Week 5

Easily the most common question I get on tours is “Spencer, are students here able to balance the rigorous academic course load while still maintaining a slightly outdated but quality nonetheless YouTube channel?”  Parents in particular usually follow with “Is it true that you have a YouTube channel with 12 subscribers and 654 channel views?”   Just to clear up any confusion, yes, I do have such a YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/spencerr12) and it features (for now exclusively) an 11 song Andrew McMahon medley.

Andrew McMahon  

 Now that we’ve established that I’m probably the funniest kid you know, I can list a few of the reasons why I chose to come to Amherst.  Actually, I’m only going to list one in this post so check back for more.  Here is part 1 of a new weekly installment I call: Why Did Spencer Choose Amherst?


1) We are one out of only a handful of schools in the country that offers students a truly open-curriculum.  What this means for me, is that I can take the classes I want to take, regardless of what discipline they are in, without worrying about fulfilling a distribution requirement.  Since I didn’t know what I wanted to study in college, having the option to experiment with different fields helped me discover that I’m interested in Psychology.  Furthermore, since I still had a lot of free classes to take outside of that major, I kept experimenting with different subjects, and realized sophomore year that I’m also interested in music.  Therefore, along with another third of the school, I am going to graduate as a double major.

That said, I would like to say something else: French Toast.


French Toast


That said, I would like to reflect on last week’s prediction that I would go RVing up and down the east coast this coming weekend with a mediocre group of friends.  I lied.  Sadly, at this point it looks like I will be going to Maine instead (awww man,) and my company will be but just one mediocre friend- Chris Morrison.  If you know Chris, you could see why this would be a bit unsettling.  (See Chris Below)

Chris Morrison

 I have a new prediction though: Netherlands over Spain 1-1 in penalty kicks.  For those doubting my credentials, after rearranging my tour schedule to watch many of the World Cup games thus far, I am on a three match winning streak, after successfully picking the Netherlands over Brazil and Uruguay, and Spain over Germany.  Look for the Netherlands to strike first and Spain to counter later in the second half.  If I am wrong about any part of that prediction, I’ll admit that Chris Morrison is cooler than me (rofl). 

Now, onto part 2 of Campus Visit Etiquette: do not walk ahead of your tour guide.  Even if you are familiar with the school, which you are most likely not, it is both awkward and weird (awkweird) to have someone who is not me leading one of my tours.  A) It is hard to talk to people on either side of me, and B) you don’t know where the tour is going.  So, I kindly ask you to be on time, and to walk in such a manner that you are always facing the tour guide. 

That may have been too harsh again, but seriously, don’t be that kid (or parent (hint.)) 

I promised in my introduction blog that I would be short and to the point, because people don’t want to read long blogs.  I changed my mind.  People do want to read my long blog.

In closing, and in reference to the weather of late: "It''s so hot up in dis club, dat I ain’t got no shoes on.”  -Hurricane Chris.




Week 4


Spicy Tilapia, with Pineapple Pepper Relish



As you read through the latest installment of Spencer‘s Corner, I just want to ask you to be mindful of the following sentiments:


"Holla at ya boy, yeah I can do alot fa ya.  Speakin my language if you talkin bout Tilapia." -Young Jeezy.



  Above: Spicy Tilapia, with Pineapple Pepper Relish



Speaking of home, by now I expect there are at least eight or so people following this blog (Hi mom, dad, and Evan).  Much of my recent popularity is due to the little green share link at the bottom of the page which, upon clicking, allows you to post this blog to your facebook page (hint.) Currently, six people like my post.  

That said, I would like to point out the fact that in my last post, I predicted the Lakers’ win before it happened.  In this post, I would like to start with another prediction:  two weeks from now, I, along with a few friends, will take an exotic four day vacation RVing up and down the East Coast.  My sustenance will be diner foods and my company will be poor, but what else can a guy really ask for?  Cheetos.  A guy can also ask for Cheeto
s. But not that kind with the extra cheese.  

This week’s takeaway, and part one of a series I call Campus Visit Etiquette, is arrive on campus EARLY.  Please do not arrive late, then mark a 2 on the comment sheet under “Office Reception.”  Out of respect to the institution and your tour guide, plan to arrive at least five minutes before your tour and/or information session.  With few exceptions, Amherst offers summer tours at 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, and information sessions at 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm daily.  If you show up ten minutes late for your tour, consider yourself fifty minutes early for the next info sess.

That was harsh.  I’z makez it up wif a pikshur. 
Meme of a cat typing on a computer. Reads: I'm in your blog leavin rude comments


Weeks 1-3

It seems that people lose interest with lengthy blogs.  At least without pictures and fun videos, I lose interest in lengthy blogs (and books).  So, I hope to infuse my blog with both, and in turn hope that after I lure you in, you will read some of my witty commentary.

As my inaugural entry, I should start on a positive note. The Lakers won the NBA Championship last night.  It is important to note that I am actually writing this at 2:31pm the day of the game, but have no intention of editing this sentence.  That would be super awkward.  I love Amherst, and think it is generally a very open, friendly, and intelligent community, but the landscape changes drastically if you are a Lakers fan. So to the Lakers community: expect to know each of the other Lakers fans on campus by name, and to stick together.  It’s a cold and lonely life sometimes when you’re surrounded by Celtics fans.

Kobe Bryant dunking during a Laker game "Slammaslammaslammaslammaslammaslamslam"

That didn’t turn out to be as uplifting of a note as I had hoped.  Therefore, I saved the best for middle.  One of many super cool things about Amherst is its location.  Specifically, Amherst is about a 10-15 minute drive from Northampton (45 minutes if you choose to ride our FREE bus system).  If you are unfamiliar with the area, Northhampton is known for having a lot of great places to eat, as well as some awesome concerts.  

Chiddy Bang  "This life is a party- and I ain't never growin up."

That said, I've been back on campus for about three weeks now, and in my first week back, I voyaged out to Northampton to see a musical duo named Chiddy Bang.  The concert was truly epic.  Chidera (the rapper) and I went to high school together so I got in free (no big deal) and hung out with him after.  It is pretty easy to keep up with whats happening in Amherst and Northampton online, and making  a few friends at the surrounding colleges who will keep you in the loop doesn't hurt either. 

-What to take away from this week's entry.  A) MASSACHUSETTS IS NOT LAKER FRIENDLY B) Northampton is a pretty happening place C) CHIDDY BANG IS THE NEXT BIG THING.