While the class of '59 has published several class books in the past, this 50th reunion edition is meant to be the best and most revered.

This is your book and will be in your hands this fall, well before our reunion.  The early delivery of the book is meant to encourage attendance with those who remain undecided.  Giving everyone the opportunity to become reacquainted, and often newly acquainted, with their classmates has proven to be a powerful draw. 

"What do I say?" often results in a wide array of replies ranging from total writer's block to a novella.  At this stage of life, we are hoping to field feelings and perspectives more than career outlines.   

To help many, we have created an outline to stir your thinking and to explore your inner self.  The format comes with easy options to be selective and creative.  Brevity and directness are important to keep the book a reasonable size.  We urge you to include a recent photo(s) and hopefully, a headshot.  

Please click here to find the form and submit your road more (or less) traveled for our 50th Reunion Book. When completed, save it to your desktop and then email it as an attachment to Hank Poler at hpoler@charter.net.

The form is formatted to complete easily on screen and return by email. Take your time and respond as you are comfortable.  If you choose to leave any question unanswered, we will delete the question itself.  There are always opportunities to expand responses where you wish.

If you wish to do your own free form letter as in the past, and many will, do so but please keep it to a maximum of two 8.5 x 11 pages with photos(s).  

Lastly, and most importantly, we urge you to be a part of this book whether you plan to attend the reunion or not!

To get this published and distributed on time, we need your replies within the next six (6) weeks by April 15th.

With recognition that we are certainly in the digital age of print, please refer to these guidelines:

 Guidelines on how to contribute to the 50th Reunion Class Book

 We are clearly in the age of digital information and our printer needs all material in electronic format.  We need as much cooperation from you as possible.  We will try to make it not difficult, even if you are not a computer user.

 Type your name as you want it on the top of the page (“BillSmith”, “William Smith”, “William Howard Smith III”, etc.

 If you choose to write a free form letter, “Dear Classmates” is a suitable salutation, if you want one.  Use no dates.

  • Type single-spaced.  Do not indent new paragraphs (skip a line and start flush left)
  • 600-700 words maximum, please.
  • Best to start as a Word document, copy and paste into an email or send as attachment.  No PDF files, please.

 If you do not have a computer, see if you can get someone to type up what you write.  If you cannot get it typed or email it, write it and mail it and we’ll get it done somehow. 

The most important thing is that your material is in the book!


  • The pages will be black & white, but we can accept color.
  • All photos must end up in digital format.  If you have digital shots, attach with your email or email separately.
  • If you take your memory card to a photo shop, they can make a CD, which you can mail us.
  • If you have lovely old-time prints, scan them and email them, or have a photo shop scan them to a CD, which you can mail.
  • If all else fails, send us the prints (name on back) and we’ll scan them.  If you’d like them back, we’d be grateful to have a pre-addressed stamped envelope.

 Candid Photos while at Amherst?

Does anyone have some 1955-59 candid photos?  These will enhance the pages and we will use what we can.  Scan to a CD.  Same rules on format and we will return as requested.