The Grand Cru Classe of 1958

This is the Official Web Page of the Amherst College Class of 1958. Clicking on the "bricks" to the left of this page will take you to:

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  • 58 Speaks Out - This is your official forum to speak out, as set up originally by Peter Strauss. Rules? Guidelines? Common sense and respect for your classmates. Preferably related to Amherst and/or activities/events that involve our classmates. Not sure if what you want to say is right? Email Allen Clark.
  • Class News - direct to you from your classmates. If you would like to publish any personal events or announcements (honors or humiliations, job changes or retirements, grand- or great-grandchildren (no more children please!), just click on "ADD" at the top of the main Class News page, then "Article" in the editing page that pops up. Then type or paste your news in the edit box and hit "Submit." Simple as composing an email! There is also Class Notes Archive, a subpage in the Class Notes brick, containing previous editions of our Class Notes as published in the Amherst quarterly by our indefatigable class secretaries, Hendrik Gideonese and Micky Saltman, collected in one convenient spot.
  • In Memory - Tributes to classmates who have died during the last several years. If you would like to add your thoughts, please email them to Allen Clark.
  • Classmates - Contact info for all '58ers as provided to the college. PLEASE use the "My Profile" tab below "Amherst College" header to provide (or correct) your data NOW!