The first blog entry is kind of like a first date. There’s always the temptation to present yourself as the most interesting man in the world, regardless of whether or not you’re are actually interesting. This blog, however, is real talk central, and I’m gonna be straight with you, Reader: I’m a nerd.

I don’t use this term loosely, and thus feel the need to prove my credentials.

I love blizzard games. As of late, I’ve mostly been playing Diablo III, during which I’ve been testing out each of the classes. Right now, my favorite is the Demon Hunter class, but Witch Doctor is more fun than I expected. One of my personal goals for the summer is to get a hero through the inferno difficulty level. I’ll keep you posted.


Once PvP starts, Imma wreck you.
(Also, I obviously like Norse mythology. +1 nerd pt) 

As a math major, I’m often assumed to be some sort of nerd. However, there are many different fields within mathematics, so equally many types of math nerds. Personally, I’m one of the rare breed of mathematical logic nerds. While I’m still finalizing my exact thesis topic, I’m doing reading in advanced set theory, computability, and model theory.

Model Theory
The first image that came up when I searched "Model Theory." Seems legit.

Other traits of nerd-dom that I have include avid reddit reading and xkcd following. I also enjoy reading philosophical works (many of my friends are philosophy majors). The summer reading list I’ve made for myself includes: Philosophical Investigations (Wittgenstein), Cratylus (Plato), "Other Minds" (J.L. Austin), Sophist (Plato), Plato’s Sophist (Heidegger). I'm hoping to write a little on each of the works once I finish reading them. If you’re interested by any of these works, feel free to email me (again,

Every Major's Terrible

Note that this comic reflects a different academic philosophy than that of Amherst (and of me, for that matter). Still funny.

Actually, write me about ANYTHING. Example email exchange:


Dear Taylor,

Long time reader, first time writer. I've got to ask you the question I'm sure everyone's dying to know the answer to: What's your favorite color?

Please forgive my boldness.


Charlie Turnip



Hi Charlie, 

I'm glad you're reading my blog! That's a hard-hitting question, and I admire your boldness. The answer is purple. Believe it or not, this was not influenced by the fact that Amherst's colors are purple and white. Of course, I'm sure the conspiracy theorists will say otherwise.

Thanks for the email! Keep 'em coming!



That about wraps it up for this week. In closing, here's a combination of the nyan and keyboard cat memes for your viewing “pleasure.” I like cats.

Nyan and Keyboard Cat