Submitted by Joseph F. McDonald

Reunion - as in Our 50th Reunion!!!

-SAVE THE DATE! MAY 28 to JUNE 1 , 2008!!!

Preparation is well on its way. E-mail Co-Chairs Mike Bliss and/or John Davenport to volunteer your ideas and services.

Online registration for Reunion 2008 is now closed. If you would like to register, please call 413-542-8105 and leave a message with your name, your class year, whether or not you would like on-campus housing and a telephone number where you can be reached on Monday and/or Tuesday between 9 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. We have a very limited number of on-campus rooms still available. We will return your call during business hours and complete your registration. Thank you -- we look forward to seeing you soon!


Reunion Sign-up Report: 102 and Counting!

By Attendance Chair Allen Clark, as of February 15, 2007


Our 50th Reunion may be more than a year off, but the pre-reunion activity is at a pretty impressive level. Our goal is for at least 75% to return. In fact, based on how things are going, there’s a good chance we will have over 80% back.

For the statistically not-challenged in our class, here are some interesting numbers:

• Only one class ever got more than 50% turnout for its 40th reunion: you guessed it! The Grand Gru Classe had 50.5% attendance. Only six other classes have been in the 40s. The remaining 30 classes on record were in the 20%-39% range.

• Before 2000, the class of 1918 held the attendance record for 50th reunions: 62.1%.

• With the turn of the century, the bar has been set well above 50%:

Class of 1952 61.3%
Class of 1953 55.8%
Class of 1954 66.3%
Class of 1955 57.2%

• But last year, the class of 1956 broke loose: 72.2%!

So where are we, 15 months before our big event?

• As of Feb. 13, we have 102 “yes, I plan to attend,” or 50.7%.

• We have another six “hope to, but not certain.”

Those on the list are shown below. If your name is not on the list, please e-mail Allen Clark ( or call (914-967-1610).

As for formal reservations, everyone will be receiving a registration form from Bob Armstrong, our treasurer, closer to the reunion. We also will advise about lodging as soon as we can book blocks of hotel space.





Abodeely, Mike

Feldman, Dan

Luria, David

Saltman, Mickey

Alcaide, Ted

Fernald, Peter

Magid, Jim

Schaenen, Mickey

Allen, Jim

Franck, Dick

McDonald, Joe

Scherby, Mike

Ansbacher, Ben

Gideonse, Hendrik

McLamb, Peyton

Schueller, Tom

Armstrong, Bob

Goddard, John

McMurray, Walt

Scutt, Hal

Bassett, Ross

Greenman, Fred

Megargee, Ned

Simon, Mike

Bennett, Bill

Gross, Marty

Miller, Jack

Slade, Jamie

Biggert, Rody

Hannemann, Bill

Moores, Don

Smith, Chuck

Bischof, John

Harper, Emery

Most, Al

Smith, Win

Bliss, Mike

Hecht, Harvey

Niehuss, John

Sonstroem, David

Brown, Miller

Helmrich, John

Noer, Richard

Spero, Mike

Burnham, Dick

Hewel, Bill

Norcott, Dick

Stowe, Dave

Carr, Norm

Hicks, David

Ohl, Ron

Strauss, Peter

Chase, Sam

Higginbotham, Art

Parker, Bob

Sweeney, John

Chisholm, Alan

Hopkins, John

Parker, Peter

Terino, Ed

Clark, Allen

Hostetter, Amos

Patterson, Charlie

Tibbetts, Hutch

Condit, John

Jackson, Bill

Pendleton, John

Truesdell, Lynn

Danielson, Dick

Jenkins, Pete

Peterson, Nils

Utsch, Hans

Davenport, John

Karet, Jim

Porter, Roger

Waite, Steve

Derby, Joe

Krupman, Bill

Powell, Art

Warren, Bruce

Dinces, Steve

Kunz, Pete

Rapson, Dick

Wieland, John

Dorr, Glenn

Krass, Al

Robinson, Rick

Willis, George

Eastman, Lou

Lansinger, Larry

Rounds, Tom

Wolf, Howard

Evers, Don

Leftwich, Frank

Rugh, Pete

Wolff, Moe

Feingold, Marty

Low, Brooks

Sabin, Jim

Young, Chandler




Zinner, John





Adams, Keith

Dominick, Tony

Morris, Keith


Bennett, Peter

McLean, Marsh

Richman, Marc


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Our Class 50th Reunion Gift committee is in formation, targeting a record 50th Reunion gift that will stand for many years. Details to follow soon. If you'd like to be on the committee or share your ideas on our 50th Reunion gift, please e-mail Joe McDonald.

From another spot on the Amherst Website:

"All Amherst alumni are asked to make gifts to the College each year, and a remarkable number do so. Since 1995, gifts to the Annual Fund have been received by [sic; probably mean "from"] more than 60 percent of alumni, setting a national standard for annual giving to any educational institution.

In the 50th Reunion year, members of the Class are asked to consider increasing their annual level of support to a level allowing the Class to make a lasting impact on the future of Amherst College . It is hoped that every member of the Class will help to celebrate the 50th Reunion by increasing his support of the Annual Fund. Because the Annual Fund is the largest source of unrestricted gift income—representing approximately seven percent of the operating budget—it is vital that the 50th Reunion gift help to sustain it. It is also hoped that those who can do so will consider a gift that will provide lasting support to the College, such as establishing an endowed fund or making a planned gift that names Amherst as an irrevocable beneficiary."