Shenae Bell '11-- Back Again

Shenae Bell


Hi, guys!

Shenae's back, back again. Shenae's back, tell a friend! That was my attempt to channel Slim Shady if you did not get it. On a more serious note I would just like to say how happy I am to be here again in the admission office. This is my second week back and things are going well. Still suffering from some home sickness for Jamaica but what can you do, right? The other interns are pretty great and the rest of the summer should be both fun and interesting with them around.

Just send me an email at if you have anything in particular you would like me to write about in my blog. I am really stumped as to what to say to you right now, so you guys decide!

I want to add some information about me, however, for those of you reading of my blog for the first time.  Here we go:


Shenae Bell

Rising Senior


English and Black Studies double major

Addicted to books, television, laughter, and chocolate ice cream (I will not be judged).

Only child (I feel I should warn you).

That is me in a nut shell. Looking at the list now, I guess I am not very complex. No worries, I'll work on that.

Til next time, later!

Shenae's Blog Entries (listed chronologically, latest to earliest):

Serious Matters

Let's talk about your transcripts guys:

The transcript is the best instrument you have at your disposal to show how well you will do as a student at college. SAT's are also important, but transcripts show your consistency or lack thereof, and provide insight into who you are academically. If you are strong academically, that is wonderful. That is what colleges are looking for. Make sure you are taking the most challenging classes available at your school; this shows that you are invested in your education and colleges love that stuff. Whether it is AP classes, or CAPE as in my circumstance, make sure you show you are not afraid of taking on a challenging workload. Also keep in mind that colleges often use a holistic approach to looking at applications, so they will look at it in its entirety and then compare you to students like yourself who are operating within an environment similar to yours.

If you are weaker academically than you would like, use the time between now and the regular decision deadline to improve your grades and maybe do some extra credit work if you can. Grades are not the end all, be all of the application, but they do matter so keep up the good work! Get A's  preferably. I know, it is easier said than done, but do you best so at the end of the day you can feel satisfied with your efforts. Self-satisfaction is more important than any outside validation, believe me.

Now on to the serious matters I referred to in the title. I WATCHED INCEPTION !!!!!!! It was...good. I have to admit that while the concept and some of the special effects were pretty amazing, I have seen better movies, or at least ones that appealed to my tastes more than Inception did. I kept expecting it to be really confusing because that was what everybody kept telling me, but it was fine. The director, writer, etc, just made a really smart movie that required attention instead of just passive watching. I love it when they do that. I am a movie addict so I want movies to be savored and enjoyed instead of just superficially watched. My dream dream job would totally be a film critic/entertainment lawyer. I've got to be involved in some way in my favorite world...and you know what they say, those who can't do...sue those who can! LOL. If law school doesn't work out, maybe I could be a comedian. What do you think? No? Yeah, maybe not so much. Til next time, Toodles!

Hello children. Alas, I have been remiss in my duties as blogger extraordinaire.

So I finally had that little Jamaican reunion, though it was actually in Boston and not in Connecticut. It was also pretty epic. First I went tSix Flags in the rain baby, the only way to do it!o Springfield on Friday with a few guy friends and we had a blast at Six Flags. It was raining all day but I gotta tell you guys, that is the only way to do it. We didn't have to wait in line for anything really. Awesomeness!!!! Then we went to Boston on Saturday where we met up with my BFF. Again the awesomeness cannot be put into mere words. I  kinda had a ball, people. See smiles: Friends in Boston
  Aaaw! Isn't the pic just adorable? The guy on the far right is a Londoner My friend Jayvan (guy in the middle) and I met on Study Abroad. He came to visit the old US of A! The three of us together brought back memories of fun and debauchery in old London Town...okay, there wasn't so much debauchery but there was plenty of fun. If my life was a movie this is where the fade out to the dream sequence would commence. Here it goes. Picture it: London, Fall 2009...

Dancing with th e coolest people you'll ever  meet, at the most happening spot that side of the Thames.



Underground dance club


Literally  in  an underground dance club with the people on my floor at King's. I sooo rocked it out that ni ght. Woohoo!!!







You can find me in the la la.

House music totally grew on me!!!

underground dance club

Okay, fade back to the present. Study abroad was pretty amazing you guys, and almost half of the Amherst students go every year. Most go Junior year for a semester but you can go for a year if you want and if it doesn't interfere with fulfilling your major requirements. You can go to France if you want to learn the language, go to Jordan if you are interested in the culture. If you are smart like some of my friends, you can go where the next World Cup is being held so you can see it person. They totally went to South Africa to see the games live! Can you blame them? Study Abroad is an amazing experience and nobody has ever regretted going. Because we have an open curriculum here and no core requirements, as well as because your financial aid travels with you wherever you go, students find it really easy to visit the people and the places they always wanted to. Hey, if you decide to attend Amherst, maybe I'll be looking at your pictorial flashback in the blogosphere in a few years. I look forward to it. Toodles!!!!

The following is for my fabulous foreign friends (alliteration! Do you dig it?)


I thought you should know that Amherst College is pretty great to us kids from foreign lands. How great, you might ask. Well judge for yourself after reading these choice facts about this my soon to be alma mater. There is depression, there are tears... but I still I have one more year to go so there is some joy amidst all this (I dance like the baby from Ally McBeal. Join in you know you want to). My coworkers are looking at me strangely. Ha, they are just jealous because me and and this baby know how to cut a rug. Oh yeah, oh, dance, wiggle, wiggle. The end.


Serious matters now. First, Amherst College offers admission on a need-blind basis to International students as well. That means that if you get in it will be on the basis of your application, not whether you can afford the tuition or not. Secondly, the aid is need-based so the school will provide your full demonstrated need if you are accepted. Here's a link so you can learn some more:  International Aid.  That said, I hope you guys are pacing yourselves with this application process. I know how stressful it can be since I have been through it and have helped several others through it as well. Just remember to take it one step at a time and don't leave everything until the last minute. That is what trips alot of people up and results in a hurried and sloppy application. Remember, if you don't care about your application, then the Deans might not care too much either. Feel free to email me any questions, comments, or concerns at

Let's end this blog with more dancing. Mmmmh...Ashley Simpson jig anyone?
Go Shenae, it's your birthday, we gonna party like its your birthday! Oops, time for the info session. Let the transformation into serious intern commence. Toodles!

Oh the Awesomeness that is Amherst College!


It is soooooo hottttt!!!! How hot is it? It is so hot, the girl from Jamaica feels like even the hottest day in her native country is a balmy day compared to the days in Amherst this past week. I have never felt anything like this in my life, and I hope never to do so again. I know this is only temporary, however, since it usually cool to cold in this neck of the woods. Don't let the heat turn you away, our campus is beautiful and you'll enjoy walking around Amherst College heat wave or no heat wave. The Holyoke Mountain Range is not to be missed ( I make my tour members applaud when they see it since such absolute gorgeousness deserves applause and adulation). Did I mention Memorial Hill is also right there; sledding anyone? Look at this and tell me you aren't blown away. Come on by we'll show you all this awesomeness in person.

One thing that I have noticed from my tours is that many people are worried about a lack of things to do at a small college. I encourage you to have a look at the wealth of student organizations and clubs here on campus. There is literally something for everyone. There is no end to the number of things that will be going on at any one time here at Amherst College, or across the way at any of the other four colleges within 10 miles of us. The five  college consortium will definitely give you more options than you will know what to do with. For me, attending a school like Amherst, situated so close to other schools of high academic standing, is like living in a huge house with numerous siblings to hang out with, but yet I still have my own space should I need it. It is a pretty awesome feeling knowing that there are 35, 000 college kids around to socialize with, four other colleges to explore, and no end of activities to occupy my time----that is, when I actually have it (in other words, not during finals!).

Attend at a concert at the Mullins Center at Umass. See Jay Z or Kanye! Yep, they've been here.
 Mullins Center at UMass
or have some pizza at Antonio's 
Antonio's Pizza
You'll find things on a pizza you didn't know should be on a pizza but which your taste buds will thank you for. I know mine do EVERY TIME I have a slice (or two, or maybe a whole one by myself. Don't's too good to have just one slice).
Maybe you could go to Puffer's Pond
Puffer's Pond
or to the Emily Dickinson Homestead
Emily Dickinson Homestead
That was my tour guide mode, but it's true, and it's awesome. Come check us out if you're ever in the neighborhood. You'll realize that this is a place where it is impossible to be bored. The problem will be too many choices rather than too little, and four years is definitely not enough time to exhaust all or even  most of your options here. So Amherst might be a small school, but you will definitely have some big experiences here. Check out our virtual tour if you can't come by in person, and feel free to send me an email at anytime.

How goes goes it, people?

Okay. I went to the cinemark movie theater last night to see the midnight screening of Eclipse. I went about an hour and a half early and still the line was sooooo long it was ridiculous. I still had a really great seat and though I am existing on only 2 ours of sleep right now, it was totally worth it. Eclipse was AMAZING. It had just the right combination of romance, action, and comedy. I enjoyed it thoroughly. While it admittedly won't win any oscars, it was really very entertaining and I do intend to watch it again very soon. I love movies, what can I say?

On to more serious business. I should be preparing for my senior thesis as well as for my Comps. Should is of course the operative word here. I have done nothing whatsoever that you could call academic all summer. July, however, is a whole other ball game and Shenae intends to be very studious. To prepare for this undertaking I have made a list (I love lists, they are man's greatest invention.) I have created an intricate schedule detailing how I will spend the rest of my summer with regard to my academic pursuits. It is as follows:

1. Get books for Comps

2. Read books for Comps

3. Make notes in preparation for Comps

4. Get books for thesis

5. Read books for thesis

6. Make notes in preparation for thesis

7. Start making questionnaires for thesis

8. Leave ample time to watch crappy movies and tv shows

9. Call mother to vent my frustrations when I encounter something difficult

The Scholarly Face.LoL

The Scholarly Face. LOL

10. Last but not least enjoy the process of research.When else am I going top get to read all the things I want to read and find out all the things I want learn about. You call this work? Ha, I call it fun times. Bring on the thesis; bring on Comps. It's about to be on like Donkey Kong. This is the serious face I am using to show you how ready I am to take on my academics. Mmmmh...maybe not so serious. My face is not built to be serious, what can I say?

 As you can see it is all very complicated. My list is magnificent and incomparable, I'm sure. Remember to email me your questions at I love questions. They are what I live for people!

Hello, how art thou?

So July 4th has come and gone, and all is well with the world. I got those book for my thesis and I have read 5 pages in one of them. My work ethic leaves much to be desired, I know. Right now I am just concerned about making it to New York to meet up with some of my friends. I need new faces and new spaces to interact with. As for the mini reunion, it has not yet occurred but never fear it is most definitely still on like donkey kong. My turn of the phrase blows even me away some times. I'm sure you can see the English major in me coming out. Such sophisticated word play must not be ignored.

On to more important business. I feel the need...the need...for chocolate. This is a craving I have had to live with years now and I hear that the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. Well, I am admitting I have a problem, and it is a sweet, chocolaty, delicious one. If you have any suggestions about how to say no to the chocolate (in all its lovely forms), do send me an email at In fact, just send me an email if you want to want to talk about less important college and other incidentals like that. Til next time I will leave you with this quote for the ages. "Crack is wack and chocolate is...(what in the world rhymes with chocolate? ) Thoughts?

Hola Again


So since the other interns are making me look bad by writing their blogs in a timely fashion, I have decided to make another addition to the ongoing collection of Shenae's tales of adventure at Amherst College in the summer. There have been many uniquely thrilling things going on in my life so far. The first was that I received mail from For some of you that does not sound like any big thing, but I get a surge of adrenaline every time I open the mail box and see a letter or a slip that says I got a parcel. Most of the time it is a book or clothes I ordered online, and my little heart just beats with joy. Sometimes, however, it is a bill and I am less enthused about  that particular piece of mail, but the bitterness soon wears off and I go back to being my happy self again. This time I received the DVD collection of all three seasons of Roswell. Angels sang, fountains gushed, and fireworks burst in the sky. The euphoria I felt cannot be described in mere words. For those of you who are equally obsessed with Roswell, I need not explain myself. For those of you not equally enlightened about the merits of this great but canceled TV show, rectify that problem immediately if not before.

The second wonderful thing that happened to me was that I solidified plans to visit with three of my friends at Wesleyan University for a reunion. There is about to be a little Jamaican reunion in Connecticut people; can you handle it? I feel like singing a song (I cannot sing and have been told repeatedly so that might not be advisable), I feel like dancing a little jig (I cannot dance either so unless I want to do an Ashley Simpson I should just sit quietly somewhere), and I feel like hugging all the guests (People might not understand that little inclination; I would definitely get fired if I did that). I guess you realize that I look forward to this reunion with great enthusiasm.

Its the little things people, that make me happy. I have to give  a tour now so I must leave you here. But no worries. I'll be back. Toodles!