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Welcome to the Class of 1960 Website

Submitted by David V. Wood on Monday, 12/6/2010, at 10:45 AM

Now that our glorious 50th Reunion is behind us, we have been working to improve the site, and would like to highlight some changes that should make it easier for us to keep in touch with each other.

On the main menu to the left, we have moved everything to do with Reunions—both past and future—down to the bottom of the list.  You will still find everything there that was there before, including a PDF of the complete Reunion Book, and in the near future we hope to have a gallery of Mal Greenaway’s photos of our 50th activities.

The Class News  section has been collapsed into a single page, combining what formerly were “Class News” and “Class Travels”, while Class Notes have been moved into their own page.  Dick Weisfelder will post the quarterly notes shortly after he files them for eventual inclusion in the next issue of Amherst; the notes will appear in print form toward the end of each quarter, but will be available on line (with any pictures you may have sent) about two months before you get the magazine. 

The Class News section is a place where any Classmate can post an article, or poem, or pictures, about anything that may be of interest to the Class, and presents a wonderful opportunity for us to keep in touch with each other. For a brief tutorial about posting an article see the Getting Started Guide.  If you would like to post something but are unsure how to do it, or if you have a number of pictures you’d like posted as a “gallery”, feel free to send them to Tom Paulson and he will assist you in posting them.

If you have suggestions, corrections, or comments concerning the website, please contact Tom Paulson by phone at 240-632-2319 or by email at