Wyman Medal 2006 & Holman Report

June 30, 2006

Dear Classmates,

It took several rounds of golf and a week in Santa Fe for me to recover from the strain of the arduous campaign I was forced to run in order to be elected Class President. I am now fully refreshed, back at work and ready to report.

The 55th was an enormous success, thanks in large part to the outstanding efforts of Chairman Paul Coon and his entire committee. Thanks from all of the seventy odd classmates, including Jerry Snow, who appeared for the first time since 1951, and all of our partners. The banquets, programs and other festivities, including just being together at the Phi Psi House, reminiscing, renewing old friendships and continuing ongoing ones.

In addition to all of the fun, we did some serious work. Not only did we finally have a conclusion to the ongoing saga between Moose Mc Grath and Tony Marks over the return of Sabrina's foot, we also elected all of the class officers nominated by Chairman Tom Bushman and his committee, who, I must say, did an incredible job. See the list of officers in the side bar, hopefully for the next five years.

I cannot close without extending the thanks of the entire class to Dave Fulton for his tireless efforts... He was an outstanding Class President. He was all over the place attending dinners in New York, Florida, Chicago and any place else there was a dinner, game or function. Our thanks and appreciation to all of the other class officers for all of their efforts on our behalf.

This year's Wyman medal was presented to Rania Samir Arja, from Fountain Valley, California. Rania created an interdisciplinary major in bio-ethics for herself, integrating biology, neuroscience, psychology, anthropology, philosophy, history, and LJST (law, jurisprudence and social thought). Her thesis studied somatic cell and germ-line gene therapy and the subsequent ethical dilemmas that arise from such treatments. In her free time at Amherst, she was active in student government, served as a Resident Counselor, and chaired the Muslim religious group on campus, “Noor.” Note her photo shown below.

Yours with the hope that I can do half the job that Dave did,
Gary Holman


2006 Wyman Winner