Tuesday, July 5th 2011

My body hates me. How did I choose to celebrate Independence Day? I ate a lot of crap food. Granted, that’s what most Americans do on July 4th, but I still feel like a chump. Rather than go into detail about each delectable treat, I’ll focus on the one snack from yesterday that I had never enjoyed before. I’m talking about GoBerry, people. This is what’s up:

  • GoBerry is a frozen yogurt shop that started in Northampton and has now added a location in Amherst, right between Amherst Cinema and Amherst Coffee. +1 for location.
  • In the true spirit of the Pioneer Valley, GoBerry almost exclusively uses ingredients from the surrounding areas, e.g. our friendly neighborhood cows produce the milk for the fro-yo, the fresh blueberries and other fruits grew under the mild Massachusetts sun, etc. +1 for supporting local farmers.
  • You have five options for serving size: kiddie, small, medium, large, and a pint. I'm a solid eater and the small was a challenge. +1 for value.
  • Oh yeah, and it’s wicked tasty. +327981236.

In between feeding times, SummerAmherst1 went to a parade in town, which consisted of a car or truck from every police station and fire department in Hampshire County rolling by with sirens blaring and tossing Tootsie Rolls at the children. There were also two bagpipe groups, my personal favorite. The day concluded with a fireworks show at UMass and me falling asleep before midnight. All in all, it was a great day.

Before the holiday weekend, the Admissions Office had a bittersweet conclusion to the week. On Wednesday and Thursday, we said goodbye to Christina and Kat, the 2010-2011 Green Deans2. However, this grief was balanced by the welcoming of Tyler and Becky, the 2011-2012 Greenies. With X-tina and KittyKat gone, there is sure to be less boy band-esque dancing and Special K consumption around the office, but we the interns support them in their new lives as fancy adults. Miss you guys. Love and hugs. This one’s for you two: curly-haired Justin!

1Although it is a small, friendly school, Amherst has a slight drawback in that the students can be complacent in mixing up friend groups. I wouldn’t say it’s intentional at all, but it happens. Hands-down, my favorite things about being on campus this summer is my completely random friend group that we have named SummerAmherst. We’re an Amherst viewbook of social diversity, representing countless sports teams, majors, interests, etc. Some of them I knew freshman year and gradually drifted from, others I just met a month ago. We party, we go to dinner, we have fun. Good times.

2Amherst is a magnetic vortex of sunshine, puppies,3 and cupcakes that one hates to leave after only four years. To alleviate the pain, many of the departments and offices here have coveted one-year positions called Green Deans (They are ‘Green’ in the sense that they are new, blooming, etc.). In the Admissions Office for example, Green Deans conduct information sessions, read applications, manage the tour guides, blah blah blah. It’s a sweet gig.

3I'm sticking with the Oxford comma.

Over and out,