Submitted by Bernard Witholt [d] on Sunday, 11/23/2008, at 4:06 AM

- log in

- select one of the "Our..." pages (on the Left side) to add pictures, text, whatever

- on the Contents tab (top of page), click  Add and select Article or File upload

- for an Article
first write your text in Word - use whatever format you like
copy-paste your text into the Article Body (open block, middle of page)
add a title in the Title bar (top of page)
- for a File upload
add a title in the Title bar (near top of page)
click on Choose File button
browse to and select a file in your computer - text, picture, video or audio

- after inserting an Article or selecting a File    

- add a few tags and captions as requested
tags and captions are optional: useful but not required

- go to bottom of the page, where you find 5 items above the Save button

- either ignore all of these and go directly to Save, or, if you prefer, play with
- Appearance:
Sticky at top of page: leave unchecked
Attribution style: choose your 
preferred option
- Comment settings: choose your preferred option

- click Save

- after a while, your upload appears 
- if it doesn’t, click the Contents tab and select View

- you should see:

- your text, picture, or an icon for audio/video
- above this, a Title, with "submitted by [your name] on [date/time]"
- you determine what should appear by playing with Appearance settings (see above) 
- below this, several options are indicated
- allowing you to Edit or Delete your upload
- inviting classmates to
Add new comments 

- a few additional points:

- click Edit to modify your upload
- go to the Getting Started guide  to view info re uploading, websites and your portal.
- If there are problems uploading files or working with uploaded files
- open the Upload Storage ’64 page (list to the left) and follow the instructions
- for more info click