The past eight days here have utterly reaffirmed my choice to apply early decision!

Orientation for the class of 20irene was unforgettable, especially the quality time spent in our squads. Every freshman broke off into groups, or squads, with about 10 other freshmen and 2 upperclassmen leaders who facilitated conversations about the lectures we had heard. Nothing like a heated debate to break the ice. Aside from squad meetings, Orientation was also filled with hilarious skits presented by the upperclassmen. The best part was having my admissions essay acted out by a senior. I SWEAR my chicken and french fry motif was relevant. Stop laughing, it made sense! Once the sun had set and the bolded mandatory events in our orientation packets had finished, we were left to find our own amusement. And that we did. From roaming the local town, to gorging on Antonio’s, to playing Jenga in the common room of North, which, contrary to what the Chuck Pratters want you to think, is the sickest dorm on campus, adventures with my new classmates were a blast.

Today was the first day of classes and my two biggest fears were 1) falling asleep during class 2) not understanding a word of the material, especially in my freshman seminar: Performance. When I got the summer email detailing which seminar in landed in, I flipped out because my last theatre gig involved two lines as the minister of culture in my fifth grade production of the Emperor's New Clothes -- naturally, I felt ill equipped to be in such a class. But my professors welcomed us, seasoned vets and newbies alike, and told us that our class takes more field trips than any other seminar. Somehow, the promise of five star performances in NYC quelled my fears. In the end, I made it through three classes back to back to back with my eyelids open AND understood my professors’ discussions. Turns out I DID learn something in high school!  Added bonus: my professors are all brilliant, hilarious, and super inviting.

Even outside of the academic realm, Amherst continues to prove challenging. My major may be undecided, but I'm minoring in Avoiding the Freshman 15. In an attempt to adhere to this newfound concentration, I've been going to the gym every day and trying to eat healthy at Val. However, my nights of watching Real Housewives of New Jersey on the treadmill may be cut short soon because I signed up for SO MANY THINGS at the activity fair! Every club looked so interesting...and not just because of the candy incentives. In fact, tonight was my first crew meeting. I’ve played field hockey for the past six years, but I felt like trying something totally new so I signed up! I’ll let you guys know if it’s as fun as it seems.

Can’t wait for my next batch of classes tomorrow. Not as excited to buy the books for them though.


Precious college moment of the week:

Starving in the common room at 2am when my neighbor walks out and offers me one of his mom’s carepackaged (yepp i verbed that) birthday brownies! YUH HUH HUMMMM.


Stay fly!