Dear Classmates and Friends of the Class of 1951,

WOW!!!  The Guinea Pigs did it—again.  Amherst’s first, comprehensive 60th Reunion Gift is now a great target for all future 60th Reunion Classes.  We are still the precedent setter.

Here are the numbers for our Class:

  • Total 60th Reunion Gifts:  $4.463 million
  • 60th Reunion Gift Participants, 2007-2011:  156 class members & 18 widows and friends
  • 2010 - 2011 Annual Fund:  $121,433
  • Participants:  118 classmates representing 88.7 % of the class

Our Annual Fund total includes $5,000 our class was awarded by the Doug ’71 and Nancy Abbey Challenge for achieving the second highest increase in participation for a reunion class.

Our class’s multi-year pledge commitments also were impressive, with 29 classmates making future commitments totaling $457,361.  We also received several planned gifts, mostly Charitable Gift Annuities (“CGAs”).  Amherst’s annuity rate is very competitive and is still available for those of you who would like a handsome return on some of your nest eggs.

As usual we had much help from our dedicated Associates Agents listed in the left-hand margin.  Extra special recognition goes to each of the 60th reunion gift participants, all of whom are listed on the reverse side of this letter.  It is quite a list!

We remain very proud of Amherst and of the Amherst Class of 1951.  Many, many thanks and congratulations to all of you for continuing to support the fairest College of them all.


John Kirkpatrick    

Chuck Longsworth          

Sam Watson                  

Bob Knowles    

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