To send a message to the class listserv, send an email to the following address:

To subscribe to the listserv, send an email to:

To unsubscribe from the listserv, send an email to: 

We ask that you observe the following Listserv guidelines

You can use these listservs to share photos, memories of Amherst, new experiences and thoughts post-Amherst; suggest books to read, films to see, music to listen to, and most importantly, reconnect with one another. 

You cannot use this listserv for personal or financial gain, for business purposes or to raise funds for other charities.

It is important to use good judgment and be thoughtful about humor and sarcasm. We ask that you not reproduce third party content to a listserv without the author's expressed approval. We also ask that you not blind copy individuals that would not otherwise be included in the list.

Listservs are also subject to Amherst's Terms & Conditions of Use.

Here are solutions for a Few Common questions about the Listservs

My attempts to send a message to the Listserv bounce:

The error message is --"You are not authorized to send mail to the AMHERST-1961 list from your [xxxx] account." This means the email account from which you are trying to send the message is not in the Amherst-1961 listserv address list. (Actually the wording is very cautious. If you were Donald Trump you would get the same error message. I asked Donald to confirm this, and he did.) The solution is to look at an email you have received from the listserv to see what address it is using for you, and then send your message from that address/account.  

If you don't like the address the listserv has for you, then you will want to change it, which gets to the next problem---

I can't change my Listserv email address:

Although updating your email address in the online Alumni Directory is the first step, this by itself WILL NOT change your email address on the Listserv. You have to follow up with an emailed request to the Alumni Office. Here is the whole process---

First, go to, login (clicking on "Login" top right), and on the resulting page click  "My profile" top right).

Next, on the resulting page, which lists main (i.e., summary) directory information, click on the tab right under your last name---the tab labeled "Personal & Family"

On the resulting "Personal & Family" tab, you will see a box, top right, labeled "Preferred Email." Within this box, further to the right, click on "edit." Then change "Your Preferred Email Address" to the address you want the Listserv to use. This will update the Alumni Directory.

Following up on your directory update, send an email to, notifying the Alumni Office that you want your Listserv email address updated to match your new preferred email address. For positive identification this emailed request must include your name, your class year, and the Listserv name(s). (It is possible to be member of more than one Listserv.) Someone in the Alumni Office will then update your Listserv address manually. If you don't make this request, your Listserv email address will not be brought into line with your preferred email address until the next email address audit, which could be a year away. 

You may well wonder, can your request to the Alumni Office specify that your Listserv address be the same as your "Second Email Address," perhaps as one way of handling high volume? The answer is no, at least for now. The periodic audits performed by the Alumni Office require a match between Preferred Email Address and Listserv address. Currently "Second Email Address" is only used by the college for its communications if attempts to reach you at your Preferred Email Address bounce.

My attempts to reply to a Listserv message bounce:

The error message is the same as in the first problem--"You are not authorized to send mail to the AMHERST-XXXX list from your [xxxx] account."

This will happen if you 1) have more than one email account, 2) have auto-forwarding set up, and 3) try to reply to a Listserv message not from the account to which the original message was sent, but from the account to which it was forwarded.  Solution--Always reply from the email account to which the Listserv message was sent.

How do I find the archives for my Listserv?

All archives for alumni Listservs are located at The log in system for Listserv and the Amherst College website are different so you will need to create a new account to log into the archives.