I'm totally having a lazy Sunday and loving it.  I’m currently sitting in Rao’s Coffee Shop working on a projectfor a Student Activities event. 

Great Gatsby!

We are working on putting together Fall Formal, which will be


Great Gatsby-themed- I am so excited!  Sure, Great Gatsby/ Roaring 20s-themed parties are nothing new, but I feel at this point they’ve grown to become a classic.  To me, they never get old. 


I’m working on some DJ and band research right now.  What is a Gatsby party without the perfect musical accompaniment?  Well, what’s any party without the perfect musical accompaniment, for that matter?  With that said, the music is really important and really makes this event. 


 I mean, who doesn't love Great Gatsby?
Or at least the Roaring 20s.



I love doing this sort of stuff.  I’m one of the vice-chairs for the Social Council (SoCo for short) for next year, which means I basically get to do this stuff all semester!  I love it!  Our main job is planning TAPs: The Amherst Party.  I know, kind of cheesy, but with that tidbit aside, they’re awesome.  We basically put on a giant theme party for the entire campus once a month! 



Some of the classic themes are Luau at the beginning of every year, Homecoming (of course), and Whiteout, a rave-style party in a huge white tent with a million glowsticks and blacklights galore. 

Crossett Christmas is definitely one of the most popular TAPs though.  The party that SoCo hosts in the dorm is great, but what makes this event so awesome is that the people who live in Crossett usually open up their suites to everyone, so there are mini-parties going on all over the building!  It’s so much fun. 

Though that’s a large part of what we do, it’s certainly not all we do.  Look for us tabling with pumpkin carving and cookie decorating around the holidays!  Not to mention our oh-so-popular t-shirt giveaways!  The SoCo reps handing them out really should wear some sort of protective gear, things can get crazy!  They are a hot commodity to say the least.  

my lovely collection of SoCo posters

Well more on the plethora of shenanigans to get into at Amherst later; it is time I get some shut-eye.  Work bright and early tomorrow!

I will talk to you later friends,


Just thought I'd show off part of my SoCo poster collection :)

This is only half of them!