I got up bright and early on Saturday morning for a summer intern field trip… to Williams.  Yep that’s right, we were gearing up for a 2-hour drive to Williamstown, the home of our rival.  A plan that we have this summer is to visit all of the schools in the 5-College Consortium to see how they do info sessions and tours and we thought “Why not throw Williams into the mix?  Let’s see how they do it out there in cow country” (just kidding, kind of…).  So far we’ve visited Smith and this weekend was dedicated to our expedition to Williams College.  I sure you can imagine how love and chipper we looked at 8AM on a Saturday.  Thankfully we all had coffee in hand and were slowly beginning to liven up, but it was pretty slow going until we actually got to Williams. 

Home of the Eph

We decided to see just how long we could keep our cover.  First test: during the info session the dean went around the room and asked all the students to introduce themselves.  So of course we followed suit with the rest of the actually high school students in the room.  The dean was startled at the geographic diversity in our section of the room, too funny.  Even our Green Deans played along, despite being well out of high school. 

We went on their tour next, which was fine except for the fact that Julie and I were starving.  You know that moment in cartoon where everything the character sees looks like food, well were in that stage of hunger.  The buildings were nice… and looked delicious.  Tip for going on long info sessions and tours, eat beforehand otherwise that happens. 

When lunchtime finally rolled around, we had to go to Pappa Charlie’s because one of our lovely Admissions deans who is a Williams alum has a sandwich named after him (back in the day when he was a superstar football player). 



Lunch has never tasted so good. 

On the road again, so long Williams.  Until we meet again, which will undoubtedly be on the sports field, watch out.  

Laterz (lol),