Welcome to the blog site for discussions related to the Education in Transition team of '64 members.  Thanks to Dave Stringer '64 for arranging this method of communication among classmates.  Our team is conducting conversations in preparation for the reunion event that will feature the topic of American education and how we as classmates might help address its future development.  The team has chosen to focus on K-12 education, and in particular on how best to enhance the profession of teaching and learning.  A critical element of our considerations is how we can encourage more highly talented men and women who have enjoyed a liberal education to enter and contribute to this profession.  In particular, we are looking at ways to promote and strengthen the new Amherst Careers in Education.  We hope this focus will trigger broader discussion of the challenges faced by professionals in education.  We have identified to date severall aspects of the profession that need improvement, including: preparation and professional development, compensation and other rewards, working conditions, and the process and delivery of teaching and learning.  With this blog we invite all members of the class to offer their perspectives on these issues, or additonal areas of the profession that need improvement.  Regards to all who join us

-- Dave Potter and Gil Schmerler, co-conveners of the Education team