Sporty Spice went to Amherst (j/k)

Monday, June 13, 2011

How about them Mavs, huh? Congratulations to Dallas and all of its NBA fans for winning their first championship. I honestly could care less about the Mavericks, but I don’t particularly like any Miami teams, so hurrah. What I would REALLY love to see is a comeback by the Braves. Growing up in the ATL suburbs, some of my earliest memories are of the 7PM games going into extra innings, me falling asleep on my mom’s shoulder, and waking up just in time to see the celebratory fireworks go off when Chipper would nail a homerun for the win (FTW, lulz).

If we’re talking sports here, let’s be a bit more relevant and touch on Amherst’s athletic scene. We are the Lord Jeffs, named for Lord Jeffrey Amherst, namesake of the town of Amherst, and an infamous soldier of the king (see: Blankets? and Sing-a-long). We don’t really care that our mascot is lame because 1) All of the other NESCAC schools have lame mascots (see: So cool) and 2) We win. We’re Division III, but definitely have some DI potential on campus. Our players are really just nerds in uniform, so they chose to come to Amherst to get their game on while maintaining a rigorous academic schedule. They’re doing a fantastic job and I want to give a special shout out to the 2009 football team for their perfect season. Football makes the world go ‘round and I’m still wicked pumped about it. Fast forward to 2:45 for the mob of happy Amherst fans after the Williams game that year: Victory!

In other news, I spent the entirety of Sunday in my room finishing season 4 of Mad Men (that Don Draper, what a fox) and starting HBO’s new series Game of Thrones. I’m starting to grow bored of my same half a dozen or so meals that I’ve been making, so any new suggestions for cheap recipes would be groovy. I also want to go ahead and blame the Admissions office for my inevitable first cavity that I suspect will manifest sometime this summer due to our always-stocked candy jar in the interns’ office.

I realize that I talked about sports and did not mention my love affair with the crew team. That epic rom-com (romantic comedy, duh) featuring passion, scandal, and blistered hands will be a tale for a later date.


Testing the blog waters

Monday, June 6th 2011

My first blog entry commences on an absolutely beautiful summer day in Amherst, MA. I bring up the weather as a contrast to the situation last Wednesday, the summer interns’ first day of work. Here in the 200 year old building that houses the Admissions Office, a small group of deans, staff members, and freshly trained interns sat captive in the basement conference room as a very rare Massachusetts tornado threatened this quaint white house. Luckily, the town of Amherst was generally unscathed by the storms, and the tour that was exploring campus at the time returned drenched but safe.

Walking atop Memorial Hill today under welcome blue skies reminded me of my first week on the Amherst campus as a freshman. Before upperclassmen return for the fall, new students enjoy a full seven days of orientation, which we affectionately call “Camp Amherst.” This week consists of interesting guest lectures, group discussions about “Amherst” (I include quotes because I mean Amherst as a community in the grander philosophical sense), and general socializing with your soon-to-be 430ish closest friends. Each of the first few days generally has a theme-diversity, respect, academia, etc.-that educates the wide-eyed newbies on some aspect of Amherst. It’s an extremely useful and entertaining week, and by the time returning students arrive, the freshman are adjusted, informed, and exhausted. Memorial Hill overlooks the Holyoke Range and is truly the quintessential Amherst view. All new students stare out to the mountains in awe for at least 45 seconds before they realize that some club is doing yet another ice cream social in the gym and they must scurry off to talk toppings.

This is my first summer in Amherst, but I can already tell that I’m going to love it. Campus is quiet, but there is still plenty to do. Several of my fellow seniors are here doing research for their theses, so when they escape lab and I manage to make it through a day of walking backwards without injury, we head to Puffer’s Pond or Flayvor’s Ice Cream to enjoy the coveted warm weather. I am also working on a personal project of getting through all four seasons of Mad Men before the next one begins; I’m watching the season three finale tonight, so I think I’ll reach my goal.

Since my mom will be reading this, let me also mention that I am DILIGENTLY working on my medical school application.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Let’s see where this blog goes, shall we? I’m known for my non sequitur trains of thought. And my excessive use of Latin.

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