Dear Fellow '5l er, November 1, 2005

Homecoming 2005 was a blast! The attendance of sixteen classmates and twelve wives/guests had to have been one of the largest Homecoming turnouts since we graduated.

Those who showed up were Wally Anderson, Joy & Tom Bushman, Maureen & Paul Coon, Kathy & Dick Denison, George Grover, Ann & Jeff Hartzell, Joan & Gary Holman, Norma & Skip Hunziker, Grace & Brooks Keffer, John Keydel, Eileen & Phil Knowles, Polly & Chuck Longsworth, Moose McGrath and his brother Greg, Myrna & Bill Purdy, and Josette & Hank Williams, plus me. Friday night we had fun at Valentine and later at the Lord Jeff tap room. On Saturday morning Paul Coon conducted a speedy and efficient reunion planning meeting. (You shortly will receive a letter from Attendance Co-chairmen Denison and McGrath urging you to attend our 55th and giving you information about it.) Most of us then went to Johnson Chapel for a question and answer session with President Tony Marx. This was the first time I had ever heard him talk, and, boy, was I impressed! I liked and highly respected Tom Gerety, who was no slouch at expressing himself, but Tony is magnificent. A great sense of humor, quick on his feet, and very wise and perceptive in his understanding of the issues confronting Amherst and his approach to dealing with them.

The football game against Wesleyan followed, and it was a romp for the Jeffs, 37-0. I don't know if our team is that good or the Cardinals are that bad. The Williams game, as always, will tell. In the evening we joined nine folks from the Class of 1950 for a delightful dinner at the Lord Jeff. All in all, it was a fine weekend.

At the Saturday morning assembly at Johnson Chapel, Moose McGrath and Tony Chan '72 were presented with the Distinguished Service Award for their dedicated, tireless, and oftentimes successful efforts to encourage highly qualified high school students in the State of Hawaii to apply to Amherst. No Hawaiian student in recent history has matriculated to Amherst without having had contact with Moose and Tony. Of course, Moose also has served the College and our class in many other ways over the years, as Associate Agent, Reunion Chair, and Class President.

On a sad note, when I first saw Paul Coon at Homecoming, he told me that his son, Keith, had died in a motorcycle accident a couple of weeks earlier. I can't tell you how much I admire Paul's courage in coming to Amherst to fulfill his responsibility as Reunion Chairman while his heart was so filled with sorrow. On behalf of us all, I extend my deep condolences to Paul and Maureen. If you would like to write to them, their address is 1608 Westport Crescent, Newport News, VA 23602.

Keep in mind the dates May 31- June 4, 2006 when we will celebrate the 55th anniversary of our graduation from Amherst.

As always, with fond regards,

Dave Fulton


Dear '51 Friend, June 15, 2005

Here is Jeff Hartzell's report on the recent mini-reunion of our class last month:

"A small but hearty group of 1951ers revisited the Amherst campus for our 54th Reunion: Coon, Grover, Hartzell, Holman, Hunziker, Merritt, Parsons, Peterson, and Williams.

The weather was beautiful, as were the companions who accompanied us. We dined at Valentine and the Jeff. We sang a little, drank maybe a little more.

The programs were excellent. Two especially interested me. One was a panel of three Amherst graduates who are former directors of the CIA or FBI, discussing the new intelligence legislation. The other was a presentation of JFK's visit to the college in October, 1963. Photos, TV coverage, and some amateur movies of the event made for a memorable hour.

The Class of 1950 extended many courtesies to us. We shared their headquarters and had a chance to visit with friends, many of whom we had not seen for 55 years.

Now our 55th is next. Paul Coon, Reunion Chairman, is already hard at work. The Reunion will be on Memorial Day weekend, May 24 - 28, 2006. Mark the dates! Jeff"

The 2005 recipient of the Wyman Medal was senior Ryan Park. The award was presented to Ryan at Class Day exercises on May 21, and Allan Lerner was present to represent us and the Wyman family. Ryan Park has the distinction of having served the longest term as president of the Association of Amherst Students (commonly called "AAS"), the student government organization. I think it probably is what we used to call "The Student Council."

Ryan successfully ran for the presidency as a sophomore and was re-elected in his junior and senior years. Among his many achievements at Amherst was leading a drive to establish an Honor Code for students, which heightened awareness of the issue of cheating on campus. A political science major and fine student, Ryan has deferred attending a graduate program at the London School of Economics to spend a year at the U.S. Department of Justice in the anti-trust division. There was a lengthy article in the Amherst Student about Ryan that I have asked Charlie Tritschler to post on our class web page. We can be proud that another exceedingly worthy senior has been recognized for his contributions to the College by having been awarded the Wyman Medal.

I'm happy to announce there will be another class dinner in the Chicago area, arranged again by John Kirkpatrick, to be held on Thursday evening, September 15 at Glen Oak Country Club in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. Our special guests will be Amherst trustees Scott Turow and Chuck Lewis. Classmates and their wives/guests who attended last year had a great time, and I'm sure this year's dinner will be another enjoyable event. Wives/guests again are welcome. If you can make it, call Kirk at (312) 861- 2060 or email him at jkirkpatrick@kirkland.com.

Additionally, a number of us will assemble at Amherst on Homecoming Weekend, October 21-23. The football game will be against Wesleyan; and on Saturday night we'll have dinner at The Lord Jeff Inn, joined by those returning from the Class of 1950. I hope you can come.

A final note. Several of you have asked why the suggested recipients of gifts in memory of deceased classmates are not mentioned either in my letters to you or in the In Memoriam articles in Amherst Magazine. The reason is simple, valid, and legal. While donations to an Amherst scholarship or Fund may be noted, the College's non-profit status prohibits it from including solicitations for other charitable organizations. You may always contact the family or me to learn the names of the institutions/charities/ causes to which the family would like memorial gifts to be made.

Fond regards,

David C. Fulton


May 2, 2005

Dear Amherst '51 friend,

The annual New York City dinner gathering of our class was held April 25 and, as always, was a highly enjoyable affair. (Someone asked how many of these dinners have been held. One person thought it was about 30; someone else believed it was at least 35; but no one was sure. If you know, please inform me so next year we can promote it as, say, "The 36th Annual etc.")

The usual loyal regulars were on hand: Anderson, Fulton, Hacker, Hanaway, Hartzell, Holman, R. Hopkins, Keffer, Keydel, Kightlinger, P. Knowles (with whom as well as with Phil Alexander I enjoy a lively email exchange of political opinions, the respective persuasions of the two Phils being a bit -- well, quite a bit -- different from my own), Kolsky, Maloney, Parsons, Petersen, Pirie, Sexton, and Williams. Also, Pete Nichols came all the way from Las Vegas; and we all were delighted that Henry Eisner was able to join us. Once again, we are grateful to Dick Sexton for making the excellent arrangements.

A report on planning for our 55th Reunion revealed that Chairman Paul Coon has:

1) appointed Bill Maloney as Program Chairman (Bill guarantees SRO attendance for what surely will be stimulating and provocative programs), and

2) asked Dick Denison, Phil Knowles, and Hank Williams to be in charge of attendance, a daunting challenge that you can make easier by making an early commitment to return.

3) additionally, reliable John Keydel will serve once again as Finance Chairman.

Paul called me to say that those who attend this year's mini-reunion at the College are invited (with spouses/guests) to join other classmates for dinner at Valentine Hall at 6:00 PM on Saturday, May 28. It will be an informal gathering at which Paul will briefly describe the plans for our 55th. Also, the officers of the Class of 1950 have graciously invited those from '51 who return for Reunion Weekend this year to join them for socializing at Cohan Dorm on both Friday and Saturday nights.

At Class Day exercises at Amherst on May 21, our class will be represented by Allan Lerner, when the second annual Wyman Medal is awarded to an outstanding graduating senior.

I'm pleased to inform you that Bill Schlangen recently was married to an old friend of his and his late wife's who coincidentally also is named Marilyn. We send them our congratulations and best wishes.

Finally, you will find mailed to you a most interesting piece that Bill Maloney sent me about our classmate, Tommy Lee, who you may know lives in far-off Capetown, South Africa. It's a wonderful "Amherst family" story, and particularly relevant to our class. Bill sent it to the head of the Frost Library, and they plan to frame it and place it in the History of Amherst Room at the library. They will perhaps laminate it as well, so it will be accessible on one of the reading tables. I think you'll agree it's nice to think that countless generations of Amherst students to come may be reading this particular story. You might want to drop in and have a look at the room next time you're at Amherst.

Warm regards,

Dave Fulton


Gentlemen: January 25, 2005

David and I have been talking about our upcoming 55th Reunion. We have stayed in close touch with Roger Clapp and Ed Rowen (both '50), to ascertain their plans for this year (their 55th) as a guideline for our thinking. David and I plan to go up to observe (May 26 -29), and we'd like to see as many of you who can make it to Amherst.

Four years ago, some of you indicated an interest in participating in our 2006 program. This letter is to solicit and validate an expression of interest or to find out if circumstances have changed enough to warrant our looking elsewhere. Hope you are all in good shape, all things being considered.

Maureen and I are still in Newport News, and she anticipates retiring in June of '06. Her magic number is 59 %. I wish it were for me. Meanwhile I have been celebrating the glorious victory of the Red Sox, much to the dismay of friends and neighbors from NYC and St. Louis. The question now is, can they do it again?

Please get in touch when you can as follows:

Telephone - 757-886-1331

Fax - 757-873-0755

Email - pinemo@aol.com

Address - 1608 Westport Crescent, Newport News, VA 23602

All the best to all and let me know your thinking regarding plans for this coming May when we'll have an informal meeting.

Dave Fulton supplied this picture of another reunion of Amherst 1951 classmates. He reminds us of class dinners Friday, May 27 at Valentine and Saturday, May 28, 2005 at the Lord Jeff and the invitation to join with the class of 1950, which celebrates its 55th reunion.

1951 wants you at the 35th ANNUAL 1951 CLASS DINNER MONDAY APRIL 25, 2005 The Ad Hoc Committee For our Thirty-Second Annual 1951 Class Dinner in New York City: BLAISDELL, BOOTH, COON, FULTON, GROVER, HACKER, HANAWAY, HARTZELL, HOPKINS, HUNZIKER, HOLMAN, KEFFER, KEYDEL, KOLSKY, KNOWLES, LERNER, LONGSWORTH, MALONEY, PARSONS, PETERSEN, PIRIE, SEXTON, WILLIAMS, et al. invite you to to join them again.

SAN MARTIN RESTAURANT 148 East 49th Street (between Lexington & Third, half block east of Waldorf)

Our usual dinner rules apply, a guy thing, no fund-raising (but O.K. to sing a song or two), open discussion about anything, including "Colleges, an Endangered Species." Cocktails 6:00 PM Cash bar Dinner 7PM $42 wine included. Mail your reservation & check made out to Dick Sexton today or just phone/voicemail Dick to reserve at (212) 829-8681 and bring along a check or cash, if your schedule permits attending at a later moment.

Richard Sexton 488 Madison Ave., 19th Floor New York, NY 10022-5702 phone: (212) 829-8681 .

Optimistically yours, Paul Coon and Dave Fulton

Lees and Kendalls in Capetown

Tom & Hideko Lee and Nancy & John Kendall -- Capetown, South Africa, 2005


Dear Fellow '51er,

Homecoming 2004 at Amherst will take place the weekend of November 12-14. Our football foe will be Williams, with the game starting at noon. In past years quite a few of our classmates have returned and have attended the excellent programs and other activities sponsored by the College, sat together at the game to cheer for the Jeffs, and shared a class dinner (with wives and/or other guests) at The Lord Jeff Inn. If you can make it, I hope you will come.

The schedule of events includes: Friday, open classes, tours of Mead Art Museum, a lecture that sounds fascinating ("Legs and Legacies: Dinosaur Tracks"), a play at Kirby ('The Misanthrope"), a concert by the college orchestra, and a not-to-be-missed bonfire; Saturday's activities are, among others, a report from Coach Mills, a conversation with President Marx, the Game (as of this writing, our team hasn't yet played a game, so I don't know how good they will be, but when we go up against Williams, whether we are favorites or underdogs, all bets are off), late afternoon lectures by faculty members, our class dinner at The Lord Jeff, a repeat of the play, and a concert by the Choral Society. Most important and rewarding, however, will be the chance to spend time with classmates.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to be there, nor will Jeff Hartzell, who recently had surgery. (I'm happy to report he is having an excellent recovery.) However, Hobie Cleminshaw and Hank Williams plan to attend, and I'm sure there will be enough others to constitute a respectable turnout from the Class of 1951. If you think you can make it, send me the completed attached form; or email me at bapaf@aol.com; or fax me at (440) 605-1988; or call me at (440) 605-1986. I have to give a head count to The Lord Jeff by the end of October, so I'd appreciate your letting me know at your earliest opportunity. The price of the meal (which always is superb) will be $30, which you can pay at dinner. Our class has been assigned the very nice Quebec Room.

Our 55th Reunion is little more than a year and a half away, but in the meantime, we will continue to have interim gatherings of classmates, such as those we have had since 2001, (the New York dinners, the mini-reunions on Reunion Weekends, the recent dinner in Chicago, and Homecoming). They all have been and will continue to be highly enjoyable for those attending. If it is possible for you to come, I'm sure you will have a great time at Homecoming 2004.

Speaking of the Chicago-area dinner, it was held at Glen Oak Country Club in Glen Ellyn, Illinois on Tuesday, September 21, and in my opinion, was successful and enjoyed by all. The gathering wasn't large, but the companionship was warm and palpable. Those in attendance were Ann & Phil Alexander, Tom Bloor, Kathy & Dick Denison, John Frautschi, Dave Fulton, Phyllis & John Kirkpatrick, Allan Lerner and his friend Lee Friend, Marjorie & Hal Sutton, Diane & Charlie Tritschler, and Amherst Life Trustee Chuck Lewis '64. The Kirkpatricks made the arrangements, which were elegant: a lovely setting and an outstanding meal. We who attended are grateful for all they did to make the evening so delightful. After dinner, Chuck Lewis led a conversation about the College and answered many questions. He described the numerous changes being made to the physical plant, particularly the several new dormitories, primarily existing buildings either recently renovated or in the process thereof. He also went into considerable detail about the scholastic and cultural environment at Amherst, and he stated his strong feeling that the size of the student body would not soon be increased. It was an excellent report on the State of the College. All in all, this gathering of classmates, wives, and guests was a splendid affair, and I heard several comments expressing the hope the event will be repeated in future years.

Best regards,



October 24, 2003

Dear Classmates,

Here is Jeff Hartzell's report on Homecoming 2003 Weekend:

Glorious victory (Amherst 41, Wesleyan 0), stunning autumn colors, excellent dinner at the Jeff, good friends attending.

Wally Anderson, Tom & Joy Bushman, Ralph & Betsy Gildehaus, George Grover, Floyd Merritt, Chuck & Polly Longsworth, John & Jan Walker, Hank Williams, and my bride Ann and me. Ed & Vera Rowen and Chuck & Abigail Winans from the Class of 1950 joined us.

The Alumni Association meeting Saturday AM was a forum for President Tony Marx to address the alumni. It's fair to say, I think, we were all favorably impressed. Most of his remarks were similar to those reported in the current issue Amherst. That account, however, does not recognize his low key, impish sense of humor that I associate with JFK. I think you will like him.

May our circle remain unbroken. Jeff

The Tom Wyman Memorial Fund drive has been wrapped up (although it is open-ended in the sense that additional contributions always will be welcomed), and it was a huge success. The total now stands at $60,950. A substantial number of classmates participated, and the fund was augmented by a generous gift from the Wyman family. The principal will be prudently invested by the College and as it grows, will generate more and more annual income for the Alumni Fund -- indefinitely. Furthermore, the Class of 1951 will be remembered for its generosity each year when the Tom Wyman medal is awarded to an outstanding senior. The folks at the Alumni Office tell us there have been other funds established by Amherst classes to honor distinguished classmates, but none has been as successful as ours, both in the amount raised and in the number of contributors. So, we can take pride in this achievement. Many thanks to those who gave, and I especially want to thank Allan Lerner, who was the driving force behind the campaign.

The Amherst-Williams football game on November 8th will be closed-circuit telecast to many cities, so I hope you will get the opportunity to see the Jeffs' triumph over the Ephs for a second straight year. The next gathering of guys from our class will be at the annual dinner in New York next spring. I'll be in touch.

Cordially, Dave Fulton


Dear Classmate,

We've now been here for almost two years, and we'll be heading for home this summer. The 50th reunion, full of song and good cheer, seems like a distant memory. Some of you clearly thought we had taken leave of our senses when we said we were joining the Peace Corps and going to Romania. There were times when I thought you were right. But it has been a wonderful experience, with lots of positives and a few negatives. We have learned a lot about a way of life that is dramatically different than ours, and we have met some people we will never forget.

Our most satisfying accomplishments centered around bringing American dollars, in the form of contributions or grants, to initiate projects where they were most needed. In a country where the average working person earns around $120 a month and many prices are dramatically lower than at home, grants as small as $2,000 can go a long way toward buying much-needed items, many of which Americans take for granted. For example, the two elementary schools where Kathy was assigned to teach had no books in English for kids to read and no reference books for the teachers. Thanks to the Peace Corps' Small Project Assistance program and the generosity of many of our friends, both schools now have basic libraries of American and English classics and reference books, and the computer equipment to have access to the internet.

Shelter in Romania

But the achievement we'll remember most is the emergency shelter for victims of domestic violence. Thanks to an incredible combination of financial support from friends and family at home, a group of hard-working Romanian friends here, and the good fortune to have our project coincide with a national media campaign against domestic violence, we were able to acquire and remodel a four-room apartment for a local social service agency. They began operations as a shelter on March 15 of this year when the first "case" arrived. We are working on the final details that will assure the shelter's continued operation under the control of the City of Botosani.

Baker signs shelter paper

We had many opportunities to learn about Romanian culture. We attended weddings, birthday celebrations, family gatherings, and memorials for departed family members, and enjoyed many meals with families in their homes. We learned from older people what life was like before 1989 and the end of the communist regime. We were taken to a small village to get a first-hand a sample of peasant life. We visited many notable attractions including the 500-year-old painted monasteries, castles, citadels and museums displaying items from more than 2000 years of life under the Romans, Tatars, Turks, Hungarians and other invading tribes. We traveled to some of the major cities in Romania -- Bucharest, Brasov, Iasi, Constanta, Cluj, Sighisoara, Sibiu, and enjoyed the beaches on the Black Sea. In short, we learned far more about Romania than we ever could as tourists.

Romanian Band

More than anything, we very much regretted not being able to learn to speak the Romanian language beyond simple greetings and phrases necessary to buy food at the markets and tickets for the trains. Much of the language was thrown at us during our pre-service training that our aging brains were not able to absorb and retain. However, we were very fortunate that most of people we interact with speak English, so we were able to make some wonderful friends.

Sincerely, Kathy and John Baker

Dear Classmate,

Let me begin on a sad note, because Bob LeLievre, MD passed away May 24, 2002 IN San Diego, CA. I have sent our condolences to his sister, Ann Hermann. You can also reach her care of her son, Dick Hermann, '75. whose addresss is 133 Nourse Road, Bolton, MA 01740. Art Lichtenberger is preparing the obituary to appear in the Alumni magazine.

Here is Jeff Hartzell's excellent report on the gathering of members of the Class of 1951 at the College during the recent Reunion Weekend, i.e. " '51's 51st." :

We had hoped to get 51 of our number back on campus, but that was not realistic. Nevertheless, with the significant help of Skip Hunziker, we did get 20 classmates and many wives and friends:

Anderson, Eisner, Greene, Grover, Hamill, Hartzell, Harris, Holman, Hunziker, Krusell, Longsworth, Maloney, Minter, Parsons, Purdy, Sexton, Tingley, Williams and Wyman.

Special recognition is owed to Henry Eisner, who wrote his own obituary for our 50th yearbook but, like the Phoenix, rose up to join us.It was a good showing and it is fair to say, I think, that we all enjoyed ourselves immensely. Starting with Jim Harris on the slide trombone and the Delta Five on Friday afternoon through an examination of English 1-2 Saturday AM, then a discussion of the "New Curriculum" that afternoon, the programs went from toe tapping to thought provoking.

We dined with members of the Class of 1950 both Friday and Saturday. We sang often and loudly; other adverbs will be left to your imagination. We were domiciled in Moore Dormitory, the former Moore Chemistry Building. I noted with something less than amusement that the new College infirmary was immediately adjacent thereto. The weather was glorious.

This was our first bonafide off year reunion, and I was, frankly, unsure how it would turn out. It was, in fact, a very warm and wonderful experience - like the "finish" to the fine wine of our 50th. But "finish" is the wrong word here; Hell, we're just starting! See you at the 52nd.

Sincerely, Jeff Hartzell

I hope we can have a mini-reunion each year until our next full scale reunion, our 55th, in 2006, and that even more of us will attend. The next time members of our class will get together will be at Homecoming Weekend this fall. Info will follow. Meanwhile, were our jovial classmates, Bob Pirie, Don Cameron, Bill Hanaway, Dick Sexton, John McGrath, Gary Holman, and Bill Maloney photographed by Phil Knowles at the 2002 New York dinner or 1982 ? To these, the picture below adds Wally Anderson and Jud Parsons with songbooks and in the background, your correspondent.

Best regards, Dave Fulton

Parsons Dinner



Yesterday (October 3,2002) was a BANNER DAY for the Emergency Shelter Project. Two very important events occurred: (1) We decided to buy an apartment for the shelter and (2) Asociatia Activ, the organization that will operate the shelter, received news that they had been awarded a grant by the British Embassy in Bucharest; the grant will pay operating expenses for two years and provide funds to purchase major appliances (refrigerator, stove, washing machine) for the shelter.

Kathy and other members of our advisory group looked at more than 25 apartments and houses starting almost three months ago. We had several criteria: five rooms and two bathrooms, location in a good neighborhood close to the center of the city and close to the police station and hospitals, location within an apartment building where access could be limited (e.g. well above the ground floor), and a total cost, purchase price plus renovation costs, that would be covered by the $15,000 grant to which you all contributed so generously. Along the way, we found a couple of apartments that came close, but for one reason or another, slipped through our fingers. We didn't know until earlier this week when we got the contractor's bid for renovation work that we would be able to afford our most recent "find." This morning, I went to the bank and, together with Dorel Sanautanu, the director of Activ, withdrew 386,350,000 lei (approx. $11,700) IN CASH to cover the purchase price of the apartment and the notary fee for property transfer. The contractor's estimate of 107,000,000 lei (approx. $3,300) will cover the needed repairs and renovation (floors and wall coverings, tile and fixtures in the bathrooms, doors and windows, etc). The present owner will vacate the apartment by November 1st. The renovation work will take roughly six weeks. So the shelter should be ready to operate after the holidays. HOORAY!

The grant to Activ resulted from a tip from the Peace Corps office in Bucharest that the British Embassy was interested in providing grants for women's issues. The grant amount is 20,000 British pounds to cover salaries, utilities, supplies, and administrative costs for two years, including 500 pounds ($750) for the major appliances. They will receive the funds on November 1st. They already have some staff being trained as counselors, so they will be ready to be in full operation when the apartment is ready.

Needless to say, Kathy and I are elated on two counts: that we have the right apartment, and that Activ has the funds to begin operations soon. We are also pleased to say that the purchase contract for the apartment stipulates that it may be used only as an emergency shelter for women needing a safe haven from domestic violence situations.

We are attaching a couple of photograph. The first shows the apartment building; our shelter apartment is on the top floor, with the open balcony. The second shows the view from that balcony. We will send photos of the interior after it has been fixed up. It's not much to see now.

We couldn't have done it without your support. Thank you again, not just for us but for the women of Botosani who will benefit from having a place to go to escape from a violent partner.

Kathy and John

July 1, 2001

Dear Classmates,

One month later, the glow persists and the memory lingers on. I hope all of you who attended our 50th Reunion enjoyed it as much as I did. For those of you who were unable to come, we missed you and wish you could have been with us.

Although all the planned events - the cocktail hours, the meals, the programs, the memorial service - all occurred without flaw, it was the number of classmates who came that made our Reunion such a great success. Of 197 living members of the Class, 108 or 55% of us returned, plus four widows of deceased classmates. Including guests, total attendance exceeded 200. That not only won for us the trophy for the class with the highest percentage of attendance, but it also was either a record or near-record for 50th reunions at the College. That achievement is due primarily to the loyalty our guys feel toward our class and our alma mater, but much credit also goes to Attendance Chairmen Max Hamill and Allan Lerner, who worked tirelessly to encourage classmates to attend.

The meals were planned to perfection by Paul Coon. The deli sandwiches and crudités on Thursday night were just right; the lobster and steak dinner under the tent at Drew House (Phi Psi) on Friday was great; and the banquet Saturday was outstanding. Paul engineered a super maneuver in getting the banquet moved indoors at Valentine on a damp and chilly evening. We were honored to have as special guests that evening Dean Ted Bacon, Professor Walker Gibson, Mrs. Al Guest, Coach and Mrs. Jim Ostendarp, and Mrs. King Turgeon. A highlight of the event was the superb wine provided by Bill Schlangen, who had it flown in from California.

The programs arranged by Jud Parsons were terrific. Andy Hacker's talk on the growing gulf between men and women was provocative, informative, and entertaining. The panel of physicians from our class provided many frank opinions, much agreement but also some differences among themselves on key health issues, and answers to excellent questions on matters of interest to the predominately senior citizen audience. Chuck Longsworth, Tom Wyman, and President Tom Gerety participated in a spirited discussion on the changes that have occurred at Amherst since 1951. Our class sponsored a fascinating program about the archives at the Robert Frost Library. Will Weeks led a seminar on flyfishing and presented to the College the fly fishing rod that was given by President Charlie Cole to Dean of Admissions Bill Wilson, who subsequently gave it to Will. The rod will have a permanent home on a wall in the Admissions Office. Finally, although at the last minute Tom Gibbs was unable to come to Reunion, Jud improvised by moderating a very moving discourse by members of Tom's delegation and some upperclassmen Phi Psi's from that time on the circumstances and events surrounding the seminal decision to pledge Tom to their national fraternity. Additionally, as the featured speaker at the Amherst Holiday Opening Banquet, Polly Longsworth delivered a marvelous and discerning lecture on "The Amherst Heart of Emily Dickinson".

On Saturday morning in Johnson Chapel, Wally Anderson and Jeff Hartzell, assisted by Joan Damon, Polly Longsworth, and Allan Lerner, conducted a service of remembrance for members of the Class of 1951. It was a lovely tribute to the memory of our departed classmates.

A tradition that was repeated was the tennis round robin, organized by Tom Bloor. Eleven stalwart fellows and one gifted lady participated. The winners: Don Cohan and Allen Lerner.

The souvenirs given to those who attended were attractive white cotton sweaters with a discreet "A" on the breast and highball glasses with the Amherst seal imprinted on them. Bob Church selected the souvenirs and arranged for their timely delivery.

The marvelous Class Book, edited by Bill Maloney with the assistance of George Grover, was mailed to every member of the Class prior to Reunion. I have heard nothing but glowing comments on its quality. As an appendix to the book, the Class Survey, that was written, circulated, and tabulated by Dick Sexton, provides very interesting insights into the respective views of our classmates on a number of issues, as well as some intriguing statistical data about us.

John Baker put together a book of Amherst "Songs We Sang" (words and music) that was distributed at Reunion. Class Choregus Hank Williams (172 Holmes Rd., Ridgefield, CT 06877; (203) 438-9430) has some extra copies if any of you would like one. John also organized a group of about twelve singers from the Class who performed beautifully at the memorial service, the Annual Meeting of Alumni in Johnson Chapel, and at our Class Banquet. Their voices and harmony were remarkably good, and at the banquet their rendition of "The Senior Song" produced many a moist eye among the appreciative gathering of classmates and guests.

A unique feature of this reunion was a silent auction of beautiful old Amherst plates, each with a different scene of the College, that were donated by Bob Crump's widow, Bobbie. The auction raised over $1000, which will be contributed to the College Alumni Fund.

Another special event was the dedication of the Watson Room at the College gymnasium that was constructed, furnished, and equipped through the generosity of Sam and Connie Watson. The room has state-of-the-art audio/video equipment that will be used by the coaching staff to review athletic event films and to instruct student athletes.

Others who deserve our gratitude are John Keydel, who once again ably served as Finance Chairman, Bob Lindemann, who diligently looked after our Reunion headquarters at Drew House and supervised the silent auction, and Phil Alexander, who did a conscientious job as chairman of the Nominating Committee. Also, thanks to Charlie Tritschler for creating our Class web page, which I believe will be an effective vehicle for communicating with the Class in the future. Those of you who use the Internet can access the page by going to the web. The easiest way to get to the Class of '51 homepage is to simply enter the website address: http://www.amherst.edu/~alumni/classes/dir1951/ If you enter the address directly it should not require a username and password. Then you can click on the titles in the table of contents on the left to access specific topics. Lastly I want to express the Reunion Committee's appreciation to Bill Vickery of the Alumni Office, who was of immense help throughout the lengthy planning process.

At the Banquet, new Class officers were elected. The officers who will be serving with me until our 55th Reunion are: Jeff Hartzell, Chairman; Bill Maloney and Charlie Tritschler, Vice Presidents; Wally Anderson and Van Tingley, Secretaries; John Keydel, Treasurer; Paul Coon, 55th Reunion Chairman; Hank Williams, Choregus; and Tom Bushman, Nominating Committee Chairman. I want to express my deep appreciation to Jeff Hartzell, Allan Lerner, Bill Maloney, Brooks Keffer, and Phil Alexander, who served our Class as its officers so faithfully and well the past five years, and to all the members of the Reunion Committee for their dedicated, reliable, and altogether fine efforts.

The Class will continue to hold dinners in New York each spring and at the College on a football weekend in the fall. The Class of 1950 has begun holding annual mini-reunions during Reunion Weekends, and we will consider doing the same. I'll be touch with you from time to time, so please stay tuned and be well.

Warm regards,

Dave Fulton, '51 Class President

Bequest of Amherst History Room

Chairmen, Charles Longsworth & John Kirkpatrick

June 4, 2001

Dear Over Achieving Guinea Pigs:

WOW - what a great class!

WOW - what a great Reunion!!

WOW - what a spectacular 50th Reunion Gift!!!

You all are responsible for the first WOW. The Reunion Committee, the 100+ classmates, and their guests made the second WOW.

Many, many of you with the diligent hard work and frequent encouragement of the Reunion Gift Committee members produced our plus $5 million - - yes $5,012,384 Reunion Gift. WOW!!

When we set the $5 million goal, we had doubts on whether it was attainable. But at that time we were informed that the top 50' Reunion Gift to-date had been about $3.2 million and wanted to exceed it. During the course of our campaign, the great Class of 1950 reported a new record 50' Reunion Gift of over $9 million. As we all know, '50 has many more members than ' 51. 'The '50 total also was swelled by a $3 million bequest.

The Alumni Fund result for this year was 183 donors (92.9%) and $291,865 versus a goal of $250,000 and a contribution of $182,095 in 2000. If you have given to this year's Alumni Fund drive but haven't pledged what you expect to give to the next four years' Alumni Fund drives, please reconsider our prior letters and make such a pledge. Any pledges made now to the next four Alumni Funds will count as part of our Reunion Gift even though the dollars aren't paid until later. When the pledges are paid, they will count toward that year's Alumni Fund. So, there is a great double benefit in making the pledge now.

If you haven't made a "planned" gift, remember just pledging by planned gift, such as a gift annuity, some time in the next four years, will also be included in our 50th Reunion Gift total. For example, pledging this month to make a $20,000 gift annuity whereby you and your spouse would retain all of the income for the remainder of your and her life would give a $20,000 credit to our 50th Reunion Gift. When you actually set up the gift annuity, you would get the applicable income tax deduction, avoid the capital gains tax on any appreciation in any securities given and would start receiving the annual income. If you want more information on possibilities, please give either of us or Bill Vickery a call.

Congratulations to all of you for a most successful campaign. Special kudos go to each member of the Reunion Gift Committee and to the "coffee break" donors who took us from the $4.5 million gift total that was announced by the College at the Society of the Alumni Meeting on Saturday morning- to the $5.0 million number, which we announced later that same day. We have truly appreciated the opportunity to serve our College. Thank you for your help.

Most cordially yours,

Kirk & Chuck


Co-Chairmen John E. Kirkpatrick, Kirkland & Ellis, 200 East Randolph Drive, Chicago, IL 60601 312-861-2060 (b) 630-469-0604 (h) 312-861-2200 (fax) john_kirkpatrick@kirkland.com

Charles R. Longsworth, Davis Hill Road, Royalston, MA, Mail: PO Box 567, Athol, MA 01331-0567 978-249-590l (h) 978-249-8401 (b) 978-249-6850 (fax) longs@tiac.net

Those at the College who stand ready to help you structure a gift include:
Bill Vickery 413-542-2382 Bill Barlow 413-542-2548 Tim Neale 413-542-8256

It is important that each of us think of providing for Amherst in our Wills. A testamentary gift will, in effect, endow our Annual Fund gift after we are gone. Please give this your careful consideration as well.