Wednesday, June 15th 2011

BIDDYYYYY. Biddy fever has swept the Admissions office. (In case you’ve been away from Facebook or Twitter for the past 22 hours, yesterday Amherst announced that Dr. Carolyn “Biddy”  Martin will be the 19th president of our delightful college.) I’ve got Biddy on the brain. Even if I wanted to stop being excited, the occasional shouts of “BIDDY” in the hallways keeps my endorphins and Biddy blood pumpin’. Why is Biddy such a big deal, you ask? Well, there are the obvious facts that she is our first female president, loves diversity and opportunity as much as any good Lord Jeff, and is highly lauded for her work in higher education. That’s wonderful, but let’s not forget how bodacious Biddy is in general. She loves sports, can do the dougie, and the students at her former institution, U. of Wisconsin-Madison, found it necessary to organize a flash mob for her birthday. I’m wicked pumped to meet her at her welcome meeting/picnic tomorrow. What should be the approach for my introduction? Handshake? Hug? Fist bump?

Students are so riled up about Biddy, there is a party in her honor this weekend. It won’t be long until Biddy becomes a verb, like Google. “A+! I totally Biddied that exam.” “Let’s head to that party and Biddy all night.” Last night, a group of us played trivia in the area and our team name was “Biddy’s Buddies.” Some call this enthusiasm creepy; I call it supportive.

That all being said, I’m still depressed about losing T-money/T-pain/Tizzle Mizzle/The Big T, aka Tony Marx. He revolutionized Amherst’s policies and obtained legitimate celebrity status, both on campus and in the world of academia. We appreciate everything you did, Tony, and are excited for you to bring your talents to the NYPL. Rock on, dude.

 Peace, Love, and Biddy.

EDIT: Met Biddy, love her, shook her hand. Fireworks shot from her fingertips. She's so wonderful! Everything she said in her speech was genuine and charming. I also got my five seconds of fame during her welcoming reception. Watch the entire thing here, and look for my question at about 35 minutes.