Registered Attendees - 5/17/2013

Charles and Linda Barkwill
Edward Bassett
David and Sharon Blackburn
Robert and Karen Brinker
Malcolm and Anne Brown
Blake and Dorothy Cady
Robert and Jerri Carington
Edward and Ruth Anne Catlett
Robert Chipman and Edith Leckey
James Davis
Laurence and Elizabeth DeCarolis
Robert Dehlendorf
E. Ashley Eames and Deborah Stuart
George and Patricia Edmonds
Hela Finberg
Byron and Suzy Foster
George Gates
Harvey and Sue Gerry
Norman Gorbaty and Hariet Eckstein
Richard and Barbara Gray
William and Quaneta Greenough
Manson Hall and Ann Ferguson
Myron and Meredith Hamer
Robert Helander
Joseph and Mary-Kate Katra
Charles and Jean Kelly
John and Mary Kunz
Arnold Lande
Walter and Wilma Leinhardt
Herrick Littlefield and Barbara Toole
John Mannheim
Roger Marshall and Barbara Smorgans-Marshall
David Mesker
George and Jane Murphy
Michael and Paula Palmer
William and Jean Peck
Robert Peterson
William and Marietta Pritchard
Philip and Susan Ransom
Gomer Rees, Rosalind Rees Smith and Gregg Smith
Stephen and Margot Rous
William Sayres and Miriam Hoddinott
Barret Schleicher and Aino Jonah
Donald and Pati Simon
W. David and Kaaren Slawson
Seward and Jacqui Smith
Robert Stern
Donald and Roslyn Sutherland
Thomas Swanston
Kingsley and Nancy Taft
Herbert Uhl
Bernard Wakefield and Cecelia Kohlmeier
Thomas and Kathy Washburn
Sterling and Jean Weaver
John and Mary Wells
John and Raymond '84 Wheeler
Philip and Patricia Winterer
Spofford and Sally Woodruff
Franklin and Nancy Wurman