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Alumni Relations at Amherst

Last May at our 50th reunion, a group of classmates (Bob Holmes, Tad Larrabee, Laurie Osborn, Alan Bernstein, and Jane Bergner) met informally with President Biddy Martin and Megan Morey (Director of Advancement) to discuss Alumni Relations at Amherst.  Our Class has for years advocated for more dedicated attention to Alumni Relations as we have successfully pioneered the first Class Website and the first Class Listserve -- both of which are extremely active even 20+ years later.

One of the outcomes of that meeting was that we would have the opportunity to present our ideas more fully at a meeting of the Executive Committee of the Alumni Council and the Alumni and Parents Programs staff.  The promised meeting took place on Friday, April 11th ,2014 in New York. 

Our fundamental position is that 1) Amherst can do much more to provide significant value to its Alumni , and 2) its skilled and experienced Alumni can provide even more value back to the College, students and faculty.

What can all of us from all classes do?

Write to Biddypromote a Strategic Planning Committee on Alumni Relatsions.


The documents listed below are related to that meeting:


(1) Our letter to Elizabeth Anema, Executive Director of Alumni and Parent Programs and Annual Giving, and the members of the Executive Committee of the Alumni Council dated April 4, 2014;

(2) Summary of Principal Recommendations for Amherst College Alumni Affairs, April 4, 2014;

(3) The Power Point presentation to the Executive Committee of the Alumni Council given on April 11th; and

(4) The brief write-up on Alumni Relations by Alan Bernstein that was a section of a longer article, “How Amherst Changed Over the Last 50 Years”, contained in our class 50th reunion book.

(5) Case Statement for the Establishment of an Strategic Planning Committee on Alumni Relations.


Following the April 11th meeting, Elizabeth Anema wrote, “…the Executive Committee had a productive conversation following the presentation, and there was complete agreement that the Committee will follow up with a formal response to the ’63 group.  Thank you for your patience as the Committee works to give careful thought and consideration to all the ideas outlined in the ’63 presentation.  That said, the Committee will endeavor to issue a timely response, approximately within the next month.”


Stay tuned.

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