Submitted by David H. Stringer on Sunday, 3/30/2014, at 7:51 AM

I propose that Amherst host summer workshops for teachers, staffed by alums who are teaching or have taught. The "students" would have to apply, and they would receive a modest stipend, plus room and board, for their attendance. The format would not be top-down from profs to the unwashed, but rather an exchange of success stories and strategies. Professors could be involved as peers. It would also be a good opportunity for Amherst undergrads to be involved. A publication would follow each session, perhaps in digital format. If the undergrads were mainly there as observers, then they might be the ones to write the summary observations. There might be a series of, say, two-week sessions each summer, each focused on a theme and/or age group. Some possible themes that come to mind: Writing, the Internet, Creative Thinking, Project-based Learning, the Disadvantaged.


I would have welcomed kind of enterprise when I was teaching. I'm not sure how funding would work.