A taste of Amherst weekends...

One of my favorite things about staying in Amherst over the summer (I stayed here last summer also, working in Archives) is the glorious town tradition called Taste of Amherst. For four days (Thurs-Sun), most of the restaurants in town will set up booths on the Town Common and sell low-cost samples of their most popular items.

This event is, of course, a student favorite. I made sure to grab a few meals there on three out of the four days it was open. It's a lovely way to spend your weekend--there are live bands, local families, a rock climbing wall, bungee jumping, pony rides, and, obviously, absolutely delicious (and cheap!) food options.  

It just so happens that I made a video blog about my experience of the event and of the rest of my weekend, which you can find here:

You better have clicked on that. I worked hard on that vlog. I made it just for you. That's right. Feel special. 

Also, you should watch it because this blog post was supposed to consist largely of just the video, but I can't find a way to embed it...SO GO WATCH IT. HERE'S THE LINK AGAIN. WHY HAVEN'T YOU ALREADY CLICKED ON IT. THIS IS WHAT AN AMHERST WEEKEND MIGHT LOOK LIKE. YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO KNOW. 

Here are some previews of what you will be watching:

Also....this happened:
                                                             We (somehow) managed to fit inside these instrument lockers