Registered Attendees - May 18, 2012

George Amabile and Annette Willborn

Edgar and Dolores Anspach

Robert and Mary Bagg

Howard Bellin and Sheri Bush

John Benning

Bruce and Betsy Biddle

Alvin and Judith Burt

Robert Carlen and Kathy Carlsson

Julie Clark

Richard and Charmaine Colino

Peter and Anne Damon

Richard deFilippi and Lucy Arrington

William and Carolyn Donohue

Charles Evans and Berdie Giattina

George and Anita Furbish

Edward Gadsby

Pierce and Sylvia Gardner

James and Nancy Gault

Robert Girvin

Carl and Joni Gray

Douglas and Sue Gray

Stephen and Louise Grayer

George Hacker

D. Bruce Hanson

James and Constance Hastings

Thomas Herzog and Mary Andrews Herzog

Warren Hollinshead

Chauncey Howell

Arne and Nancy Johnson

Thomas Jones

Edward and Fran Kambour

Robert and Jane Keiter

Lewis and Anne Knight

Daniel and Betty Leonard

Thomas and Virginia “Robbin” Levy

David and Suzanne Lindsay

Stanley Lipton

George and Ann Mathewson

George and Suzanne Megrue

James and Tanya Mollenauer

Donald and Gerda Nightingale

Louis and Fran O'Brien

John and Joan Ostheimer

William Patrick

Philip and Lois Pfatteicher

Charles Prigge

Clifford Ronan

Frank and Anne Rose

Howard and Sandy Rotner

Franklin and Jane Sanders

James and Jeanne Savage

Alan and Alison Schechter

H. Axel and Sara Schupf

Peter and Ellen Seibert

Jackson and Rebecca Shepard

William and Theodora Shepherd

Robert and Sue Shoenberg

Hubbard and Linda Smith

John and Ann Street

Edward and Virginia Stringer

M. Barnes and Sally Taft

John and Ana Thompson

Stuart and Ann Tuller

James Vernon

William Vickery

F. Giles and Kate Wayland-Smith

Charles and Nancy Webster

John and Penny Webster

John and Douglas Wilber

Michael and Caryl Wray

William and Elizabeth Ziegenfus

Plan to Attend

Robert Asher

Joel Chazin

John Dinkelspiel

L. Donald Goldblum

Harold Haizlip

Edward Jewell

N. Carlile Miller

Leonard Prosnitz

Charles Turgeon

Robert Wood