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Bernard Witholt on Growing Up in Brazil


Vesterman/Veblen on Commercializing Higher Education

Commercialize and corporatize higher education?  The idea is not as new as one might think.  Over a hundred years ago Thorstein Veblen, author of The Theory of The Leisure Class, wrote another book about the business of Higher Education. Bill Vesterman explores this idea in an article published in the September-October issue of Academe (for the American Association of University Professors). The article is copied below:

Joe Wilson on the Dangers of Fracking: What the Frack?

Joe wrote the letter below, which was published in Harvard Magazine Online, March-April 2013:

When you live on top of the Marcellus Shale as retiree in a home which is major part of your nest egg as my Wife and I do, you study fracking from a different perspective than if you lived in Cambridge 02138 as authors McElroy and Lu apparently do.

Ric Hyland on Roger Sale

In response to Joe Wilson's "Who was your favorite prof" question designed to elicit responses for our Class Notes, Ric Hyland wrote the following -- edited down for the Notes, but here it is in full:

Dear Joe:

More from Harvey Sheldon on Climate Change

 Harvey sent me the PDF file below shedding more light on the Climate Change debate. Click on the little red icon:


Tribute to Stan Sloss

George McDougall sent me a link to a tribute to Stan Sloss given by Senator Mark Udall (D-CO). It's very moving, even though spoken by a Williams man.

The link:


2011 Paul Offner Lecture

Below is the invitation to the lecture series named after our own Paul Offner:

You are cordially invited to the 2011 Paul Offner Lecture hosted by the Urban Institute.

 Guest Lecturers: Former Congressmen Dave Obey and Steve Gunderson,


Challenges for Public Leadership in Today’s World


David Parker: Of War and Music: Reflections on War Requiem

 Of War and Music: Reflections on War Requiem 

The Threat to Personal Liberty by Harvey M. Sheldon

Many believe the 2010 elections will save America from social and economic disaster. However, the progressives are intent on imposing their vision on us, and they will pull no punches in trying to paint their opponents as Neanderthals, racists, or whatever other slander opportunity provides. They will be funded by untold dollars from a variety of sources, from the naïve and still trusting to the dedicated opportunists, well-heeled socialists, Machiavellian billionaires, and profit-seekers.