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This page was activated by Amherst’s Kevin Graber in January of 2006. You can see “Classmates” and “Reunion” by clicking on the tabs to the left. In early April of 2006, the following items relative to our 65th Reunion were added:

(page i) Reunion Book Table of Contents
(page 1) Introduction to Book (by Editor Dave Johnson)
(page 2) 1/16/06 Letter from Dave about Reunion Book Reply Forms
(page 3) 3/5/06 Message from Reunion Chair Win Firman
(page 4) 2/20/06 Message from Class President Bob Bidwell
(page 5) March 2006 Message from College President Anthony Marx
(page 68) Appendix A. Historical Context of the 1936-1946 Experiences of the Amherst College Class of 1941
(N/A) 3/17/06 Letter from Win Firman and Bob Bidwell
(N/A) 3/17/06 Letter from Dave Johnson