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Welcome to the Class of 1963

The Amherst adventure continues. More than 55 Years ago, 250 classmates spent four years of their lives together in close proximity. Now the Internet makes possible a new connection with each other. These web pages are dedicated to encouraging that connection.

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55th Reunion: May 23 - 27, 2018:   Such Memories!

Our 55th Reunion is now over.  Fifty (50) Classmates as well as relatives and friends enjoyed a wonderful 3 days based at Lipton House (Chi Phi).  The Class programs were amazing -- from Hugh's moderation of a panel on free speech issues to Taubman's recollections of interactions with Gorbachev -- and much more. 

You can look forward lots of followup from the Reunion, ranging from new interest in the listserv and the webpages (and how to get there) to photos of all who attended.  Go to 55th Reunion to see the latest updates (stats, memories, photos, etc.) from the Reunion.

Asa J. Davis Scholarship Fund

At the reunion, a major new Class-centered initiative was launched by Leon Gibbs, Hugh Price and Bill Davis.  Its goal is to raise $1M to support scholarships for students of color and other disadvantaged students.  Over 50% of the $1M goal has already been raised through initial funding and additional commitments by members of the Class of 1963..  The Asa J. Davis Scholarship Fund was dedicated in honor of this great Amherst professor and the 55th Reunion of the Class of 1963.


Asa J. Davis (1992-1999), was the first professor ot History and Black Studies at Amherst. He founded the Black Studies program.  His distingished career covered over two decades of unique contributions toward the diversification of all aspects of the College.

As a group, we committed the Class of 1963 to the immediate and long-term promotion and further funding of this effort.  You can learn much more about the AJD fund at Asa Davis Scholarship, including how you may contribute.

Class Notes 2018-2019

The Winter Class Notes are now posted prior to print publication in Amherst.  Note that our web posting is several months ahead of the Amherst magazine itself.. You can also view the most recent Summer Class Notes and Fall Class Notes.  (Instructions for accessing the Class Notes can be found here.)

Previously from Neale:

"The Class Notes for the website are considerably expanded over what will appear in the magazine. I'm only supposed to average 75 words per item in print, but classmates, when they finally do send me items, are usually more garrulous than that. Age, I guess. But the more, the better." (Also Pictures!)

Chief Jeff Pix and Song

In response to the current controversy about the Lord Jeff mascot, Laurie Osborn has offered his unique and unparalleled solution.  Go to Chief Jeff and send us your comments on the Listserv!

Also NEW:  the actual story of the family history of Chief Jeff from Laurie.  Go Here to read how it became an icon for the Osborn family and for the Class of '63.

Class of 1963 at 50th Reunion with Biddy Martin

50th Reunion e-Book

The 50th Reunion e-Book has now been posted in its entirety on the Class webpages.  Click either THIS LINK or the "50th Reunion Book" on the left menu to explore this magnificent and memorable achievement.

50th Reunion DVD

The 50th Reunion DVD is now available, also in its entirety, through these Class webpages.  Just click on the following link: 50th DVD

50th Reunion Remembrances

It's now over for 115 Amherst '63 Strong!!!  What memories for us all.  You will find some post-reunion material in the links below.   You may still go to the bottom of this Home Page and click on the Attachment link to view the official class 50th reunion portrait photo!

What's New (or almost New...)

Octagon Class Events

Use this link to see a listing of all Class Events, with notes, stories and terrific pictures of Class of 1963 gatherings.

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Photo Galleries

Photographs are now available from our 35th and 40th Reunions.  View the Class of '63 Photo Galleries here.

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