Uploading material to Our pages

Submitted by Bernard Witholt [d] on Sunday, 11/23/2008, at 4:06 AM

- log in

- select one of the "Our..." pages (on the Left side) to add pictures, text, whatever

- on the Contents tab (top of page), click  Add and select Article or File upload

Another Way to Add Material

Submitted by David H. Stringer on Tuesday, 4/12/2011, at 8:47 PM

You may simply want to add material by emailing it to me and I'll put it onto our Class Homepage. Send it to me at dstring@ix.netcom.com.


Uploading is 5 – 10 times slower than downloading. Many DSL home connections upload at only 150 – 250 kbits/sec (or 20 - 30 kBytes/sec). Moreover, the Amherst community uses its IT resources with gusto which means that uploading stuff to Amherst during peak IT use hours can be very slow or impossible.