Another Way to Add Material

Submitted by David H. Stringer on Tuesday, 4/12/2011, at 8:47 PM

You may simply want to add material by emailing it to me and I'll put it onto our Class Homepage. Send it to me at

Uploading material to Our pages

Submitted by (inactive) on Sunday, 11/23/2008, at 4:06 AM

- log in

- select one of the "Our..." pages (on the Left side) to add pictures, text, whatever

- on the Contents tab (top of page), click  Add and select Article or File upload

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Uploading is 5 – 10 times slower than downloading. Many DSL home connections upload at only 150 – 250 kbits/sec (or 20 - 30 kBytes/sec). Moreover, the Amherst community uses its IT resources with gusto which means that uploading stuff to Amherst during peak IT use hours can be very slow or impossible.

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