Student Blog Photo Uploads

Hi, Bloggers.

This is the parent page for your individual Student Blog Photo Upload pages.  Please don't upload any photos to this page.  Use your indiviudal photo upload sub-pages.  Each one of you has an individual photo upload sub-page that you can access by clicking on the link with your name under "Student Blog Photo Uploads" to the left.  (Not the links under "Student Blogs"  --  Those lead to your actual blog pages.)

The permissions on the individual photo upload pages are set so that each page is fully accessible to the appropriate student only.

Once you've uploaded your photos to your individual photo upload page, you're ready to add them to your individual blog page by using the "Add" option (under "Content" in the top yellow bar of your blog page) and then the "File Upload" option, which will allow you to browse to your individual photo upload page to locate and load your photos onto your individual blog page. For more information on adding photos, check out: . 

Have fun!


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