Hi Everyone!

My name is Sophie Delfeus and I’m from Queens, NY. I’m a sophomore here at Amherst and I am a prospective poltical science major. I am absolutely fascinated by many of the political science classes and I look forward to learning more about the department this year.

On campus I am a class senator in the Amherst Association of Students (AAS), a member of the Amherst College Gospel Choir, and co-founder of the First Generation Association, which is made to be a support system for first generation college students and others who canrelate.

I hope that you enjoy my blog! Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions you might have at sdelfeus17@amherst.edu.

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here’s to reunions and trying new things

One of my favorite things about the admissions office is that with some of our deans traveling all over the world, our office is often filled with yummy international snacks. This provides us interns with yummy treats to munch on, and it also gives us a clue about the many places Amherst students are coming from. Similarly, at Amherst, your floor on your residence hall may represent three different countries or twelve different states because your dorm floors are usually representative of the diverse community Amherst is. That means you will be exposed to philosophies, ideologies, and beliefs at times very different from your own even before you step in the classroom. I am so grateful that every student adds something to the Amherst community.

This week, Nicole and I took the liberty of trying these snacks someone brought back. We had no idea what they were exactly, but they seemed like flavored crisps. Because we had trouble finding scissors, we used a pair of metal shears to get the package open (we’re kind of crazy in this office). We were a little nervous at first, but sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith: the same way I did with my freshman roommate. Meredith came to Amherst from Richmond, Virginia with her twin Ali, and they both play on our basketball team. Although I didn’t expect it, Meredith and I actually became very good friends. We both really like to sing, and this year we bonded over that. Whenever I had a bad day, Meredith would put on one of my favorite songs, and I would do the same for her. 

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So out of the 6 different flavor options, Nicole and I signed off on four of them. Not bad for daring to try new things!! So to make the week perfect, Meredith (or moo as I call her) was on campus this week and of course we got together. It was so nice to catch up over chocolate cake one night and then frozen yogurt (GoBerry in particular) the other sharing stories, and reminiscing about all the fun we had our first year. Moo is one of my closest friends on campus and I feel so lucky because of it. Being open to meeting new people, trying new foods, and activities helped me fall in love with Amherst pretty quickly. I’m so excited for my next three years here.




a minute to reflect

Dear Prospective Student,


I would like to leave you with some of my thoughts on what I think you might find if you were to come to Amherst. This part of my blog post was sparked after my visit to the New England Peace Pagoda in Leverett, Massachusetts. This beautiful place gave me some time to reflect and appreciate the unique experiences and wonderful opportunities I have gotten out of Amherst.

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Please know that here, I have found a great community of people who are excited to learn and make their own choices in terms of their academic careers. Here, I have never had to sacrifice faculty attention for a load of activities. Living in the valley has made it possible for me to sit in on a great collection of speakers, performers, and professors that come to the area.  


Here, I have found a great group of friends who I am thankful for as they have helped me grow. As I look back on this year, I realize that I too got to watch them grow as well. First semester is an especially trying time as you are just trying to figure everything out: friends, classes, and where you fit. When you are going through this change with great people, you latch onto them for the better. 

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Here, I have found the opportunity to make this campus what I wish it to be. I am inspired by Amherst’s commitment to bringing together a diverse group of students among many different backgrounds. Together, these students bring in speakers, start clubs, and host events to enhance student life and spark discussions all in effort to improve the campus community. If Amherst did not empower students the way they do, the club I am starting for first generation college students may not have even been in effect. I am empowered on this campus and for that, I am grateful.

NoHo Fun

So how do the interns say goodbye to their beloved Atlanta born green dean Daniel? With a bucket of chicken and bowling! Haha, well the bucket of chicken did not happen (we had burgers and fries instead) but we sure did bowl! After a great time at Local Burger in Northampton with onion rings and milkshakes galore, we interns and Daniel all headed over to Spare Time Bowling in NoHo and had some fun.

After getting on our bowling shoes and plugging in all our nicknames on the game board, we began. While I came in last place the first game. I got to fourth place by the end of the second game. I would like to take a moment to thank my trainer, fellow intern, and friend  Kane. He helped me improve my technique. He also really knows how to work the camera!


If you ever get bored with our cute little Amherst Center, Northampton is a great town to explore. A nice thirty-five minute bus ride will bring you directly into the center of Northampton proper filled with a great deal of restaurants, shops, and sweet treats. Be sure to check out the world-renowned Herrels ice cream shop (don’t forget the free sprinkles) or the Fudge Emporium!

Saturday continued the fun as I decided to start working away at the official Amherst bucket list. I ventured out to Bub’s BBQ, a great spot for a great pulled pork sandwich and yummy unlimited sides. I recommend the coleslaw and fries! This is definitely a place I will likely end up going again this summer!


While I never expected it, a summer at Amherst has really allowed me to see everything that is available in this beautiful area that is Western Massachusetts. Great friends, food, and fun are inevitable here be it during the summer or the academic year.

Late Night Fun in the 413!

So what do the summer interns do when it’s late and they’ve got a case of the munchies? GO ON A DINER DASH OF COURSE! Route 9 Diner serves as the perfect spot for these late night ventures. Whether you’re in the mood for nachos, root beer, or a good ol’ omlette, this old school, disco-like diner is the perfect spot!


Last Wednesday, Nicole, Kane, George (some of our other interns), and I all hopped into the Bat Mobile (a name I just made up for Nicole’s car) and drove off into the night on a mission to cure our great hunger. Thanks to the Bat Mobile, we got to the diner in seven speedy minutes and were greeted by a very cool waitress who just needed a pair of rollerskates to complete the classic diner look of the 90s!

photo 2.JPG

While it was certainly hard to choose what to order, the four of us managed to try things all across the board such as the omelets, root beer floats, and chips and guacamole. I ordered the bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich and absolutely loved. If you are in the area and want a great sandwich, I do recommend you try it!!


To end the night, we decided to really get a feel for diner times back when the waitresses rollerbladed around by jamming out to the classic Scooby Doo theme song on the jukebox. 

photo 3.JPG

Interns just wanna have fu-un and getting food is one of the great ways we do just that. You may find me heading to GoBerry frozen yogurt 3 times a week or grabbing my favorite specialty slice at Antonio’s--steak burrito. Stay tuned as I continue to document my fun adventures as I spend the summer up at Amherst. 

friends, food, and fun for thought

         Since being back at Amherst, I have really enjoyed working in the admissions office. I enjoy touring prospective students around campus and hearing about what they are interested in. Last week, my favorite question I answered on a tour was, “How is school spirit?” I love the way students are not only focused on the academic rigor Amherst guarantees, but they are also curious about how community is created on campus. I was excited to answer that question because I automatically thought of homecoming: one of the most fun weekends on campus. I particularly remember the bonfire held on a cool Friday night in October where the Campus Activities Board (a.k.a. CAB) emceed on a stage at the bottom of memorial hill and ran Amherst trivia competitions, played music, and gave out homecoming shirts on the hour. It was a great night where people came out and danced, sat on the hill and warmed up in front of the huge bonfire, and enjoyed amazing Antonio’s Pizza, the best specialty pizzeria in town.


I was so excited to take a picture with president Biddy Martin at the homecoming game! I’ve gotten a chance to talk to Biddy several times this year, she’s always asking students about what they’re up to.

wt ma gals.JPG

I loved spending my first homecoming game with with some of my best friends! We are just a  few of the hundreds of people showing their Amherst pride!

         It is evenings like these that make Amherst a fun place to be as weekends are filled with friends, fun activities, and free food. Several times a year, CAB plans a T.A.P or The Amherst Party. They always have a theme and usually amazing decorations. I also really enjoy going out to different shops or restaurants in town. I have a tremendous sweet tooth so I love going to places that have great chocolate cake such as Johnny’s Tavern or The Black Sheep. Another favorite of mine would be GoBerry, home of the best frozen yogurt in the valley (according to me). GoBerry has yogurt made with farm fresh milk. My favorite yogurt is the original topped with mochi. The great restaurants that surround Amherst really make being in Western Massachusetts much more fun!