Hello friends!
This weekend my friend Alda came down to visit me!  We hadn't been to Northampton in quite a while, so we decided to spend our Saturday exploring the lovely Noho.  Northampton is like Amherst in that it has a kind of hippy-ish eclectic vibe, but it's much larger than Amherst.  We ate a quick breakfast at Bruegger's in town and then set off on our adventure! 
There is so much to get into in Northampton, most of it being food or shopping-related, two of my favorite things :)
So I'm going to let the photos do most of the talking for this post. A picture's worth a thousand words, right?!  Well, let's see what Noho has to say for itself :)
beginning of our exploration
Us goofing off :P

Coolest bench ever!
 Just about the coolest bench ever!  We would have taken a picture of us sitting on it except with it being 90 degrees and all, we figured for our safety and comfort, we should refrain.
Fun artwork
There is a lot of great artwork all around Northampton, such as this lovely chef  
A great mural on the back of a building 
A great mural on the back of a building- It's really cool that these sorts of things are everywhere, not just in areas that are particularly arts-centric.

I love that every place in Northhampton feels like a hole-in-the-wall find.  All of the shops, no matter the type, clothing stores, bookstores, restaurants, all seem like they are one-of-a-kind and have an air of authenticity and originality to them.  They are the types of places you would think only the locals know about.

Broadside BookshopWords to live by

Broadside Bookshop                                                                                              Words to live by

Lunch time!

Sooo good!


We dined at Sam's Pizzeria and Cafe and not only was the food wonderful, but the staff as well.  Chef Extraordinaire below!

Chef extraordinaire

And what is a meal without dessert, right?! 

This delicious monstrosity is the 'Death by Chocolate' cake- their name, not mine!

'Death by Chocolate' cake

Two very well known places in Northampton: Herrell's Ice Cream shop and Newbury Comics!

Herrell's!Trust me, we were by no means in the mood for ice cream after that honkin' piece of cake, but I definitely thought Herrell's was worth getting a picture of.

Newberry Comics!

Newbury Comics!

Pretty self-explanatory I'd say.



As our lovely trip came to a close, I got this shot of the main street of Northampton. 

The day winding down

We had so much fun perusing the streets of Northampton, despite the heat.  T'was a great day and it was so nice having Alda back on campus with me, if only for the weekend!

Any suggestions for future exploration? Let me know!

As always, feel free to email if you guys want to know more about anything!

Talk to you all later!