Name: Owen Davis
Email: odavis14@amherst.edu
Twitter: @OwenTheBlogger
Hometown: Winchester, MA
Studying: English and Theater & Dance
Interests: Football, Theater

Owen's First Blog Entry

Hey all,

It's been a crazy week for me. I just recently injured my knee playing football and I'll be out for the season, so doctor appointments and physical therapy sessions have been occupying much of my spare time. On the plus side, though, it's given me time to appreciate the fall weather. In my hobbling I've had the time to take a great look at Memorial Hill, especially the foliage creeping in as it starts to get colder up here.

Other than that, life's been swell. I've found myself really beginning to engage in Social Psychology, which surprises me; I'm typically an English guy. I've taken more time to visit friends, who are scattered around the campus. As a Resident Counselor, I'm thrilled that I've really gotten to know my residents.  They've allowed me into their lives and welcomed me with open arms.  

With the change of the season comes a big style change.  Gone are the shorts, for one.  The boots have come out in preparation for the season, along with a few sweaters.  I'm thankful that the blond mop on my head will surely insulate me in the coming months.

No complaints on my end. I'm excited for fall.

Fresh on Campus

Hi everyone!

So excited to be back at school, even though I had to leave my friends, family and--perhaps most importantly--local eateries behind. It's a bit overcast, but a great winter day in New England. I'm always reminded when I return why I'm so thankful for the invention of automobiles, as trekking through the cold just isn't quite as comfortable as sitting in a heated seat as I cruise to my destinations.

The first day of classes has been a nice dose of reality, and even though I'm back to being loaded up with homework, I couldn't be happier with my class selection. This semester carries with it a heavy emphasis on my English and Theater & Dance studies, but with the amounts of reading and writing I think I'll be learning a lot.

That's all for now. I'm off to rehearsal for a small production, a radio play based on the Scopes trial. I'll let you know how it goes.

Until next time!

I Am A Bionic Human

What better way to start Thanksgiving break than with the installation of a brand new knee ligament? My surgery went very well, but the first few days of vacation were a little rough.  I had to keep my leg in this Continuous Passive Motion machine that bends and straightens it to prevent scar tissue from forming.  Thankfully, I was up and about by the time my friends returned home, and able to go out with them and eat Thanksgiving dinner with my family.

Unfortunately, the hair's gone.  After seeing a picture that my Dad took at the Amherst-Williams game in which my hair is as long as my mother's, I decided that it had to go.  It's a sad, sad day and I miss it dearly.  Fortunately with my new regimen of horse shampoo--Mane 'N' Tail--and conditioner it'll be back before I know it.

Currently I'm strapped into an enormous knee brace that runs the entire length of my leg. It's been an interesting return to school, as most people notice the haircut before they see the gigantic metal structure encompassing the entirety of my leg.  Thankfully, I'm able to walk--with a noticeable limp, yes, but I can get to class.  I just tell myself that I'm a bionic human when I wake up every morning, and usually that helps get the day started.

As much fun as I had over break, it's time to start getting ready for finals.  Schoolwork is really picking up, can't wait to finish out these last three weeks strongly.

Early Break

It's been a pretty crazy week and a half since my last post.

We went 8-0 in football! We won the NESCAC Championship, as did the Men's and Women's soccer teams. Last weekend was an absolutely unreal feeling for me. Storming the Williams field as the final seconds ticked away is a memory I will cherish for the rest of my life. I couldn't be more proud of my brothers in purple and white, I hope they're still enjoying their much-deserved week-long celebration.

I'm back home now, having just gotten surgery on my ACL. It went really well; they were able to repair both my ACL and meniscus (which may not mean anything to you, but basically my knee will be back to full functioning in 6-8 months, which is great). I'm so happy to be on break, albeit a little bit earlier than my friends, but it's awesome to see my family--especially my dog. She hasn't left my side since I arrived home. 

The next couple of days I'll be holed up in bed. Hopefully I'll be able to move around enough come this weekend to go see some friends from home. I'm missing Amherst already, though.  

From Lots of Snow to 7-0

Waking up this Sunday was a little bit more peaceful than last weekend. I mentioned the snowfall last post; I think I neglected to mention just how MUCH snow we got here in Amherst. The storm really slugged the East Coast, bringing with it about a foot of snow, a bunch of broken branches, and major power outages. Sunday morning the Resident Counselors met with the deans and President Martin to discuss the situation. It felt like some sort of crisis panel, and as a result I spent much of the time in the meeting imagining myself in a military general's outfit. Pretty sweet image, if you ask me.

We ended up with a day off of school. The community banded together to clean up some of the fallen trees and branches.  As much as it sounds like a Lifetime movie moment cliché, what at first appeared to be a crisis ended up serving as a lesson in the strength of a community like Amherst. 

So life continued after our day off as normal. The snow began to melt (it's only October, after all) and classes resumed as usual. I was so thankful for a slightly easier week than the past few, having just finished my exams and papers. Football continues to excell as well. We're 7-0, having just defeated Trinity yesterday to clinch at the very least a share of the NESCAC Championship. We have one more game left--against Williams, our biggest rival--and if we win we'll be the sole NESCAC Champs. I'm unbelievably excited for the game.

Until next time.


Midterms + football = a hectic, hectic week. As paper assignments and test dates began to pile up, I took to the library to concentrate. I need a quiet work space where I can lay out my notes to review. Thankfully I made it through the academic part of the week unscathed. I've begun the process of intensifying the rehab for my knee, too, so between that and football commitments I've been rushing around. I love being busy, though. 

The best part of this past week was: we had our first snowfall! Earlier in the week, we had the ever-popular New England "wintry mix," a combination of snow and rain; as a proud Massachusetts kid, I don't count that. Last night, though, we had a real storm. The weatherperson had predicted 10-15 inches! I'm not sure if we got that much, but what I do know is that we got the good kind of snow, the kind you can pack into snowballs and use to make snowmen. I feel like a kid again, which is great after the long week I've had. 

Time to cozy up with some cocoa and Netflix. Until next time. 

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