Sara Gehrdes '11

Hi! My name is Sara Gehrdes and I’m a junior here at Amherst College.

Sara Gehrdes
I still find it hard to believe how quickly it seems that the past two years have flown by!  I keep thinking of myself as a sophomore even though I need to start thinking about junior-y type things. I declared my two majors at the end of my sophomore year--environmental studies and psychology—and I’m super excited about both of them. Environmental studies is a relatively new major here at Amherst so I feel like I’m helping make Amherst history by being a member of one of the first classes to study it!

Outside of the “World of Classes” (yes, I just coined that phrase), I keep myself pretty busy doing many activities around campus. First, during Orientation, I’m a First Year Outdoor Orientation Trip (FOOT for short) leader. That means that for three days during Orientation, I get to take first-years out on hikes and white water rafting trips around the Pioneer Valley. It’s great to get to know a few first-years, but it can also be very challenging to climb one of the many nearby mountains in the August/early September heat! Besides being a FOOT leader I’m also the Editor-in Chief of the Olio—which is the yearbook of Amherst College. It has been around since 1855 and it feels pretty neat to be a part of something that has been around for so long. I’m also a DJ for the campus radio station, WAMH 89.3FM. My show is every Tuesday from 2-4 (listen in at I’m also a member of the Green Amherst Project where we work towards getting not only the College, but students to increase their awareness in environmental sustainability and awareness. I play intramural sports when I can on my team “The Flying Lobsters of Doom”—we’re the only intramural team with matching t-shirts AND hats. I was also just recently elected to the Student-Faculty Committee for the Psychology Department which means that this year I will be influential in the hiring of a new tenure-track professor.

I also have several jobs here on campus that help keep me busy. I work in the post office, which is often considered one of the most fun places to work on campus. Every time I go to work I feel like someone should make a reality show about life in the post office—I swear it would probably be even better than the Office (awesome show). I also work in the Emily Dickinson Museum—which is located in her actual home. Many people don’t know that she lived here in Amherst for her entire life. Amherst College owns the museum which is how many Amherst students get the chance to work there. I’m also a tour guide (hope to see some of you readers on my tour!). I also just began doing research with one of the several Copeland Fellows here at Amherst. She and I will be working closely to analyze water hyacinths and their impact on lakes around the world.

Although I’m really busy, I swear I also have time for plenty of fun and sleep.

I’ll be writing this blog all semester long about my busy and exciting life here at Amherst so keep checking back. I love answering and receiving emails so if you have a question or comment please feel free to email me at . I’ll think of some catchy sign-off phrase soon!


Sara's Blog Entries (listed chronologically, latest to earliest)

Last update! Commencement and Reunion weeks!

Final update!

Finals have been taken and papers have been written. Final grades have been received and I didn’t do too shabby—if I may say so myself. I’m sure you don’t really want to hear about studying and all that jazz. Instead, I’m going to talk about my two weeks on campus after finals. The week after finals is what’s known as Senior Week. Pretty much all underclassmen leave campus for the summer (except for the special few like me who stay and work) and the graduating seniors all head to either Cape Cod or Myrtle Beach for the week. Staying on campus, though, is so much fun. It’s fun to be on campus during the school year, but it’s probably ten times as much fun to be here without work (which is another reason why so many students come back for interterm).

I spent the week working in the post office with my friend Nico. We played so many games of Uno—and no matter what he says, I won most of them. Really, don’t listen to anything he says. We worked hard in the post office throughout the week and goofed off afterwards. Sasha was living in my suite so she and I watched movies and Nico and I played lots of games of YamSlam—this great game that’s a mix between Yahtzee and poker. My friend Tim and I took a trip to Five Guys (the best burgers anywhere). Basically, lots of fun was had. Then the seniors came back. The entire weekend before Commencement was dedicated to tent parties—which are exactly what they sound like, parties in tents. Although I didn’t go to any tent parties this year, I’m really excited for next year when it’s my class throwing them!

Sunday was Commencement and Sasha and I woke up nice and early to snag our favorite viewing spot. The ceremony is held on the Freshman Quad and we like to sit between James and Stearns—it’s a little farther back but we don’t have to worry about any tall people sitting in front of us and blocking our view! We watched the ceremony and cheered and clapped when the seniors we were friends with walked across stage, received their diploma and shook President Marx’s hand. They were also given a cane with a unique class seal—it’s a tradition here at Amherst that every senior receives a cane. I think it’s because Amherst supports us even after we graduate—get it? Anyway, after the ceremony we enjoyed the luncheon on the quad and gave lots of hugs to the graduating seniors. It’s going to be really weird next year not having my now graduated friends on campus—and there will be a whole new class to meet and get to know before I leave Amherst in a short year.

The following week, known as Reunion—when alumni come back to see others from their class—might have been even more fun than Senior Week. Once again, Nico and I were working in the post office, but we played lots of tennis—which I hadn’t played in FOREVER and found out I’m not that great at it—and even got to go to Six Flags. I’m now the proud owner of a Season Pass and plan to use it a lot this summer while I’m on campus doing thesis research. Speaking of that research, I’ve already started and it’s going really well! Wish me luck and don’t forget, if you have any questions, feel free to email me anytime at ! I hope you guys enjoyed reading my blog for the year!

Answer to last updates riddle: Mushrooms! (Hey, I thought it was funny)


4/10--4/26--Two concerts, Spring Formal and more!

Lots of exciting things going on here at Amherst. 2 weekends ago I had a very interesting and exhausting weekend. First, I went to a friend’s birthday party on Friday night—lots of fun. It’s nice how close knit of a family your friends become! The next day, two friends and I actually went to Boston and worked security at a 3Oh!3 and Drake concert. The show was at Northeastern and it was nice because I got to see the show for free while doing basically a minimal amount of work. 3Oh!3 had actually been my first pick for the spring concert we have here at Amherst (try not to judge me too much) but they didn’t win the school-wide vote—so this way, I still got to see them for free. And because Boston is so close, we were able to leave around noon to get to the venue at 3 and we had plenty of time to spare. We were exhausted after the show and starving because we were unable to eat from 3 to 11, but it was definitely worth it. Brooke, one of the girls I went with, and I woke up nice and early the next morning because we went white-water rafting with the Outing Club—for free! It was a pretty sweet deal—the water was really high because of all the rain we had been getting so the rapids were extra rough! I had never been on rapids like that and one of the rafting guides commented afterwards, during the photo show they had of us all trying to get through the roughest rapid, that I must have been thirsty—my mouth was open the whole time because I was screaming! The very next morning, Brooke, two other girls and I went to the local elementary school and had our first mini class. We are working with fourth graders once a week and teaching them all about ecosystems and photosynthesis. The kids are awesome and they seem really into what we are teaching which is great! The teacher, Mrs. White, was also really wonderful and it’s clear her students really love her! The rest of the week went by and was fairly uneventful. I went to a lecture given by Napoleon Chagnon and it was neat to hear about his adventures with the Yanomamo Indians in the Amazon.

The next weekend was Admitted Students Weekend here at Amherst. Around 400 high school seniors came to spend the weekend. I hosted for the first time and my pre-frosh was wonderful and I hope she decides to come to Amherst. I took her to town where we hit up a sale at Newbury Comics and Captain Candy (the new awesome candy store in town). We helped the Green Amherst Project create bracelets made out of magazines and potato chip bags—they were cute and eco-friendly! Katerina and I then grabbed dinner at Val (it was steak night) and then headed to Asian Night Market. Various groups on campus transformed Keefe Campus Center by hanging paper lanterns everywhere. There were games and giveaways and SO MUCH FOOD! There were also amazing performances from various groups on campus and in the consortium—every school except Hampshire was represented that night and they all put on awesome shows. On Sunday, I worked registration so I got to meet a lot of newly-admitted students and I was a part of a panel on student life at Amherst. I spent the rest of the day either working at the Emily Dickinson Museum or working on a big presentation I had for my Conservation Biology class. The presentation went off without a hitch (though I may have spoken a little fast) on Tuesday and then all my time was dedicated to studying for either the lab practical exam I had on Wednesday or my Memory exam I had Thursday morning—it was rough having two exams in 2 days and hopefully I did ok on both of them!  Ever since, I had spent most of my time just relaxing and recovering from the crazy amount of studying I had to do.

This weekend, was our Spring Weekend so there was a lot of big events going on on campus. Friday was our spring formal so everyone put got all dressed up and danced the night away in a tent on Valentine Quad. Sasha and I decided to stay the entire time—we knew we wouldn’t have been able to get much sleep since our dorm is directly next to that quad. Check out the photo of Sasha and I—does anyone ever go to any kind of formal event without taking the traditional prom pose photo? On Saturday, we had our spring concert—Jason Derulo and The Roots. The concert was free to Amherst and students and my friends managed to snag a pretty good spot in the crowd. I was amazed at how much energy the tuba player in the Roots had—it must be so hard to perform a live show while playing the tuba! Our spring carnival was supposed to be yesterday, but it was rescheduled to next weekend because the sky was threatening rain all day. Now you guys are all caught up!

The answer to last week’s riddle: Ape-ril!

This week’s riddle (courtesy of my friend Trevor): What kind of room has no windows, no doors and no corners?


3/22--4/9--So many speakers, so little time!

Updates! So much to tell you all. First, I had a wonderful Spring Break—I was in Naples with my family and the weather was gorgeous! Anyway, I got back to campus and was swamped with a bunch of papers due the week after spring break. Why do professors feel the need to do that? They know we’re all going to off relaxing and enjoying ourselves on Spring Break, so you’d think they’d give us another week to do the papers, but, alas, no such luck. Two weekends ago, my friend Nico and I went on an adventure to the new Five Guys that opened in Enfield (about 25 miles away from campus). It was totally worth the drive. Afterwards, we met up with Nico’s girlfriend and went to a Hartford Wolf-pack hockey game. I had never been to one before, and I was excited to see all the big name artists they have coming to perform in the coming months. Justin Beiber is coming at the end of April and Lady Gaga is coming in September! It’s great to have such a large arena so relatively close by (about an hour drive away). Last week, the ordered room draw list came out. Room draw is how we pick what rooms we live in next year. Unfortunately, my room group ended up fairly low on the random ordering for my year, but, since we will be seniors, it shouldn’t matter too much because we’ll definitely get singles. I actually tried to convince my room group to compete in Lip Sync—a song and dance competition that gets the winners to the top of the room draw list for their year—but my friends didn’t want to.

I had an awesome Bio lab last week. We were dissecting all sorts of creatures—like crayfish and crickets. There were also live specimens for us to check out. I had a great photo of me holding the two millipedes in lab, but I can't seem to get the photo uploader to work--I'll try again later. In the 3-part lab, we’ve dissected or will dissect a fetal pig, a dogfish shark, a clam, a sheep’s heart, a worm and more! Overall, I had a lot of fun hanging out with the crayfish (there were live ones that would threaten to pinch your fingers if you ever got too close), the hermit crabs (live again, they kept walking all over my hands) and the millipedes!

There were so many great lectures I attended last week too. First, Dr. Drew, an alumnus of Amherst, came and gave a talk. He spoke about his work with addicts and, of course, his television show “Celebrity Rehab” and his “Teen Mom” reunion episodes. The overall message from his lecture was that the most amazing job offerings and opportunities are not typically planned and that you should go with your gut when it comes to spontaneous offers. He spontaneously accepted the offer to have his own radio program in the 80’s, and look where he is now! The following evening, Ben Cohen, as in Ben from Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream, came and gave a talk about how ice cream changed the world. The Friedmann room was packed for this talk and Ben was very entertaining and it was great to hear how the company got its start. Jerry Greenfield also tagged along and they brought some delicious ice cream bars with them. My friend Randi and I actually got both Ben and Jerry to sign our ice cream bar boxes!  Up until then, the only other autograph I had was Mickey’s from when I went to Disney when I was 9 or so.

Last Thursday, I had the amazing opportunity to not only go to a lecture given by Richard Wrangham, a primatologist and current Professor of Biological anthropology at Harvard, but have dinner with him as well. The professor of one of my Biology classes, Evolution of Human Nature, hosted Wrangham because we read his book “Demonic Males” and took a few of us out to dinner at a local Chinese restaurant. It was so much fun to hear stories of when Wrangham was in Africa working with chimpanzees and bonobos. He was even kind of enough to sign my copy of “Demonic Males!” So my autograph/signature count for those of you keeping track is now 3. All see what else I can get before the semester ends! 

The Emily Dickinson Museum opened this past week, so now my weekend afternoons are spent over there—which was rough this weekend because the weather was SO incredibly nice. I managed to enjoy it though by sitting outside and reading whenever I could. I also got to meet a newly accepted Amherst student on an errand I ran in town. I could tell he just got in because he was in Hastings buying tons of Amherst gear—not that there’s anything wrong with that (everyone’s guilty of it). So, congratulations to all the accepted Amherst students and I hope to see you all (well, maybe not all 1,000-some of you) at Accepted Student’s Weekend. Mike, Yin and I will be panelists on the “This is Amherst” panel so everyone should come check it out and ask us all sorts of questions!

Answer to last week’s riddle:  Darkness

This week’s riddle, in honor of my dinner with Wrangham: When do monkey’s fall from the sky?


2/25--3/11--Snowtubing, the Zu and Amherst Hockey

I am officially done any pre-spring break work I had, which has freed up some time to update my blog. These past two weeks have been filled with papers and exams and very little real downtime unfortunately, but many exciting things happened nonetheless. Just like Mike did, I went to a performance by the Harlem Gospel Choir and I had a blast! They did a fantastic job of getting the audience involved through clapping and dancing and even had everyone with February birthdays (it was still February then) get on stage and we sang to them. Also just like Mike, I went to the Zu Full Moon party and danced the night away. The long (and by long I probably mean 15 minute) walk to the Zu was beautiful thanks to the snow that was falling. It was literally sticking to every tree branch—which also meant it was perfect snowball snow. There were snowball fights going on everywhere!

The next day, I put off schoolwork and went on a snow tubing trip organized by the Outing Club. For those of you not in the know, snow tubing is basically when you sit in a tube and you’re either throw yourself or get pushed down a snow ramp and then slide down the rest of the shoot! It’s essentially sledding but you go a little faster and you can join the tubes together so you tube down with your friends. I went with Sasha and my friend Brooke and we made new friends along the way. Basically, we had a blast. We got in lots of snowball fights and made friends with the guys who were in charge. It was us versus them and, right after our last run, we showed them Amherst doesn’t mess around when it comes to snowball fights by loading our tubes up with snowballs and unleashing a fury of snowballs on the guys. Good times were had by all and I definitely plan on going back next year.

On Wednesday, Brooke and I actually went to the Zu and had dinner. We both have lots of friends who live there, and since they aren’t on the meal plan, it was nice to sit down and have dinner with them—especially one of the delicious dinners the Zu always makes. The Zu is the food co-op on campus and once every two weeks, each resident is required to cook a meal for the other residents so everyone gets a home-cooked, vegetarian meal every night. Although I don’t have many complaints about Val, it was nice to diverge from a typical Val meal and have delicious cheesy pasta at the Zu. After dinner, I went back to my room and studied for the ‘Memory’ exam I had the next day.

On Friday, I went to a Program-board sponsored event called “Live Band Karaoke”. It was just like regular karaoke, but instead of a recording providing the music, it was an actual band. I’d imagine anyone who participated actually felt like a rock star while doing it. I didn’t have the guts to get up and perform that night, but I’ve been regretting it ever since—not because I’m a great singer (I’m pretty sure I’m not) but because how often do you get a chance to be the lead singer in a band?

On Saturday, I went to the women’s ice hockey game. It was the quarterfinals in the NESCAC championship. Amherst was hosting the tournament and they were playing Bowdoin. The stands were PACKED for the game. Amherst managed to come back from a 2-0 deficit to tie it up and the game went into overtime. During overtime, Bowdoin managed to get a power play when 2 of our players were put in the box. It was nerve wracking to see 3 Amherst players try to prevent 5 Bowdoin players from scoring in the sudden-death overtime but they managed to do it! The crowd breathed an enormous sigh of relief when the final Amherst player got back on the ice. Eventually, Amherst scored and won the game! The finals ended up being about Trinity on Sunday. My friend Morgan and I dressed up in our best purple and white outfits to support the team and despite going into overtime again, Amherst won! Everyone went wild—the team was throwing their gloves and sticks on the ice and the crowd was cheering until they went hoarse. Now, the team is on their way to Nationals again, which is being held in Minnesota this year. Two of my friends, who never miss a hockey game, are actually driving all the way over to support the team! I guess it works though since Spring Break starts tomorrow and the games are next weekend.

Speaking of Spring Break, I’d better start packing. I’m meeting my family in Florida and we’re hitting up the beach! It’ll be nice because I’ve spent the past two spring breaks here at Amherst being jealous of all my friends out getting tans. This time, I have a whole 5 days in Florida to work on my own tan, and I get back to Amherst on Thursday. Usually during Spring Break, the weather here is still pretty chilly—but this past week has been gorgeous! It’s hard to believe in these past 2 weeks, I’ve gone snow tubing and had a class outside because the weather was so nice!

Answer to last week’s riddle: In the dictionary!

This week’s riddle: The more you have of it, the less you see. What is it?


2/12--2/23--Boston and tons of work!

Hello Hello!

I have had one of the busiest weeks ever this past week, which is why I haven’t had a chance to write! So I’ve basically spent the entire past week either studying for an exam , writing a paper or working on research for my professor. Luckily, I finally have a break—which is why I can finally update you all. Before all the madness of my classwork began, I spent the 12th and 13th in Boston. I had a doctor’s appointment and my friends Malu and Sasha decided to tag along and we went to the Harry Potter exhibit at the Museum of Science! It was amazing, and, believe me, if we were allowed to take photos I would be sharing them all with you right here. The exhibit was full of props from the movies so I got to see all sorts of things like the original Sorcerer’s Stone and the Time Turner (which would be really useful here at Amherst) but I’ll stop geeking about it here. We also went to see the Blue Man Group and we wondered all over the city in search of a delicious breakfast place the following morning (if you have any suggestions, let me know!). Since Boston is so close, it was easy for us to get there and back and not miss out on any of Saturday evening festivities. When we got back, Malu and I and a few other friends went to watch Where the Wild Things Are, which was showing in FLICS that weekend. FLICS is a wonderful program for movie lovers like me that shows movies out of theaters but not yet on DVD for free.

After the movie, I dedicated the rest of my night and the following day to studying for my Monday bio exam and finishing a bio paper. I won’t bore you with all the details of my work, but I had A LOT of it—and with the Olympics being on and everything, it was not easy to concentrate and get it done—but I managed to get through it all and then some friends and I went skiing on Friday night. The Outing Club sponsored the trip and the student government paid for the ski rentals and lift tickets. I hadn’t been skiing since 8th grade and I figured it would be like riding a bike—I would pick it up right away. So not true. Needless to say, I was very sore for the next few days and am still bruised from all my falls. The next night, I went to my usual UMass hockey game (they lost to Merrimack unfortunately) and watched a movie with Sasha and our friend Krystyn. Sunday was mainly spent reading and working on a paper I had due for my Evolution of Human Nature class today. Malu and I just got back from the movies (we saw Dear John—on a scale of one to ten, I’d give it a 4) since the movie theater has a special Tuesday deal where all tickets are only $5.25 and we had some free time.

So there’s a bit of an update on my life! If you have any questions about anything Amherst (or college life in general), send them my way!

Answer to my last blog’s riddle: His breath!

In honor of the Olympics: Where does ice come after hockey?



1/22--2/2--Long time no talk!

Sorry about how long it has been since my last post! I wasn’t sure if Admissions wanted me to blog this semester, but they haven’t told me to stop, so I’ll just continue telling you guys about my life. I made it through my finals okay—they actually went better than I expected—and I had a great time while I was at home. I got back to school two weeks ago, on the 22nd, so interterm was still going on. Interterm lasts pretty much the month of January and it’s a time for students to come back to campus and take non-credit classes, do research, or just relax. The dorms and dining hall are all open so it’s not as if you’re left to fend for yourself. In my case, I was coming back to work with the professor that I had been working with all semester. I spent my days working on a computer, trying to figure out this program that I need to learn and I spent my evenings hanging out with friends, playing Uno and Yamslam (it’s a great game—check it out!).

Eventually, everyone trickled back to campus and classes began again. The first week and a half of the semester is a period called “Add-Drop” where students can shop any class they want. It gives students the opportunity to attend a class session or two and then decide if they want to take the class for the rest of the semester. This can be somewhat hectic as there are so many interesting classes offered here at Amherst—my friend Sasha actually shopped 7 classes! I, personally, have never taken advantage of Add-Drop—I guess I just stick with whatever I pick out. Anyway, it was nice to get back to classes after a nice long break and I’m genuinely excited about my classes this semester. I’m taking Adaptation and the Organism, Evolution of Human Nature, Conservation Biology and Memory—basically a lot of science classes, which is allowed since we have an open curriculum.

So there’s a little update about my life. I’ll keep filling you all in until Admissions tells me to stop!

 Answer to last month’s riddle: Because it’s too far to walk! (yes, I know it’s cheesy)

This week’s riddle: This is light as a feather but no man can hold it for long. What is it?


Bonus blog: My room!

So I thought maybe you all would like to see what my room looks like. It's not normally quite this clean but I try to keep it tidy. It's very small for an Amherst room but cozy--check it out!

Sara Gehrdes' dorm room
Sara Gehrdes' dorm room
Sara Gehrdes' dorm room
Sara Gehrdes' dorm room



12/6--12/15--Alumni, history and finals!

I have to say, I had a pretty awesome week. It started off with a big history paper due on Wednesday (which was not awesome). I spent all afternoon and evening on Monday working on it and was not yet done. On Tuesday, I had my regular classes and my radio show and then worked on my paper some more. Later that night though, my friends Philip and Sasha and I went to dinner at an alumni’s house. The Alumni Office sponsored this program that allows students to go visit and have dinner with local alumni. We were paired up with a member of the class of 1956. We picked him up some nice purple and white flowers and drove over to his home. He and his wife were super nice and it was really interesting to learn about what his life was like at Amherst and all the things that he and his wife have done post-Amherst. It was exciting to hear how successful he was after Amherst—since, of course, I hope to be—but also fascinating to see where his education here has taken him. He and his wife went to Malawi and he actually helped create their constitution (or one of their constitutions). We sat and chatted for awhile then had a delicious dinner of lamb and potatoes. Afterwards we sat back around and ate (or I at least tried) the dessert—a sort of pancake with fruit on top. Unfortunately, I had to call it a night fairly early thanks to my history paper but we had a wonderful time with them and hope to go back again soon! Once I got back to my room, I was able to finish my paper and relax for the first time in a few days.

On Wednesday, I had my final meeting of my history class, so it was the last time I got to see the inside students. We had a nice final meeting where our President, Tony Marx, actually came to the jail and said a few words. He also gave out certificates to the inside students and I could tell that it really meant a lot to them. Afterwards, we had pizza and soda—which the guys had not had in a long time—and chatted about future plans. Some of the guys have really good ideas that they plan on pursuing while in jail and once they get out. One example is one of the men wants to create an anti-drug program for students. His plan was really well thought out and I hope that he continues to pursue it once he is released. On Thursday, I went to a screening of the films King Corn and Big River. The screening was sponsored by the Green Amherst Project and t he Environmental Studies department and the director of the films actually came to the screening and had a Q&A session afterwards. After that a couple friends came over and we watched the last episode of Glee until April! We’ve become obsessed—you could probably definitely call us gleeks.

I spent the weekend hanging out with friends, going to hockey games and preparing for the Abnormal Psychology exam I had on Monday morning. Today was the last day of classes and the beginning of our two day of Reading Period. I only have two exams left and then I’m done! Unfortunately, they both happen to be on Sunday so I will be doing a lot of stats and econ review between now and then as well as finishing my Christmas shopping and attending a friend’s holiday party tomorrow. We’re doing white elephant/yankee swap—and I really hope it doesn’t turn out the way it did on the first Christmas episode of The Office! Wish me luck on my finals!

Answer to last week’s riddle: Frosted Flakes!

This week’s riddle: Why do birds fly south for the winter?



11/30--12/6--FLICS, hockey and a play

It feels like it has been SO long since I last filled you all in on my life here at Amherst, but it was Thanksgiving break and I’m sure you don’t want to hear all about my time at home. Anyway, this past week was actually pretty busy for me work-wise. I had a presentation due for my history class (the one in the jail) and I had a draft of my economics paper due as well (which went much better than I expected it to). I did have to spend many hours on a statistics project counting words and syllables of newspaper articles by hand because I didn’t think to find a computer program to do that for me. My group is trying to see if there is a difference in the Flesch Reading Ease Scores of the New York Times and the local Daily Hampshire Gazette. We worked on the paper a bit more last night and it seems that there is a statistical difference—meaning it is more difficult to understand the NYT than the Daily Hampshire Gazette.

The Green Amherst Project had a screening of Ferngully on Thursday and we had a pretty good turnout. Not only is it a great movie, but it’s nice to kick back and watch a cartoon for a bit. My friend Sasha and I went to FLICS Friday afternoon and saw The Informant. FLICS is a program that presents movies that are out of theaters and not yet on DVD and shows them in our movie theater on campus. It’s a nice way to spend a few hours and many people bring popcorn or snacks. After the movie, I went to UMass for this hockey game against Boston College—which was sold out, so there were 8,000 people there watching the game. That’s so weird to me considering Amherst College only has about 1,700 students. If everyone who went to Amherst went to the Mullins Center, we wouldn’t even fill a quarter of the arena! Unfortunately UMass lost, but I was cheered up at a friend’s birthday party once I got back to campus.

I spent Saturday afternoon relaxing before I went to the Amherst women’s ice hockey game. I have a friend on the team (who did an awesome job and even scored a goal). Amherst won that game 3-2. From there, I went to Voices for the Voiceless—an annual poetry concert on campus. Poets from all over New England come and share their work. Although I couldn’t stay for the entire event, I really enjoyed what I did get to hear. I had to leave early to catch a play my friend Eric was in, “The Mistakes Madeline Made.” After the show, I decided not to go to Crossett Christmas—a TAP (or big dance party) on campus and just stayed in—attempted to do a bit of homework (was not very successful) and watched Saturday Night Live. Yesterday, I went to work at the Emily Dickinson Museum then worked on my group stats project.

Don’t forget that I love answering questions so if you have some, don’t hesitate to email me at!

The answer to my last update’s riddle: The remaining toothpicks spelled NINE.

 This week’s riddle is in honor of it being December and our first real snow this past Saturday: What do snowmen eat for breakfast?