HOMECOMING OCTOBER 23-24, 2015                                           

Hello Classmates:                                         September 8, 2015

Homecoming Weekend is fast approaching and the timing should be right for bright fall foliage. Just picture those views from Memorial Hill. Besides the Wesleyan football game, the weekend will feature two class of 1951 dinners:

Friday: 6 p.m.cocktails and dinner at Alinas Ristorante, 96 Russell Street, Hadley

Saturday: 6 p.m.cocktails and dinner at the Amherst home of Fred and Judy Luddy at 36 Pelham Road, which is a mile and qua rter east of the center of Amherst. Drive east on Main Street, which changes its name to Pelham. Just after you cross a small bridge, turn left on the Luddy drive.

Judy and Fred have offered to bear the costs of the dinner. Attending classmates will be asked to pay a prorata part of the cost of the wine and other drinks.

If you are planning to come, please let me know promptly which of the class dinners you will attend. You can reach me at:

Phone: 440-247-7151

Email: cleminshawh@aol.com

Also, it would be helpful in our planning to hear from those classmates who have attended Homecoming in recent years and who will not be coming this year.



              Our 65th Reunion   (65th ? WOW !)

   Wed May 25 – Sun May 29, 2016 (Memorial Day Weekend)


Suggestions for Reunion events and conduct are welcome

Send to Van Tingley 10 Spartina Point Yarmouth ME 04096 or email htingley@aol.com

Committee Class Officers
Wally Anderson Hobie Cleminshaw (Pres)
Andy Hacker Gary Holman (Chair)
Fred Luddy John Keydel (VP)
Dick Sexton Phil Knowles (VP)
Lu Tingley Ev Clark (Secy)
Van Tingley (Chair)  Dick Snodgrass (Secy)
Hank Williams Hank Williams (Choregus)


Submitted by Charles A. Tritschler on Wednesday, 9/21/2016, at 10:02 AM

Amherst Class of 1951                       Homecoming – November 11 and 12
Even if you're in New England, early November is a great time to come to Amherst. Amherst football is bound to be strong. Amherst is always beautiful, particularly in the fall. The Luddys have volunteered to host the class Saturday night party again and that has been a highlight for me and others. Friday, we will travel to Hadley for dinner at Alina's Ristorante which has always worked well. So, let's assemble on November 11 and 12!

For room reservations I suggest you just Google "Amherst Hotels, Amherst, MA." It is a popular weekend, so the sooner, the better.   So here's the schedule:

Arrive Friday – If you come fairly early, you will be able to attend a class or two.

At 6 p.m. we have reservations at Alina's Ristorante in Hadley for cocktails and dinner.

Directions: 96 Russell Street – From Amherst, go west on Rt. 9 for 4.7 miles (about 16 minutes) to Russell Street. Alina's is on the right side of the road.

Saturday, we have football at NOON versus Williams. We will share a tent with the Post-60th group "1943 – 1956" – nice opportunity to meet old friends. After the game there will be an all-college gathering in the Cage with refreshments and entertainment. More opportunity to see old friends from other classes.

At 6 p.m. arrive at Luddys' for cocktails and dinner at 36 Pelham Road which is a mile and a quarter east of the center of Amherst. Drive east on Main Street, which changes its name to Pelham Road. Just after crossing a small bridge, turn left onto the Luddys' driveway.

Please let me know at tbushman@comcast.net or 781-686-9644 which dinners you will be attending and confirm that you will be coming with spouse and/or friends.  It should be a great weekend. Please advise me of your plans ASAP.

Best regards,      Tom Bushman '51

Dear Friends: 

The Class of 1951’s 65th Reunion gift is over $9.5 million.  The Development Office has now totaled all the gifts and pledges and the exact amount is $9,576,800 for all gifts and pledges made after our 60th Reunion through our 65th Reunion.

A truly amazing number is not bad for the guinea pigs.  Consider:

  • Our reunion gift is the biggest 65th reunion gift Amherst has ever received.

  • It’s number 7 on the reunion gift tally for any Amherst class reunion gift. The top 6 were all 25th and 50th Reunion gifts from classes much larger than ours.

  • It’s more than a $1 million greater than our 50th and 60th reunion gifts combined.

  • Although there are only about 100 living members of our class, we had more than 120 donors to the Reunion gift. 

Many, many classmates and their widows and families are responsible for this result.   The leading gift was from our late classmate, Ben Kightlinger, who left $7.3 million to Amherst’s endowment for its general purposes.  More than 120 other donors contributed or pledged the remaining $2+ million.

Special thanks go to all the donors listed on the reverse side of this letter.  You have done great honor and service to our well-loved Mother.  Because of your generosity, Amherst will remain at the very top of America’s liberal arts colleges. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you,

1951 Class Reunion Gift Chair John E. Kirkpatrick '51

JOHN MCGRATH '51 was not on campus but still on top of his reunion game. Moose hosted Reece Foy '18 in Honolulu as captured for you in this photo. Reece just happens to be the star quarterback of the undefeated Amherst football team.   Foy was a star student athlete at Iolani High as was our classmate and football great Bob Minn '51.     

1951 Reunion 2016

Dear classmates,

Our 65th Reunion is over, and the attendees are still relaxing (recovering?). A good time was had by all. The college provided housing, breakfast and liquid refreshments in the new (2005) James, which is a much more comfortable venue than the 1951 James. The college also arranged for excellent dinners in Valentine on Friday and Saturday nights. Hobie Cleminshaw arranged a fine Dutch treat dinner at Alina's for those who were in Amherst on Thursday.

According to my (unofficial) count, 51 classmates and guests attended. When we started planning, we were told to expect no more than 35, and our own planning projected a maximum of 50. The large attendance shows the spirit of the Guinea Pig Class!  Attending the reunion were: 

Tom and Joy Bushman
Charlie and Kay Chapin
Ev Clark
Hobie and Cynthia Cleminshaw
Dick Denison
Dave and Stella Fulton
Ralph and Betsy Gildehaus with son Charles
Bob Groff, Lisa Frankenfield and Bob Mosebach
Jeff Hartzell
Ed and Mary Haynes
Gary and Joan Holman
Skip and Norma Hunziker
Shirley Kane
John and Nancy Kendall
John and Phyllis Kirkpatrick
Phil and Eileen Knowles
Bob and Nancy Knowles
Bill Krusell and Debra Barnes
Chuck and Polly Longsworth
Fred and Judy Luddy
Floyd Merritt
Dick Sexton
Lee and Clare Shaw
Don and Anna Sibley
Dick Snodgrass and Nancy DuPree
Van and Lu Tingley
Barbara Weeks
Hank and Jo Williams.

At the Saturday dinner we elected the following officers to serve for the next five years:

President - Tom Bushman
Chairman - Hobie Cleminshaw
Vice President - Phil Knowles
Secretary - Ev Clark
Choregus - Hank Williams and Fred Luddy
Reunion Chair* - Fred Luddy

Fred is prepared to oversee the planning for our 70th and given the spirit of the attendees (and the good health of most) class of 1951 may break precedent and return again in 2021.  The success of the reunion was due to the efforts of numbers of people. Phil Knowles and Hobie Cleminshaw did a great (and successful) job urging classmates to attend. Fred and Judy Luddy showed dedication and artistic skill in decorating James with emblems of the class of 1951. Choregus Hank Williams was as usual inspiring in leading us in many choruses of "Lord Jeffery Amherst." Andy Hacker provided support in spirit, although he couldn't attend. John Kirkpatrick was 1951's representative on a panel on Changing College Traditions over the years. Dick Sexton and I participated in another panel on the New Curriculum for which our classmates responses to Dick's survey made valuable contributions. Lu Tingley provided vests (purple, naturally) for all attendees. Substituting for Wally Anderson, who was not able to attend reunion, Hobie Cleminshaw led a memorial gathering in which several classmates spoke of those no longer with us.

Personally, serving as Reunion Chair has been a great treat for me. I had the fun of working with a great group of classmates while the College did all the grunt work in arranging housing, breakfast, liquid refreshments and two great dinners. For all those arrangements, and for guiding me by the hand in planning the Reunion, I give thanks to Sandy Riley, our out-and-out terrific liaison with the College.

And with that I pass the Reunion Chair baton to Fred Luddy. I hope to see many of you at our 70th in 2021.

Van Tingley
65th Reunion Chair, now retired

The Thomas H. Wyman 1951 Medal, established in 2003 by his classmates, is awarded to that member of the senior class who best represents the highest standards in scholarship, athletics, and/or extracurricular activities, community service, integrity, character and humanism. This honor for 2016 goes to

Mercedes Morgan MacAlpine.'16  

Mercedes MacAlpine

Senior Assembly took place on May 6, 2016, in Johnson Chapel, and featured the awarding of prizes and honorary class memberships; a speech by Javier Corrales, the Dwight W. Morrow 1895 Professor of Political Science; and talks by Danny Curtis ’16 and Mercedes MacAlpine ’16. 

On the college web site, you can listen to her talk above or read the transcript of her talk at the socalled "mascot uprising" as follows:

Mercedes MacAlpine, an Amherst Uprising organizer, said the goal was to educate students and provide administrative support for students who felt threatened or harassed by the posters. MacAlpine would not weigh in on whether she thought the posters were speech protected by the school's code of student conduct, but argued that requiring racial sensitivity training would not conflict with students' First Amendment rights.

The sit-in was sparked by the shared experiences of students who felt discriminated against on campus, MacAlpine said, as well as recent incidents on campus, like the papering-over of "Black Lives Matter" posters with anti-abortion messaging that said "All Lives Matter."

"What we're saying is that words can be a form of violence, too," MacAlpine said. "We in no way believe that freedom of speech should be taken away, but we do believe that students should be made to recognize in a very concrete and administration-supported way the effects that their words have on others."

MacAlpine also said that the group was willing to work with Martin on changing the school's mascot and understood that the timeline could stretch until January. The group plans to protest the Lord Jeff at the football game against Williams College.

"The turning point and why it got so large is that multiple students of all sorts of background recognized a feeling of feeling marginalized, or feeling invisible or  feeling isolated in some important way," MacAlpine said. "It really took off from just being to come together and talk about those experiences." 

2016 Amherst 1951 Gift Pledge

Dear Classmates & Friends of the Class of 1951:

Amherst has been much in the news lately.  Not all of which was very favorable.  But on the plus side, the protest has been peaceful, the dialogue has been civil but vigorous, and best of all the administration has not caved into the protestors’ outrageous demands.  Amherst alumni are free to sing “Lord Jeffery Amherst was a soldier of the King….” to their hearts’ content. 

We firmly believe that Amherst is still our “well-loved Mother”.  So we urgently request that you consider a very healthy pledge to honor our 65th reunion and our many departed classmates.  We don’t anticipate that the 100 of us left will come very close to our class totals for our 50th reunion ($5.1 million) or even our 60th reunion ($3.5 million).  But maybe we can still reach several million dollars.  So let’s try! 

Amounts pledged before June 30, 2016 for payment over the next 5 years will count towards our total reunion gift.  Click here to view and print the pledge form which we believe is self-explanatory. Should you have any questions or wish to make a deferred gift, gift annuity or gift to another fund, please call Ellie Ballard ’95 (413-542-8357) or Sara Kibbey (413-542-5340) at Amherst or any of us. 

It would be great if each of you pledged at least $1,821 to the Annual Fund for each of the next five years ($1,821 x 5 = $9,105).  We would have a real healthy contingent of members in the 1821 Society. 

Of course, any payments made before this year end are tax deductible on your 2015 return. Gifts can be made by credit card online or by phone at 413-542-5900 or by mail to Amherst College, Annual Fund, PO Box 5000, Amherst, MA 01002-5000. 

Have a great holiday season.  Thanks.


Class Agents
Robert C. Knowles, 410-745-5844, rknowles@atlanticbb.net
Philip Knowles, 413-637-3515, Phildk2@verizon.net
Robert D. Stecker, Jr., 713-306-4460, drbobstecker@gmail.com

Reunion Gift Chairs
John E. Kirkpatrick, 954-781-5196, Jek51@att.net
Charles R. Longsworth, 508-255-3048, C_longs@msn.com

Associate Agents:
George Carpenter, Everett Clark, John Frautschi, Charles Frey, Robert Groff, Gary Holman, Walter Hunziker, Richard Sexton, Richard Snodgrass, Allan Tull, John Walker

2011 Homecoming Update

October 21-23, 2011 

Register online at www.amherst.edu/homecoming

September 20, 2011 

Dear Classmate: 

The Homecoming Weekend is fast approaching. Based on recent telephone conversations and attendance at prior Homecomings, I am hopeful that all of the following will be coming: Tom and Joy Bushman, Hobie and Cynie Cleminshaw, Jeff Hartzell, Skip and Norma Hunsiker, John and Jane Keydel, Fred and Judy Luddy, Chuck and Polly Longsworth, Phil and Eileen Knowles, Dick and Arlanne Snodgrass, John and Joanne Walker,Will and Barbara Weeks and Hank and JoWilliams.     

I urge other classmates to consider attending Homecoming, which is always an enjoyable experience. However, I need to add that nearby hotel rooms will be very difficult to obtain.

Friday, October 21

  • 9 a.m·-4 p.m. - Attend open classes. The schedule will be available at Alumni House when you register and online starting this month.
  • 4 p.m. - Lecture on Arab revolts and the Iranian Green Movement (the innovative use against the government of the Internet and social networking)

Saturday, October 22

  • 8 a.m. - Pratt Field opens for tailgating. Our class will be sharing a tent with '49, '50, '53 and '54.
  • 11 a.m. - A Conversation with President Biddy Martin. Johnson Chapel
  • 1 p.m. - Football vs. Wesleyan (Half-time: Amherst songs sing-along)
  • 6 p.m.- Cocktails and a catered dinner for the Class of 1951 at the Amherst home of Judy and Fred Luddy at 36 Pelham Road, which is about a mile and a-quarter east of the center of Amherst. Drive east onMain Street, which changes in name to Pelham. Just after you cross a bridge, you will find the Luddy drive on the left. We thank Fred and Judy for hosting this event and helping with the planning.

Please return your check-made out to Amherst Class of 1951- for dinner at $25 per person to Sandy Riley,  Amherst College, Alumni Programs, PO Box 5000–AC # 2220. Amherst, MA 01002.  Consult the Homecoming web site above for additional events and information.

We look forward to seeing you at Homecoming.

Hobie Cleminshaw

2010 Homecoming Update

Submitted by Ellie Swain Ballard on Monday, 6/4/2012, at 12:20 PM

November 15, 2010 

Hey Classmates,

                        What a great weekend, except for the score, with a near record ’51 turnout.  Beautiful weather, good friends, marvelous food at our Valentine dinner with the classes of ’49, ’50, ’52, ’53 and ’54 with whom we also shared a tent at the game.  The first half was worth the trip back.  After that, not so much.  However, in the usual and historic Amherst-Williams tradition, the party and the celebration were memorable. 

                          In attendance were Chuck and Polly Longsworth, Jeff Hartzell, Dick and Cathy Denison, Hobie and Cynthia Clemenshaw, John Keydel, Skip and Norma Hunziker, Phil and Eileen Knowles, Tom Bushman and Gary and Joan Holman.  The Hunzikers, Denisons, Holmans, Jeff Hartzell. Tom Bushman and my dear friends from ’49, Fred and Shirley Gardner, had cocktails at the Longsworths and then dinner at the Pub on Friday evening. 

                          I only wish that more of you could have been there to share the almost perfect weekend, no small part of which was the genuine feeling of good will and  bonding among all of us.  In my view, this could only happen in the class of ’51 at Amherst College, but of course, I am slightly prejudiced. 

                             In addition to the good times had by all of us, our untiring reunion chairman, Phil Knowles, conducted a very thorough and well thought out reunion meeting at the crack of dawn on Saturday, the fruits of which we will all share in May.  I am sure you will hear more about this from the chairman himself. In the event that I have forgotten anyone, it is certainly not deliberate and can be blamed on my ever expanding failing memory.   

Your devoted servant, 

Gary Holman 

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2009 Homecoming News

Dear Classmates,
In spite of the terrible news about Bob Pirie, and the awful weather, nine of us gathered at Pratt Field for a very wet and cold foot ball game.  The weather didn’t stop the Jeffs.  They were great in their 16 to 0 defeat if Wesleyan.  Our loyal class attendees and wives consisted of Skip and Norma Hunziker, Tom and Joy Bushman, Hobie and Cynthia Clemenshaw,   Gary and Joan Holman along with John McGrath, Phil Alexander and Chuck Longsworth.  Polly Longsworth, Phil and Eileen Knowles and John and Jane Keydel joined us for dinner at Valentine later.  The Keydels also joined most of us game attendees in the cage after the game for a very welcome hot chocolate. 

All through a very long day we were periodically being looked after by our good friend and hard working representative in the Alumni Office, Sandy Riley, to whom we will always be grateful. 

At the game we shared a tent with ’49, ’50, ’52, ’53 and ’54.  As usual, Jerry Grant, ’54, furnished his delicious chili and Moose Newman, ’49, furnished all sorts of delectable snacks as well as bloody marys. 

Dinner and cocktails in the mezzanine at Valentine was an unforgettable gathering of old friends from all three classes.  Dinner was concluded with a toast honoring the memory of Bill Maloney, whose many adventures made an incalculable contribution to the college as well as to the well being of his loyal followers, and a moment of silence in respect for the memory of  a dear and loyal classmate, Bob Pirie, who died just three days before Homecoming. 

It is very difficult to describe in words the deep feelings that surround these meetings of friends of over sixty years.  Our class is special and will always be so.  We were small and as a result, close. It seems that the years draw us even closer so let’s keep it up with as many of us as possible coming to reunion and homecomings in the future. 

Your Grateful President,

Gary Holman

Just on the eve of Homecoming, when several of us will get together to celebrate our good times in "college days," I am deeply saddened to inform you of the death of a very close friend and much loved classmate, Bob Pirie. His wife, Barbara, called me this morning to give me this very painful news.  All of our hearts go out to Barbara and her children.

All I know at this time is that Bob suffered some terrible trauma while driving to town last evening and that he died this morning. I will, of course, provide you with further details as soon as I have them. In the meantime, should any of you wish to contact Barbara, she can be reached at 37 Cedar Drive, Allendale, NJ 07401, 201-327-3770. 

Yours sadly,
Gary Holman
Class President

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