Submitted by David H. Stringer on Wednesday, 4/23/2014, at 11:32 AM
Dear Classmates,
With our BIG reunion only ten weeks away, here is a preview of the exciting programs our class will present on Friday and Saturday, May 30th and 31st
  •        Joe Stiglitz’s Friday keynote will address “The World We Inherited; The World We Will Bequeath – and What We Can Still Do About It” – our program theme. FRIDAY, 10


  •        In a double session on “Healthcare in the 21st Century,” Kim Hetsko, Dave Pearle, Doug Lowy, Tom Jacobs, Tony Mason and Smokey Stover will discuss medical advances, the potential for precision/personalized medicine to improve outcomes, healthcare reform and end of life care among other topics.  SATURDAY, 2:30 & 3:30


  •        Peter Rubinstein and Dave Stringer will team up to discuss, “The ‘Veering’ of our Lives and Culture Since Graduation: Are We Better For It?”  They will reflect on the evolution of cultural values and the drivers of the significant decisions we make. SATURDAY, 10


  •        In a discussion moderated by Chuck Lewis, five class members will explain how   they are currently pursuing their passions through their “Encore Endeavors.” FRIDAY, 3
Additionally, three “problem solving teams” have been in dialogue since January to    find ways to improve our education system, our environment and Washington politics.  These teams will report on their findings and recommendations in the following programs:


  • “64 Takes on Our Environmental Legacy” – more on this below.


  • “Professionalizing Education Careers – Starting with Amherst,” a program being coordinated by Dave Potter and Gil Schmerler with live and recorded voices of current and former Amherst students, faculty, and alumni, sharing stories of educational success and challenge. FRIDAY, 11
  • “Balancing Public and Private Power in American Democracy,” featuring a    discussion with Bob Benedetti, Neil Bicknell, Stephen Rediker, Mark Sandler, Joe Stiglitz and Smokey Stover.  FRIDAY, 2
We will also be treated to a pre-dinner talk by Brad Collins on how art has influenced and been influenced by culture during the past 50 years and our class survey results will be revealed in an interactive after-dinner presentation by Roger Hirschberg,  George White and Peter Wintersteiner. 
The Fayerweather Art Gallery will host a class art exhibit but we still need more exhibitors.  Works by classmates, spouses, significant others as well as talented sons  and daughters of ’64 are invited.  Please contact ASAP either Richard Barth ( or Bank Greene ( to offer up original art for our viewing pleasure.  After all, artistic expression is consummated through sharing, so fess up, put out and enjoy the adulation!
Starting with Paul Stern’s Listserv email on January 11th, we have all read and many have participated in the thoughtful discussion of environmental issues.  However, as  you can see from the above list, the range of reunion programs extends well beyond   the environmental topic. 
The environmental discussion is continuing but, to free up our Listserv, all discussion related to the environmental topic will now be conducted in a separate forum.  Jesse Brill ( and Gordy Richardson ( have generously offered to moderate that discussion going forward and will insure    that all voices are heard on the way to determining the final topics and format for presentation.  Meanwhile, Paul Stern and Joe Wilson will continue to lead the effort related to portfolio-based initiatives, while others pursue additional topics.  The environmental group will send an email to the class concerning their plans in the next few days, including instructions for getting on or off the list for this forum. 
Finally, the democracy team is planning a trip to Washington, D.C. during the week of April 28th to meet with commentators, such as Hedrick Smith and Alice Rivlin, and advocacy groups, such as No Labels and Fund for the Republic.  If you are potentially interested in joining this trip, please let Neil Bicknell ( know of your interest now as plans are being refined.  Spouses are invited.
Our class programs offer opportunities to celebrate accomplishments, reconnect while sharing interests and reflect on the “World We Inherited; The World We Will Bequeath – and What We Can Still Do About It.”  Feel free to contact either of us with questions, comments, suggestions or concerns.  In a future email, we will send information concerning events on Thursday and various open discussion forums throughout the weekend.
We look forward to seeing everyone at our 50th.  That’s where it’s happening, so be there!
With best regards,
Reunion Program Co-Chairs