven’t much told you about myself.  So far you’ve probably gathered that I love food and gallivanting around in the sun, both very accurate.  But I promise I do other stuff too. 

One thing I love to do is travel, and I often don’t care where.  My sister has accused me numerous times for looking like a tourist when I whip out my camera and take pictures… when I’m at home.  Did I mention I’m a pro photographer?  Totally kidding, but I do really like photography as well.  I’ve actually made getting back into photography a summer project of mine.  Don’t expect any super fantastic photos just yet, I’m literally just getting back into it, but we’ll see how I’m progressing throughout the summer.  So back to the tourist comment, I was just sitting on the Freshman Quad today reading and also taking pictures of my own campus; I think this also falls under that “tourist in my own city” umbrella.  But I’ll include a few of my photos for those of you who do not already know the beauty that is our campus.

Freshman Quad- gorgeous day out  
Lovely and totally cliché photo of JChap. Had to get the beachy leg shot









Freshman Quad- gorgeous day out

Lovely and totally cliché photo of JChap. Had to get the beachy leg shot
So going back to the travel comment (I am clearly all over the place in this post), I got to go to Universal Studios for the first time last year for my birthday.  Though this may sound ridiculous, I’d never ridden a roller coaster before this trip.  I really have no good reason why I hadn’t ridden one before because I love heights and adrenaline rushes.  With that said, It. Was. Awesome.  I had so much fun going on just about every roller coaster the parks we went to offered.  The Hulk, check.  Dueling Dragons, check.  All of Harry Potter World, check.  I’m a super HP nerd, too, so I was ecstatic about this part of my trip. 

Adding to my secret life as an adrenaline junkie, I also did Fear Factor Live while I was there.  I know, right?!  I’ve always loved watching Fear Factor on TV and I used to think, “Psshh! I can totally do that! Except for eating the weird food and sitting in bug tanks, probably not those.  But the other stuff, for sure!” Well friends, they gave me the chance to put my money where my mouth is because they picked me as one of the six competitors for the live show that they have at the park. 

The prep was intense.  In my head I thought it was going to be the equivalent of a “Fear Factor Jr.”, but I was completely wrong.  They had us sign waivers for the competition and then had us change into these horribly uncomfortable waterproof outfits, complete with water shoes, helmets, and earplugs.  They went through the logistics for each of the 3 challenges (none of which involved having bugs poured my head or downing a cup of mystery sludge from a blender, thank goodness)—they were all athletic challenges, which I was so psyched for.  I was getting pumped!

I was one of two women in the competition; the other was Debbie, a 55-year old woman who was in the competition to prove that she could beat her 20-year-old son, who was also competing.

This competition was not easy.  The first challenge had us holding on to a bar about 15 feet in the air for as long as possible.  When they dropped the platform out from under me, I felt like I was going to fall right then and there.  That would have been a sad way to start, and end for that matter.  I would show you a clip of it but it really isn't very interesting to watch me holding on for dear life.

I came in second on that one, which was exciting but not monumental because the last four standing automatically moved on to the next round. 

The second challenge was probably my favorite of the three though.  It had two parts; take a look!

You can hear my friends screaming from the front row :)

http://youtu.be/NaSvHWq2TBg   And yes, those are live eels in the tank.

http://youtu.be/kTfFtsprUV4   Here I am having rancid octopi thrown at me, yay!

I had a blast doing all of the stunts and challenges and ended up coming in second overall!  T’was a great experience and hopefully all of my travels from here on out will be half this eventful!

Just thinking about this and travel in general makes me so excited to study abroad next spring—Paris, here I come!  I'll save that for another time...

A bientôt, mes amis! --> Translation: Later, guys!