Uploading is 5 – 10 times slower than downloading. Many DSL home connections upload at only 150 – 250 kbits/sec (or 20 - 30 kBytes/sec). Moreover, the Amherst community uses its IT resources with gusto which means that uploading stuff to Amherst during peak IT use hours can be very slow or impossible. Things work best from midnight to 8 am (Amherst time) which perhaps explains why with the exception of 5 or 6 Classes, most other Class Pages from 1941 to 2008 contain only Class Notes and very little input from the class. Maybe Eurasia with its earlier time zones is a good location for web page volunteers.  

Let’s see how we do this year. Content is everything of course. So, why not collect some good material and if uploading is a pain, send it to me (witholt@bluewin.ch).  I’ll give the uploading a try while Amherst sleeps.


Enjoy yourselves, Bernard