Weird Science et al.

Song of the Day: Black and Gold-Adele

Lately, I've been getting a lot of weird looks when I tell people what my past week has been like.  Its mainly because I've been training fish.  That is, for Animal Behavior, our lab this past week is to train some beta fish, or fighting fish.  No, not to fight.  We're trying to teach them to know when we are going to feed them and to swim to a certain part of their tank when we tap on their tank.  So lately, we've been training them a lot.  Fish are kind of like us students actually.  We have 2 really smart ones, that get it, and 2 not so smart ones that don't seem to know whats going on.  Which is quite a bit frustrating actually. 

The previous weekend was pretty busy here at Amherst.  Last Friday there was a fall Apple Harvest fair in the town common which is across the street from where I'm living.  They had a pumpkin patch, people selling their crafts and food, a petting zoo, and some performances.  I spend some time walking around.  I really love these New England fairs, especially on a nice day and everybody and their family is out.  Its so wholesome and adorable, and its so typical of the fall here.  I was able to get some great photos for my photo assignment.  The first assignment was to take 12 pictures at 6, 9 and infinity focus without looking into the viewfinder.  It forces you to take some pictures at really different angles.  Saturday was the 250th anniversary parade down the main street of Amherst.  Lots of towns and organizations came out with some crazy floats, cars and displays.  Of course I was again taking lots of photos (which I'll be posting soon).

This past weekend was also fairly busy.  On Saturday there were a ton of games on campus, lots of tailgating and general school spirit.  It was also Community Day for the Mead Art Museum so families came in and we gave tours to their kids about some of the work as well as let them draw some of their own art.  I got a few really precocious kids, which made my tour giving job SO much easier.  A note to all of you who go on tours, of any kind: ask questions! talk! your guide will be ever the more appreciative.   Later in the afternoon I went to the football game and our team won which is a great sign for our upcoming Homecoming game!  After checking in, I drove to Northhampton, the other town thats no more than 20 minutes away.  Smith College is there as well as a ton of great shops, cafes and restaurants.  I needed to go to the Smith Art museum to look at a piece in their Renaissance collection for class and decided to walk around and shop.  I got some great black pants at the Urban Outfitters.  It was pouring though so I decided not to spend that much time there and drove back. 

Today is a work day, usually.  But the sun decided to come out at around 2 and I just couldn't stay in the Media Center anymore.  So I took my camera out and walked around town to take some photos.  I hope they come out well, I'll be developing them tomorrow hopefully. 

Stay tuned in (I swear these will get shorter!)