May 17, 2010

Ahoy, Voyagers:

Our good ship 60/'50 is straining at the lines, just 'raring to go. Our "travel agents" (aka Attendance Committee) are advertising a "last call" opportunity. When the "all ashore that are going ashore" and "raise the gangplank/cast off the lines" commands are given, will YOU be sunning yourself on deck or looking out the porthole of that luxury cabin?

We do have a Nominating Committee--Jim Hawkins, Bob McKean, and Dave Sinclair--now. As they ask for your suggestions for guiding our class in the next few years, please remember that at our age, doubling up has something to be said for it.

The college program is now available on the main Reunion Web site. Our class program centers on Chris Riley Wednesday night and on our class dinner Friday and class banquet Saturday. The invitation to others in our class who have interesting things to share on Wednesday still stands, but do let us know.  We will have projection equipment in Stearns.

For those coming Wednesday, we are told that Valentine will be serving dinner that evening from 5-6:30 despite previous announcements that their first meal would be Thursday breakfast.

Thanks to all the committee chairs and their committee members for all the hard work they've put in helping to make this Reunion one to be remembered.

Now while our radio operator (aka class webmaster) is tuning the dials, click here to view our class schedule and most up-to-date attendee list.

See you in nine days--we most certainly hope.

Ernie and Bob
Reunion Co-Chairs