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Here is a page to display our web presence, be it home pages of organizations we lead (or are central to our existence), or blogs we have. And it also displays the books we have written.. (Your webmaster knows that he must be missing all sorts of stuff, so please send ideas for more links to

Web Sites and Articles

Andy Blue's   Blue Life Style   website, home to the career he built on being Deke Social Chairman

Corky Brittan's   Wheeler Center for Public Policy   helping to protect Montana's wilderness

Mike Ditzian's   Lymphoma Research Foundation   helping others to conquer a disease that Mike thought he had conquered, and did conquer for 22 years until his relapse in 2010. He was the foundation's president.

Gerry Fink at the   Whitehead Institute   which he help to found, then directed, is now the recipient of a   Lifetime Achievement Award
And he is now President-elect of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

Henry Freedman's   National Center for Law and Economic Justice.   striving to protect the poor.

If you have any consumer issues to discuss, contact Jim Guest at   Consumers Union

Jeff Gutcheon is no longer with us, but his amazing webpage lives on---  Cool Groove

Ken Heebner at CGM Focus Funds has been described by Fortune Magazine  as "the mad genius of mutual funds"   Although he took a bit of a hit during the Great Recession, he has come roaring back before.

Bill Leland's blog-- Mutual Empowerment for Change   where he lays out the philosophy he has developed over a lifetime of work for social and environmental causes, and where he is always interested in other people's input.

Phil Lilienthal's   Global Camps Africa  helping to fight AIDS

John McDermott has retired as Chair of the Educate! Board of Directors of Educate!, an education and social entrepreneurship program in Uganda founded by Eric Glustrom and Boris Bulayev, both of Amherst's class of 2007, but John still serves on the board as one of its founding members. Substantial information about the program is at
He also serves as a regional contact for the African Leadership Foundation
which supports graduates of the African Leadership Academy attending colleges and universities throughout the U.S. and Europe. As well as busying himself with all sorts of other stuff.

Dave Nichols, after retiring from his job as Whatcom County (WA) Superior Court Judge, has lauched a second career as a successful artist. You can view his works here--
[And click here to view two paintings he has done on commission for classmates (plus a bonus).

Out in Colorado, in his off hours, Judge Fred Rogers keeps on rocking, has just released a CD titled Swine Flu---

Dave Roll's foundation for supporting social entrepreneurs Lex Mundi Pro Bono

Pete Rosenthal's---- Angels Forum  breeding and feeding Silicon Valley startups.

The Sadler brothers have books listed in the section below, but here we "reprint" an article from the Amherst Magazine, Winter 1973 describing the problem of kidney failure, and the key role Blair and Fred had in drafting and promoting the Uniform Anatomical Gift Act, now law in all 50 states.


Roger Alcaly ---- his take on how new technologies have transformed some basics ---
The New Economy and What It Means for America's Future

Jesse Auerbach---under his pen name Josh Dunson---provided this guide early on in his support of "Real People's Music"
A Folksinger's Guide to Grassroots Harmony

Andy Blue --- to help us live well, has written   over fifteen books     on good food and drink. (One is a cookbook written with his wife Kathy, with whom he has four kids--so where do they find the time?)    

At the UVA School of Architecture, Warren Boeschenstein has written ---
Historic American Towns along the Atlantic Coast (Creating the North American Landscape)

Gordon G Brittan ----plying his trade in the Philosophy Department at Montana State,
has become a true Kant heavy ---
Kant's Theory of Science
Introduction to the Philosophy of Science

Peter O. Brown ----
Seeing America: : Painting and Sculpture from the Permanent Collection of the Memorial Art Gallery of the University of Rochester   a collection containing his essays, written as member and former president of the board.

Barkley Clark ---- There appear to be some areas of commercial law where Barkley, together with his wife, Barbara, seem to be leading authorities. These books can be purchased for has little as $355.
Law of Product Warranties
Law of Bank Deposit Collections and Credit Cards
Pratt's Law of Secured Transactions

Bob Cook, in chairing New York City Bar's Land Use and Zoning Committee, has come up with ---
Innovative Zoning Tools for Downtowns

Ross Drake has written a very clever, riotous book to be enjoyed by children and adults alike---
A Likely Story: How an Innocent Walk in the Woods Became a Showdown with the Forest's Prime Evil

Phillip Gossett ---- who has been described as the world's leading authority on the performance of Italian Opera, offers this introduction -- Divas and Scholars: Performing Italian Opera

Bob Harbison teaches architecture at MIT, but apparently much more than architecture. Check out the following ---
Deliberate Regression. arguing that 19th-century romanticism led to the totalitarian regimes of 20th-century Europe.
The Built, the Unbuilt, and the Unbuildable: In Pursuit of Architectural Meaning
Eccentric Spaces tying in material from all sorts of other areas.
Thirteen Ways: Theoretical Investigations in Architecture
Here are three links ---
MIT Press
Alibris Books

Steve Hersh, in a field he appears to have developed himself (the psychology of dealing with chronic pain), has written ---
Beyond Miracles: Living With Cancer
and also wrote an earlier book that appears to be out of print, The Executive Parent

Paul Kaplan ----
Rehabilitation of Stroke   covers the map on how to come back. And he has also written --- The Practice of Rehabilitation Medicine and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

David Lawrence ---- draws on his experience as CEO of Kaiser Permanente to discuss how to better deliver medical services---
From Chaos to Care

Andy Lees, as Chair of the Rutgers History Department, has written ---
Cities, Sin, and Social Reform in Imperial Germany
and also
Cities Perceived: Urban Society in European and American Thought

Robert Mignone ---- survived prostate cancer, and writes a moving account of his battle---
Ordinary Valor )

Lawrence H Miike ----has two books on very different topics. First we have---
Do Insects Transmit AIDS,   written while working for the Office of Congressional Office of Technology Assessment.
And then we have the definitive study of Hawaiian water policy --
Water and the Law in Hawaii &npsp;(inspired by his daily 2000-meter ocean swim?)

Jay Mittenthal, as a cellular and developmental biologist, has written --
Principles Of Organization In Organisms

Alden Mosshammer ---- has actually written three books, but the one listed below is the only one in English---
The Easter Computus and the Origins of the Christian Era ,
which makes a new and ground-breaking argument for how the Christian calendar was developed.

Harvey Mudd, we hardly knew ye, having left us Freshman Year. But now we know you better as a talented poet and autobiographer. ---
Here is the link
to Plain of Smokes, to Soulscot, and other works---

Dave Nichols has wriiten a book Notes from the Laz-y-Boy about his successful battle with lymphoma. We are trying to get more information.

Bryant Robey, demographer extraordinaire, has written ---
The American people : a timely exploration of a changing America and the important new demographic trends around us

Fred Rogers, as a prominent Colorado judge, has written ---
Modern Judicial Ethics

David Roll ----blending history, politics, and fascinating personal detail, writes a biography of the only key adminstration figure to span both the Roosevelt and Truman adminstrations--
Louis Johnson and the Arming of America
And now he has written a book on Harry Hopkins The Hopkins Touch: Harry Hopkins and the Forging of the Alliance to Defeat Hitler

George Rousseau---- who as a distinguished cultural historian now has his own Wikipedia entry -- has written maybe 25 books on a wide variety of topics. Here is his latest, a biography of Marguerite Yourcenar

Alfred and Blair Sadler --- quite early in their medical-legal careers, wrote three books that continue to guide policy today---
The Physician’s Assistant Today and Tomorrow
The Physician’s Assistant Today and Tomorrow: Issues Facing New Health Practitioners
Emergency Medical Care -- The Neglected Public Service
And Blair just came out with---
Transforming the Healthcare Experience Though the Arts
(more information here )
And Fred collaborated with others on---
The Physician Assistant: An Illustrated History

Bill (Smokey) Stoever, has written ---
Renegotiations in International Business Transactions: The Process of Dispute Resolution Between Multinational Investors and Host Societies.
And on a more adventurous note --
Hitchhike the World: Book 1: Americas, Europe, Africa.

William G. Tapply over his lifetime wrote over 30 books (while teaching English at Clark University). Twenty-one of them make up the---
Brady Coyne Series
and the rest are on the life of an outdoor sportsman.

Richard Todd ----
It all starts with the purchase of a supposed antique---
The Thing Itself: On the Search for Authenticity
And more recently he teamed up with Tracy Kidder to write
Good Prose: The Art of Nonfiction - Stories and Advice from a Lifetime of Writing and Editing

Doug Wilson ----
And at last we have Doug's delightful anthology about Amherst ---
Passages of Time: Narratives in the History of Amherst College