1951 Donor Roll 2015

  • Harry Ahlheim
  • Phil Alexander
  • Lee Allen
  • Frank Alpert
  • Craig Bell
  • Nebs Blaisdell
  • Dean Blanchard
  • John Booth
  • Ellie Burton
  • Tom Bushman
  • George Carpenter
  • Charlie Chapin
  • Ev Clark
  • Hobie Cleminshaw
  • Don Cohan
  • Merce Cook
  • Paul Coon
  • Sam Crowe
  • Margaret Cummings
  • Ted Damon
  • Dick Denison
  • Al Donaldson
  • Diz Evans
  • John Frautschi
  • Charlie Frey
  • Caroline Fritzinger
  • Reg Frost
  • Dave Fulton
  • Tom George
  • Ralph Gildehaus
  • Sam Greene
  • Bob Groff
  • Maria Gustafson
  • Andrew Hacker
  • Bill Hanaway
  • Jim Harris
  • Jeff Hartzell
  • Bruce Hawkins
  • Ed Haynes
  • Bob Hickok
  • Bill Hock
  • Gary Holman
  • Heather Hopkins
  • Skip Hunziker
  • Patricia Jackson
  • Bernie Jacobson
  • Phil Kalodner
  • Shirley Kane
  • John Kendall
  • John Keydel
  • John Kirkpatrick
  • Phil Knowles
  • Bob Knowles
  • Bill Krusell
  • Freddy Lancaster Raymond
  • Bob Lindemann
  • Ted Liu
  • Chuck Longsworth
  • Don Loos
  • Jette Lord
  • Anne Lower
  • Fred Luddy
  • Moose McGrath
  • Floyd Merritt
  • Stu Methven
  • Al Moog
  • Bill Neill
  • Don Osborn
  • Charles Pittman
  • Bill Purdy
  • George Scanlan
  • Dick Schatz
  • Dan Schwarzkopf
  • Dick Sexton
  • Lee Shaw
  • David Sheldon
  • Keith Simpson
  • Don Smith
  • Dick Snodgrass
  • Joe Stecker
  • Hal Sutton
  • Tom Sweitzer
  • Van Tingley
  • Charlie Tritschler
  • Archie Tull
  • Jon Van Winkle
  • Jack Vandevate
  • John Walker
  • George Whiting
  • Hank Williams

Annual Fund Letter

2015 Annual Fund

Dear Classmates, 

Thank you for helping Amherst raise $10.1 million this year to support financial aid, teaching and learning, campus infrastructure, and student life initiatives that distinguish the Amherst experience.  

This year, 11,522 alumni, parents, and friends made gifts of all sizes. Our class had a participation rate of 83.8% and our collective giving totaled $56,609. From the Greenway project, which includes four new dorms and a cutting-edge science center, to advances in the integration of teaching and technology, our gifts allow Amherst to continue setting the standard for liberal arts education.  

And the outcomes of an Amherst education continue to impress. The Class of 2015 boasted two Watson Fellows, one Carnegie Junior Fellow, a Truman Scholar, six Fulbright English Teaching Assistants, and three Fulbright Research Grant recipients. Other new graduates are headed to jobs with the U.S. Department of Justice, Beth Israel Deaconess Research Center, Facebook, Credit Suisse, and City Year while many others are off to prestigious graduate programs. Each of them—just like each of us—will contribute to their fields and their communities in immeasurable ways.  

In addition to financial contributions, our class continues to be a strong presence in the life of the College. Whether you are volunteering as a Pathway mentor or attending the Virtual Lecture series, we thank you for staying connected and continuing Amherst’s longstanding tradition of alumni involvement.

I look forward to seeing everyone at our 65th Reunion on May 25-29, 2016! 

Best regards,

 Bob Knowles





2011 Annual Fund

Dear classmate:

Remember the nervous anticipation you felt the day you arrived at Amherst?  This year, the Class of 2015 braved more than their own jitters as they and their parents swept into Amherst on the winds of Tropical Storm Irene.  Thankfully, Irene delivered far less than was promised. Unlike that fickle storm, Amherst College will live up to its promises and be for them what it was for us, a transformative educational experience greater than they can imagine.  They are lucky:  they are at the doorstep of a great liberal arts education.

It's an expensive proposition to give a small group of excellent students the rigorous, eye-opening, life-changing education we received and that awaits the Class of 2015.  It's no easy matter to align resources with Amherst's values.  President Biddy Martin thinks the college has done a "spectacular job" of that.  Thankfully, each generation of Amherst graduates has the opportunity to give back so that the next generation of students can learn, discover, and achieve in ways unimaginable anywhere else.

Amherst's educational model requires not just good management of resources but also resource diversity, to meet both immediate needs and longer-term goals.  Alumni support in all its forms, including annual, endowed, capital, and deferred gifts, is essential for sustaining Amherst.  Annual giving, the form of support with immediate impact on the education and experience of today's Amherst students, is the focus of our appeals to you.

Last year, 58.2% of alumni contributed $10 million to the Annual Fund, equaling the third-highest total in the college's history and representing a huge contribution to Amherst College.  This year, the college hopes alumni will improve that support and sustain that endorsement of an Amherst education.  With a little help from all of us, Amherst can achieve that and more.

With best wishes,
Sam Watson and Bob Knowles

P.S. We hope you take the opportunity this year to do more with Amherst through events, volunteering, networking, giving or even a virtual lecture--all part of Amherst Connects, an initiative strengthening our ties to the college and one another.